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  1. I tried Spironolactone and Birth Control. Birth control was only for a day but I don't want to take anything that will affect libido. It's almost more important to me than acne
  2. I tried Accutane. I tried hormonal drugs (can't take them because side-effects so whether it works or not doesn't matter.) I tried a complete change in diet. I've tried face washing techniques. I've run out of ideas... all I have left is to try zinc... doubt that will cure cystic acne. Please help me. I'm desperate. Update on me: I have a high sensitivity to yeasts and high androgens. Remember, I can't take Spironolactone because what happened with my 'libido'.
  3. I took Accutane and it came back in less than a year It definitely did a good job while on it but it's pointless once you stop. Maybe I'm just unlucky.
  4. My Spironolactone 'journey'

    Day nine: Four days off Spiro. The difference it made to my skin in a week... definitely worse haha. I'm stopping so this will probably be the last post. Side effects: worse acne, severe sexual dysfunction. Pros: Clear forehead
  5. My Spironolactone 'journey'

    Day nine: Sensations still haven't returned My naturalpathic doctor thinks I have Candida since I'm severely sensitive to both yeasts and mushrooms. I also had high androgens so I seem to be a bit unlucky with acne, haha. I'm thinking I'll try to deal with the yeast issue for now and also try Zinc supplements ! If my lady bits come back, I might try Spiro again to make sure that's what caused it.
  6. Spiro Ruined My Face

    I took Spironolactone for a week and now I've completely lost any 'sensation' in my lower region and nipples. Sorry if that's blunt but is this what you have too? I went off three days ago and I still can't really orgasm and there's like no feeling in my nipple area. It might also be from another drug I took so I need to know if this is the same effect as you. You said low libido but what about the general feeling? I almost have nothing. Like my nerves just stopped working in the C area.
  7. I almost feel like killing myself right now. I'm very lost and scared - I hate not knowing... My problem is I've started taking lots of Benadryl (it's a mild SSRI) and Spironolactone at the same time. It's only been about a week. A WEEK. Not long at all. However, all my 'senses' are gone (as in vaginal, nipple, even cognitive). My acne is also worse than when I started a week ago. I've stopped taking both drugs for a couple days and none of these problems are subsiding. I'm scared I'll never get passion back again. Let's say: I do get my 'senses' back and everything is well again. I obviously can't take any hormonal drug because now I'm blatantly scared shitless. Am I destined to have hormonal acne for the rest of my life? Is there any other ways to treat hormonal acne that aren't related to hormonal medication, accutane or diet? (tried that, did not work!)
  8. My Spironolactone 'journey'

    Day eight: two days off the drug and my senses are almost completely gone. This drug did something to me and ruined my life. My acne is also way worse now and I can't keep taking it as apparently it makes you completely impotent
  9. My Spironolactone 'journey'

    Thank you - appreciate it. xx (Going to skip dose today to see if my nerve problem down below is related to Spiro or Benadryl's) Updated pic! Skin is getting worse and have no side-effects besides that still.
  10. My Spironolactone 'journey'

    Day seven: I fucking hate this drug. I've been spending all morning trying to cry (I can't seem to do that too) because there's literally no feeling in my lady part. Like NONE. I'm on a low dose and it popped up out of nowhere. The other days were fine. The only difference is I've been taking a lot of extra-strength Benadryl the past few days. I seriously could kill myself. Why do I have to suffer just to have a normal necessity that other people have? Plus, I've only heard of low libido not a complete fucking loss of feeling there. So am I supposed to never have sex ever again? Am I supposed to never be able to cry again?
  11. My Spironolactone 'journey'

    Still day five: really unhappy with the texture of my skin. Since I'm self-diagnosing I'm extremely worried it will make it worse than better.
  12. My Spironolactone 'journey'

    I'm only on 50mg! How about you? I hope this is just an initial break-out. Let me know how it goes !
  13. About a year ago I was put on Accutane because I started getting cystic and nodular acne. That was... shit. But it helped for a few months before my acne came back. It first came back as whiteheads and pustules -which I didn't mind- but then recently started turning into cysts/nodules. With the lack of dermatologists in the area, I decided I had to do something on my own. I tried birth-control first; hated it. After that, I landed on Spironolactone. So here it goes... Day 1, 2 & 3: No side-effects to date besides having to wee a tiny bit more. Day 4: Felt really tired and sick (but I always get that before my period.) No side-effects so far. Day 5 (today): I think my face is a bit dryer. It's not dry but it's no oily either. It's also starting to get cold outside so I haven't had a need to be sweaty. I've noticed my acne is super red and there's more. Not really cystic though, thankfully. My past cysts are coming down. If anyone reads this: Yes, I know it's not that bad yet. But I'm doing this before it ultimately goes back to what it was before. I attached the photos from before starting Spiro and today. Today is definitely more red.
  14. Spiro Ruined My Face

