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  1. Day 24 (Water rinsing only)

    Hey Niklaus, not sure if you are still following the blog but check out my most recent post. Although the regimen worked for me my purge was pretty bad and i developed impetigo from it... if you have been purging non stop for over a month and a half and its red/itchy I suggest seeing a doctor just to make sure theres not some sort of infection happening. Im not a doctor but it seems a lot of people are going un diagnosed with staph bacteria cause some doctors are just saying it;s "bad acne" ( happened to me two years ago)... thankfully i recognized it right away this time.
  2. Hey everyone, So I kind of broke the rule last night. Kinda sorta, but not with chemicals… with honey. I’ll explain: The area I got a major purge in was clearing up quick but all of a sudden about a week ago it really started to slow down compared to the initial rapid clearing I saw the first few weeks. I woke up with a sore in my nose a couple days ago, and within the past few days to a week the breakout area seems to be itching more, not going away fast, and reddening. This really freaked me out because I got a staph infection in my acne a couple years ago that started exactly the same way but went undiagnosed as just “bad acne” for two months before the doctors clued in. I had assured them it felt way different than my normal acne. Anyways, as disheartening as this is, I got the tell tale signs again and yesterday I slept with Manuka Honey (natural antibiotic- this stuff is amazing do some research on it) on the area of my breakout to help kill whatever wants to start a home there. I’m super upset If I have to break the cycle, as I went to the doctor today and was prescribed topical antibiotics. I may or may not have to use a cleanser if ill be applying topical antibiotics. I noticed improvement over night from the honey so will try again tonight and switch to the antibiotics if i really have to. I hate the medical world, antibiotics are horrible on the body not to mention creating resistant strains that lead to people getting these staph infections, but sometimes you cant play around. I guess maybe my nose was carrying the bacteria around waiting to pounce on a good breakout. I am still left with horrible scarring from last time i got the infection, and i cant let that happen again. Last time was so mentally painful, I hardly left the house except for work, It totally killed my self confidence. If you think acne sucks, battling a staph infection IN your acne is something else.. I hope none of you ever have to go through that. I felt the need to put this out there because if you find your skin is changing, or something doesn't feel quite right, its important to keep an eye on it before it gets out of control. Itching/redness is usually the start and a fever is a sign the infection has set in. Don’t let this scare you, I have a feeling I just ended up being more susceptible cause its happened in the past. I really wouldn't attribute it to the regimen, rather my body's immune being lower than usual due to the past experience and perhaps Im still a "carrier" of it. The other areas of my face remain relatively clear, couple blackheads here and there but overall I am so happy with the progress. I did a “essential oil steam” for 20 min on my face a few nights ago (who knows maybe this caused something?) before the shower but i was pretty happy with the results after cause it ended up getting rid of whatever “nubs” I had left on the forehead. Other than scarring, my forehead is now relatively smooth and clear! Ill check back in again sometime soon to update you all whether I can stick with the regimen presently or not. **update: I decided to start the topical antibiotics today cause i don't want to play around with this. I think ill have to be washing my face with some sort of soap during this time but I will absolutely be continuing with water only once this is cleared up because my face has remained quite clear all in all from this regimen, other than my purge breakout getting infected. Sucks, but its life. Once the infection is gone completely I will be doing water only so I'll check back in for that in a couple weeks. I do still highly recommend the regimen because I rarely heard of this happening to other people and I definitely saw a positive difference with it. Skin tone ever out to normal, my oil is almost non existent now and areas remain clear from new pimples.
  3. Day 28 (1 month)

    Definitely! I know the purging/breakouts are hard, but it should clear up after this. A normal cell cycle is between 4-5 weeks so technically you shouldn't see the results starting until after this point (at least in the areas of distress). Those with less undergrounds and activity will see results sooner in my guess. For me, I'm still dealing with that breakout but it's all dried up, I'm hoping by 1 month and a half it'll be almost smooth. And about the BP- I wasn't taking it actually but I was using glycolic acid which is just about as vigorous as the BP. I was going 10 percent twice a day and every week I was doing up to 50 percent (only for a few min though) for a peel. It did the trick for my skin for a year but I was using way to high of concentration and started worrying about skin cancer/sensitivity and my thinning skin. Tried to go back after OCM failed me but it didn't work anymore. That's what brought me here... so to answer your question, using any sort of vigorous chemicals on the skin will need both an adjustment period and a purge period. Most people, no matter what the regimen, report needing at least a month for their skin to readjust to something new. I know it's hard but you can do it!! Your skin will love it I'm sure I've been hearing about the dangerous and harmful effects of BP lately so I think you chose wisely to give it up and take the leap with this regimen.
