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  1. Hey thanks for the post! I too, have been applying lugol's idodine solution 2% on a keloid scar I have on my chest for 1 month, but I decided to take a 2 week break. The scar I've been treating hasn't really improved or shrunk, but I can tell that hair growth is being induced around and on the other scars I haven't been treating. This is a good sign, and I'm going to continue using Lugols, but on the inside of my wrists. Anyways I'll try applying iodine on the scars again, but I noticed that it's better not to massage as it inflames the scar.
  2. I really doubt it will improve the scar at all. I haven't tried myself, but the few people I've heard of trying this method haven't really come forward with anything dramatic. Then again, by all means you can try for yourself and share your experiences with the forums.
  3. Hey @Cyberdemon_1542 yes it unfortunate, but I too have keloids/raised scars on my chest. I've been using silicone sheets and they help keep the scar soft and smooth after the removal of the sheet/tape. I use ScarAway Silicone sheets, about the same price $25, for about 8 separate sheets. The adhesive is best during the first two days of applying. What i do to keep the sheets on longer is wash the adhesive side with lukewarm water and a little soap to remove the dirt/oil on the sheet. I don't really wear them during physically demanding activities because of the sweat. Regarding the wrinkling of the sheet, well that just means the sheet isn't even on the skin properly and is barely doing much to keep he scar moisturized. All in all, I'm not a huge fan of the sheets because of the hassle of wearing washing ,etc., but they aren't too bad either. The results of wearing them for about a year now isn't remarkably noticeable, though that's my experience with it. Wish you the best of luck,
  4. Yeah there's always steroid injections. Though many derms are reluctant to do these injections on the nose just for a scar. Was it only one raised scar you had treated? I'm considering laser but I've spoken to about 3 doctors, 3 being derms and they said laser wouldn't do much. I'm in NY as well, I went to see a plastic surgeon and he bascially told me that my situation- raised scars on chest- was too tricky to treat aside from injections which I'm already doing
  5. Keloid and hypertrophic scars are a bit tricky to treat. Treatment for these scar are very limited, especially with keloid scar since they keep growing beyond the site of the original wound. Friction may irritation the scar, so it's best you try to keep the scar moisturized by applying for kind of lotion or silicone gel/sheet. Muscle building doesn't seem to do anything to raised scars, at least from my experience. It depend on the actual scar to determine whether injection will even flatten the scar to near surface level. Injections do help the scar go down a bit, but nothing dramatic so don't be too disappointment with your results.
  6. You can try silicone sheets of silicone gel to help keep the scar hydrated. Your scar isn't bad actually so I think if you do go see a Derm, they can give you some intarlesional steriod injection and it should improve the scar a bit
  7. Hei Ba Guo (Black Keloid Paste) - A diary.

    This is interesting. The first time I've heard of this paste, any updates? I've been using ScarAway silicone sheets and I can say they do help keep the scars soft, but doesn't necessarily improve much of the actual scar. Aside from that it's a hassle putting them on and reapplying them haha
  8. I wouldn't recommend it but it wouldn't hurt to try for yourself. I use the ScarAway silicone sheets for keloid scars on my chest and when I fist started using it I decided to try putting some lotion on my chest before applying the sheets. If the sheet is new then the adhesive is 100%, then there wouldn't be a problem, but since the adhesive starts to wear off after a couple of days it makes it even harder to keep on if you apply some type of moisturizer under the sheet. Like I said try for yourself and see how it goes.