    I'm sure it will go back to normal eventually. Three months is quite long though. I have heard of certain drugs (mosty just anti-depressants) that eventually give you hypo active sexual disorder, but not for this type of drug. Have you spoken to a doctor? I'm worried to go on this medication
  15. Spiro Ruined My Face

    Silly one, you don't need a plastic surgeon. Once you start drinking water your face will go back to normal. The bags under your eyes, thinning and dropping are all related back to not enough water intact. You must keep yourself hydrated on Spiro! This is my biggest fear apart from old skin and IB. Ugh.
  16. Oh my! You are on a really high amount. Most people I've heard on the drug were on 50-150 tops. I heard a few say they lost weight too so that's interesting because I don't want to lose weight. Was your IB bad? I'm VERY scared to go on because of that. Not to sound like a drug dealer, but they do sell Spironolactone online! My doctor wasn't giving it to me so I'm thinking of other ways... How long till it started to clear you or at least stop the acne? Did you have an IB? If yes, what time and how long?
  17. Spironolactone ?

    Okay, anyone who has done sufficient research on Spiro or has taken it: I need your help! I was on Accutane because I had a few small cysts/nodules and Accutane then gave me severe cysts! It went away after that but came back after stopping. I don't want to take another course of Accutane so I'm thinking good Ol' Spironolactone. I'm starting to get those harder/soft 1cm bumps under my skin again that are kind of red/purple so I'm gutted. A lot of people who take Spiro have normal acne (in photos I've seen) so will this help my type of acne? My acne is mostly inflammatory, the cystic or whatever they are kind, and then the whiteheads and etc - which I don't mind. I'm an eighteen year old girl, super skinny, thin hair and a HIGH sex drive. I'm worried Spiro will give me even thinner hair, make me lose even more weight/muscle and diminish my sex drive Libido is so important and I basically have a teenage boys! Insight on this drug? I'm worried most it will make it worse and give me a tumour or something.
  18. They Don't Get It

    I didn't read the whole thing because I got to go pack, oops ! But holy, I feel you. I'm never allowed to complain or be sad about it and everyone brushes it off as a no-big-deal thing or a "you don't wash your face enough!" I always feel worse after talking to my family about it. They'll never understand with their stupid, perfect, dumb-ass skin. Assholes.
  19. I don't know if this will make you feel better but I'm jealous of your skin. It's so much we nicer than mine. I think we see ourselves worse than what we think, but from an outsiders opinion (a really picky one at that) I think your skin is actually nice apart from the couple whiteheads. It looks mosty like scarring to me so if it bothers you so much maybe go for a chemical peel, laser or an antibiotic till it heals?
  20. I have a few suggestions: - Accutane - Hormone Tests - 'Diet' For diet, I would take it with a grain of salt because I think most of the time it doesn't have to do with it. There's always exceptions like insulin problems, Candida, gluten intolerance and etc though. I started getting cystic acne at age 17 and when I went on Accutane it made it 100x worse before it got better and then it came back, so I wouldn't call it a miracle. Everybody is different. It caused a lot of scarring I didn't have so I would be careful with this unless you have nothing to lose - which I thought I hadn't. I think personally hormones play the most important part in acne but it's hard to pin point them. I'm not sure if males can take Spironolactone but that's something I heard really good reviews on. Maybe also Doxycycline or Minocycline. Holistically, I would try vitamins A and E, zinc, and get recommended a probiotic because a lot of the times people don't get the right kind and further aggravate their acne. I wish you luck and we will continue this journey together...
  21. Help With My Acne?

    I use the cetaphil cleansing bar. My skins really sensitive and I have eczema everywhere so that's the only soap that doesn't burn or break me out
  22. left side

    I wish that was the cause of my stress. I would trade a million dollars for this.
  23. I've met tons of 'ugly' and creepy guys before and I've never done any of those unless my tits accidentally popped out. I think you may be overanalysing due to insecurities. Otherwise it's because you are checking their chest/lower area to see if they are doing it and that is causing them to think that you are being a Peeping Tom, so hence we come back to number one.
  24. You mentioned you don't know when it is - I think you would have time to put some foundation on. And try doing your eyebrows every night this week before bed as eyebrows are the windows to our soul. Keep some heavy duty foundation and one of those make-up sponges next to your bed and once you hear the alarm pretend you're on America's Next Top Model doing a quick-change.