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  1. Hi Everyone, I just want to update on Estroblock. I’ve been taking two pills a day now, and I’ve just finished my 3rd week. My skin is doing really well, I’ve only got around 5 or so that have surfaced since beginning this three weeks ago, and I think the main reason was because I was not taking a liver detox sup with it which is recommended to aid in detoxification. Im also in the middle of final exams, so a pimple or two will be normal with stress as high as Dubai’s tallest tower, lol! I went back to my derm the other day and she tried to push the accutane back on me (despite a good difference in my skin?) but i told her id really like to give this a go first. She pretty much shrugged off the estroblock, she hadn't heard of it, as most docs do with "natural" methods. I feel no empathy from these doctors its ridiculous!!! I wish I had the brains for med school, I think dermatologists would relate so much kinder with their patients if some of them had actually STRUGGLED with acne. So far I am so happy with my skin, I really believe the Estroblock is helping. We’ll see if things really improve now that I'm taking a liver detox pill to help. I have been taking their DHT block with it because I have some symptoms similar to PCOS , its my guess my DHT/androgens are slightly high, dealing with acne on and off for so long. Apparently estroblock can slightly raise your androgen levels so I'm just keeping it all balanced out. I know I don't have doc papers that say anything is out of whack, but this stuff is all natural made out of green vegetables and other vitamins and minerals so I really don't see how it could be harmful. Apparently high estrogen is so common in most people, even guys, cause of all the crap in our enviro and food now. I remember two years ago my blood work showed low progesterone which is one indicator of estro dominance. I’ve also been using a facial brush the last 3 weeks as well so its hard to know which is which, but i really think this has been helping as well. my skin seems to love exfoliation to prevent breakouts. I really enjoy using it, mine broke so Ive ordered a new one. I reallyyyy think this has helped, ever since i started using one i noticed huge decrease in blackheads and my pore size shrank ALOT. I rarely get oily on my forehead anymore which is nuts, cause usually exfoliation increases my oil and mannnn my forehead used to be oily by 11 am! I think it may be more due to the 1 tbsp MSM powder though, I have it spread throughout the day, my oil reduction started when i began taking this at higher dosage in water with lemon juice (for fast absorption). I pretty much just have tons of red hyper pigmentation left after my huge outbreak a few months ago so Ive been trying to fade that with light chemical peels twice a week. Speeds things up way way faster for fading, I had excellent results last year with this when I had a bit of a break and was chilling down in clear town. Im trying to fade them fast as I will be outside working all summer and I know the sun can darker your spots so…. race is on. ps- anyone used the home dermroller for this and had good results? want to order one but having dealt with infections this scares me a bit. SO Estroblock (2x) + DHT Block (1x) + Liver detox supplement (Thorne SAT 1x) + MSM powder (1 tbsp) all internally + Facial brush + chemical peels/clay masks in moderation = working out really well so far!!!! Will update when I am around 1.5 months of estroblock! let me know if you have questions xx peaceful wishes as summer approaches (I already feel my happiness growing with the sunshine yay) ** not affiliated with any company of products mentioned, just all stuff i discovered through my own research on Youtube, internet, etc...
  2. That is so interesting thanks so much for all the info- you sound like you know your stuff in this area its awesome!! Yes I absolutely believe I have PCOS now because I have a lot of symptoms of it, but the doctor has never diagnosed me. Do you know if PCOS is linked with thyroid issues? they run in my family but my thyroid panel comes up as normal (I've had blood checks for this as well as hormones several times, always normal). Im really skeptical though cause I have always been underweight for my age (doc is quick to dismiss thyroid issues because of this due to thyroids linked more often with overweight), I have horrible circulation... I am always cold, all the time, my whole life its been an issue. This has got me super intrigued. Yes i know what you mean, I was wary of taking estroblock cause the only weird thing that came up hormone wise was low progesterone, but this to me indicates some sort of estro/andro dominance happening. I would not be surprised if androgens are out of whack cause as I mentioned i really have some textbook PCOS symptoms popping up. I know i shouldn't self diagnose but apparently the blood test is actually super inaccurate at detecting hormonal issues in people. Also, the company mentions too that in our environment, almost everyone is getting at least a little estro dominant with the added estrogens in foods and other areas of the enviro... so crazy... human race is extinction itself slowly but surely without realizing the damage we are doing thanks for mention the two types of PCOS... never knew. I ordered DHT blocker with the estrosmart which essentially when taken together, is a natural way to kick the high estros and andros in the butt lol. How is your accutane going?? and yeah, i mean i def recommend continuing with some holisitic research, the acne has to be a symptom of something going on!! frustrating not to know... PCOS sure sounds about right though!