  4. Day 24 (Water rinsing only)

    Crossing my fingers for you!!! Just remember, you might feel like giving up if your still getting pimples next week, but its all gotta come out! keep telling yourself its the toxins coming out before your skin can get clear Sounds like what you are experiencing was same as me, so you should be seeing the same changes I have been experiencing this first month... thanks so much for following the blog! happy to help anytime. Wish you the best luck and I will definitely be continuing the blog! I hope to blog until the 3 month mark. Im starting uni again this week so it may be a little longer between posts but not much
  5. Hi Guys!! So here I am, I can finally say I made it 1 month of just washing my face with water in the evenings. Wow, what can I say? I'm so happy I took the leap and... it wasn't near as brutal as I thought. The big jaw breakout purge I got that started at the beginning of the 3rd week is about 60 - 70 percent better than it was. So recap of the first month, this is what I’m noticing: whiteheads came and went within one to two days, drying up extremely quick. Red bumps have been slower, taking longer sometimes up to 5 days to come to a whitehead. So far I only have a few red bumps left to come to a head, a couple whiteheads that are dried and waiting to fall off. Im just waiting on some older pimples that dried up to fall off as well. Depending on the size the pimple was, itll take a bit longer for the skin to release the dried scab/bit (yuck sorry not sure what to call it… the covering? lol). Pores significantly shrunk the first 2 weeks and remain tight and small almost everywhere expect purging places. I notice dead skin builds up way faster/more in areas that you are having pimples/breakouts. This supports my theory that the dead skin is used by the skin as a way to protect healing skin underneath. Less disruption less chance of scarring/hyperpigmentation so again keep the exfoliation to a minimum or don’t do it at all cause it seems to be really important to keep in tact. The skin will naturally slough it off during sleep when its ready. I can vouch that I’ve noticed my skin doesn’t look as good when I exfoliated even with a simple soft sponge. Lately I’ve just been rinsing my face briefly under the shower head which is usually enough strength to get rid of the loose flakes (but not long guys, or itll dry the skin too much). Whatever the water doesn’t get rid of for dead skin just means its still intact and doing it protective purposes. The bumps on my forehead are much much better, I can really feel the blackheads being pushed out. The bumps changed during the 3rd week to almost like hard tiny nubs sticking out (blackheads being pushed out). They are annoying and SUPER easy to pick away at if youre chillin, so best advice keep the hands off the face at all costs! Tons of bacteria under those nails/fingers and “irritation causes more acne” as Dan says. They are pretty annoying though, I do miss the feeling of a smooth forehead lol but honestly I know this too shall pass and in time the blackheads will be out and it'll be naturally smooth again:) If you feel like your skin needs some sort of exfoliating/feeling a bit greasy, just lightly use your fingers (clean) in the shower after your face has been in the steam at the end before you hop out to just lightly aid whatever is sticking far out to slough off nicely. This seems to work nice and is better than full on exfoliating with the sponge. Alrighty, my updates for now! I’ll be back soon to check in. In summary, despite the purge Ive most definitely noticed a huge positive difference with this regimen. I am definitely sticking it through. Thanks to you all for checking on my posts, gives me some support to know people are interested in how this is going! Fell free to ask me anything in the comments if you have questions... strength and positivity to you all!
  6. Day 24 (Water rinsing only)

    Hi! Absolutely, I know how you feel. Before I started the regimen I was doing the same, going back to read other blogs and reviews but I didn't find anything that was within the last year. It helps to hear how it worked for someone, Thanks for the feedback! The first two weeks weren't too bad for me, my oil evened out by the end of the 14 days. Today is day 28 and I can honestly say my oil is almost non existent, or at least very close to being "normal". I didn't get my initial purge till the 3rd week mark, so for me the biggest things I noticed the first two weeks were even skin tone, rough forehead (lots of tiny bumps but not too noticeable unless under lighting) and oil regulation. Hang in there, I know you can do it. I am so happy I went on this. The blackheads being pushed out are exactly what should be happening so you are on the right track. If you are already purging, that’s great news… means you will be out of the storm quicker. I know it’s hard but the body has to get some of the gunk out of the skin that’s been hanging in there stagnant from chemical cleansers and such. Once they are out and the skin starts to regulate itself you should see a decrease in pimples until your skin has gotten its proper PH balance back. Best of luck keep me posted!
