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  1. I'm one of the lucky guys who gets acne from excessive masturbation(in my case excessive is 3-4 times a week). I'm okay when I masturbate just once a week. It's not a problem for me to stop masturbating, just don't have to visit pornsites and i'm okay.  However, I've been seeing this girl for quite a while now and we like each other. But wtf am I gonna do if she's gonna be my girlfriend? With my first gf I was on accutane so we could just have sex almost everyday and everything was fine, but what am I gonna do now? I can't tell her: yeah, we can have a relationship but we just have to limit the sex to once a week. I mean, damn, if she's sleeping here(and that will probably be a lot of times), we just want to f*ck.  So I really don't know what to do. I once tried those performa condoms and I really couldn't come for a hour. And since I don't get acne if I don't ejaculate, maybe I can just tell her that we can have sex, but we just have to stop before I have an orgasm? Anyway, any tips from guys with gf's who know how to cope with this problem are welcome. Also from guys without gf's. I don't care really. 
  2. Did you eat it with or without the skin? I had a breakout when I ate a lot of potatoes with skin, but I'm fine if I eat it without. Think it's because of the iodine in it.
  3. Thanks a lot man. I really appreciate it. I've asked some people who stand close to me to compare my scars to the scars of Dane Cook, Bill Murray, Olivier Giroud and Edward James Olmos and they all said I had milder scars. They said I had scars similar to Olivier Giroud but in a milder form. But in my head it so much worse then all of them. In my head I have severe scarring and I also think they are just saying it to make me feel good   I've got like 100 pictures of my scars in my phone in the most horrible lightning and the worst angle. I don't know why I do this, because it's useless and it'll only get me down.    Also, my consciouness is not helping in the dating world. The last three dates I had with different girls were really fun, but for some reason they all said: "I had so much fun, but i'm not looking for anything so it would be better to stop it". And ofcourse, I'm blaming this to my scars which makes me even more insecure. Had a great date even yesterday till the last 5 minutes when she got her bike under some fluorescent lightning and I f*cking knew: my scars look so horrible now. And now she's acting lame. It's really f*cking with my head.    However, here are 2 more pictures.. One in daylight where I'm very happy with and one in the worst lightning where I feel so horrible about.  
  4. @FriskyCreek I saw you made your pictures under the fleshlight of your phone. You really highlight them in that way. In your last picture you can't even tell you had acne. But I do the same thing: take photos under the worst lightning with the worst angle.  Unfortunately my phone broke down and I lost all my pictures from before the fraxel. However, the doctor made a photo of me before any treatments were done, so I'm gonna contact them to ask if I can make some new photos to see the difference. @rey de reyes, Why so bitchy about it? It is only ok for people with severe scarring to be insecure about it? People with moderate acne are not sad enough and should just live with it?
  5. One of the reasons why I hate acne so much is because of the aftermath. It's not like "ok, it's over. You can go on with your life". It's more like "ok, it's over but we've given something to you as a reminder of us". So I've had the worst period of acne behind me, so now i'm going to feel really shitty about my scars. I wonder.. when my scars are gone, will I find something else I don't like about my face and overconcentrate on that specific thing? I think we are all striving for perfection.  However, there are times of the day where I don't feel like total shit about my scars. I'm okay with my scars in the daytime when I sit somewhere inside and I'm okay with my scars in cafés because of the soft lightning.  The problem is that I don't actually know how bad my scars are. In some photos you can't hardly see them and I think they are mild and in other photos where I stand under direct overhead lightning I look so awful. I hate it.  Here is an example with good lightning where I'm thinking "okay, this shit ain't that bad!" Next day I'll make an other picture with natural lightning and quit a bad angle and you'll see my scars more but i'm still like: OK, I have some scarring, but It's not a problem. I can live with this. For example: But THEN I'll make a picture when it's dark outside and I'll stand under overhead lightning and it's really awful. It's like I have completely different skin.  For example: It's mentally frustrating. When I'm on a date or something.. I'm always aware of the lightning.. believe me, this doesn't help with dating.  I've had 5 fraxel session and they did some good. I think they've improved some scars for 50%, some for 60%, some for 20%, some for 5% and some for nothing. I have a appointment on monday to discuss a dermal filler. Anyone had good experiences with that? And is it true, that after a few years your scars will improve because after every session you'll also produce more collagen? Hopefully someone can help me with this and hopefully I'm not the only one who is stressed about lightning, car windows etc. and can't stop checking out their scars.. Sorry for my English btw, it's not my native language