  7. Day 24 (Water rinsing only)

    Hang in there Niklaus! Thanks for the comment. Apparently it can take 3 months to really see the total change. However, if you are still breaking out take a look at your diet. Are you eating fairly well? the less dairy, sugar, breads the better. Remember, the skin is one of the bodies way of getting rid of toxins if the organs are too overloaded. Perhaps theres something your eating that your body really doesn't like? try drinking some milk thistle to detoxify the liver gently. This may ease up the acne and get toxins flowing back out the right path instead of the skin. I think if your diet is good, and your doing this regimen, keep de stressed and it'll clear in the next month. Good luck!! keep me posted

    Thanks so much for sharing that!! So encouraging on my journey... I'm only two years older than your son, hope to be in the same boat as him in a few months with this regimen. I'll hang in there! best not to do too much right? everything in moderation. So happy for him that he is clear now Best! xx
  9. Hi All! I wanted to post another update… I think I am finally seeing blue skies!! The last week and a half has been tough, I won’t lie purging period has been a bit hard on the self esteem since my skin pretty much decided to purge all my underground acne all at once. Good news though, I have not gotten any other breakouts other than one or two pimples that showed up by my temples so this is great news; my skin is pushing out whatever it needs to without breaking out in otherwise clear regions. Thankfully it was Christmas holidays, so I was able to hide away and relax for the worst of the 3rd week purge. If you know you have underground acne (aka not acne like pustules or blackheads or whiteheads that are already “surface”) I would recommend waiting until you have a week off from work or school for the purging. Its so hard to gauge though obviously, because cells cycle is about 4-5 weeks, so best guess undergrounds will surface around the 2.5-3.5 week mark on this regimen. But honestly, if you cant that’s fine, its about 1-2 weeks of courage, but after things finally start to see light :-D hang in their your skin will thank you!!! Almost all my red bumps have surfaced to whiteheads, and about all of my whiteheads are dried out now. Actually, if I run the back of my finger over my left jaw, almost everything is completely dried out. Great news, because things should fall off naturally on their own within the next week or so. Clear city is coming!! I think the “dead skin mask” ( I don’t have it, just minor flaking and a thin layer of dead skin on the forehead) acts as a barrier under which the skin regenerates and heals, as dry skin acts as a humectant. This in mind, I’ve made a huge effort NOT to exfoliate with my konjac for over a week now. I’ve only had minor flaking and I think this has been SO helpful to my skin since it’s really been able to do whatever it needs too without added agitation. I would suggest just exfoliate if the flaking is truly unbearable and/or hard to function in public with dry skin. Otherwise just let it be. I’ve also gone to bed with the complete freedom of no water splashing a couple times this week which felt SO good, and I probably noticed the best results in my skin on mornings where I didn’t do the water splashes the night before. I CANT believe how emotionally freeing this feeling is to just hop in bed when your tired without washing your face!!!! Perhaps the “true” caveman would work, but I definitely think for oily skin, water splashing helps for the first week or two. Again, my skin tone on this regimen has returned to times of clarity/pre acne. It’s been such a confidence boost when looking in the mirror. The bumps on my forehead from week 1 and 2 have seriously shrunk/gone away, now looks relatively clear however certain areas feel a bit rougher… my best guess is it’s the last of the blackheads being pushed out. Cheeks remain clear, just waiting on that huge purge to clear. Man, OCM seriously screwed up my skin. If I didn’t have the undergrounds from that ordeal, just active acne to begin with, I guarantee by now I would be pretty clear. I think that’s why some people report doing this regimen and seeing results from day one with it progressively getting better. (A side note for ladies: over a month now of letting my skin be/no makeup not even eye makeup and I’ve noticed huge differences in my eye area…. Dark circles almost gone!!) Sorry all, Im gonna wrap this up shortly cause this is getting long. I just really want to provide you guys with as much detail as possible… hopefully my results from here on out will be shorter J I’ve been doing 45 minutes of power walking with weights everyday to get some exercise, drinking TONS of healing herbals teas while I watch my skin renew itself (milk thistle tea, tulsi tea) and been doing inversions for a few days for about 10-15 min a day to get oxygen rich blood flowing down to my head. This has many health benefits including a mini natural face lift lol, but I found its gotten blood flowing to my skin better and thus speeding up the healing process. Much recommended!! That’s about it for now. SO happy I did this, I’ve proven what I thought when I started this: the skin is smart, and knows how to regulate itself and clear itself without intervention, if you let it. Best wishes for the new year and will update again soon. Take care and sending out peaceful vibes during your journey!
  10. Quick update cause I'm noticing some differences today. I'm feeling a bit unconfident today, turned down socializing with a friend. Still a lot of red bumps on my jaw that's turning into whiteheads, old whiteheads have since dried and fallen off, lots of flaking in this area but it's also been over 5 days I think since I last exfoliated. I've been hearing poeple say exfoliate once or twice a week while others swear by not exfoliating. I dunno I think the key is letting go, not thinking so hard about what your doing, and just exfoliating and washing when you need to. So I guess since there's quite a bit of flaking ( by the way it's causing crazy itching in the breakout area... because of built up dead skin? Or just cause my skin is really dry?) I should exfoliate tonight after my shower with the konjac. Anyways still happy with the direction things are going but I heard the 3rd week can be the hardest and I'm def getting that vibe, I'm hoping things will have improved from now to this time next week. My parents keep saying they are seeing a great improvement so just remember stuff has to come out but hang tough through the breakout period (if you get one). Good wishes chill vibes all!
  11. Man these blogs are finiky!! I think it’s the site… I had to go and retype it into a word document and then paste it here, otherwise directly typing into the blog post was freezing up on me! Anyhow, last night was the first time since I can remember that I went to bed without washing my face… how liberating!! I was so tierd and didn’t feel like it at all and thought, why not? Im on a new regimen that allows me that flexibility and it is so stress-free! Rad! As for progress- the breakout on the jaw areas seems to have all finally come out. It took about a week (which was only my second week on this regimen) for most of the tiny pores to either come to a red bump or whitehead. Whiteheads dry quickly and fall off within 1 or 2 days after. The red bumps seem to be pushing themselves into whiteheads, and doing the same process. I guess its because each cell has its own cycle time I guess. The progress is so great though, I mean even at this rate the breakout should be gone within the next week or two!! The rest of my face remains really clear, the most noticeable difference being the pores have shrunk so much. I feel comfortable to look in the mirror again with this regimen, especially since the first thing I noticed doing this was even skin tone. The only other thing, I am noticing that my forehead looks relatively smooth and clear but if I look closely in the mirror/run the back of my finger over it, it feels quite bumpy… like tiny little hard bumps but they aren’t really noticeable. I’m guessing this could be two things: either it’s the body pushing out all the blackheads before shrinking the pore, as was done in other areas, or because my forehead is/was the most oily of my face my pores need to get used to no cleansers, so it might be a bit of sebum clogging or something. Either way I’ve heard from love vitamin and others that this is a normal process for the forehead to go through as well and will clear up after the first month is up or something. I can live with it- its only noticeable really to me! Will update in another few days!! Good luck on this journey everyone I am so glad I took it- both for my skin and for the stress relief it gives!! cheers
  12. Merry Christmas everyone- wish you all a beautiful day with your families!! not much to update as far as skin changes. My oil is almost completely regulated on my forehead, everywhere else is absolutely perfect. I wanted to post a quick one today because I cannot believe the change in my pores ... I cannot see hardly ANY of the pores on my cheeks, nose and forehead. It's INSANE. I suppose the last time my pores were so small was before pre acne or as a kid. I am over the moon happy and this is only day 15. Keep in mind I started with mild-mod acne with this regimen so it may take a little longer for your skin depending on acne type but have faith!! My side chin and jaw (tons of tiny clogged pores) Is still cleaning itself with small whiteheads but they dry up within the day of getting them... I have a theory. After seeing how small and nonexistent my pores are becoming I'm starting to think the old routine of washing with cleansers and stripping the skin so harshly of its natural oils was completely drying and this probably dilated the pores larger than they should be- they were so thirsty and probably had to open themselves up for any moisture it could get. keep in mind I still used a super moisturizing face moisturizer (waxelene) but maybe this wasn't enough or as good as the skins own natural sebum . totally makes sense seems now that I have let my skin be to regulate itself my pores are finally happy and hydrated naturally so they've shrunk down to nothing? Who knows but this theory makes total sense. Who knew clear skin could be as easy as letting your skin re balance itself our bodies are smart and we don't do anything to the rest of it so why did we think we had to go ahead and cleanse the heck out of our face? "Let it be ohhhh let it beee"
  13. Hi all, I will upload blog posts for the first two weeks of this regimen when I get home, currently visiting family for the holidays and don't have my notes on me to detail my first two weeks on this regimen. I thought I would mention what's currently happening with my skin. So within the first 2-3 days on this regimen, I noticed my skin tone completely changed for the better. Cleansers used to make my skin look red, blotchy and aggravated especially on BP and I really noticed this cause since beginning this regimen my skin colour is so incredibly even... Hasn't been this even since pre acne. At first I wasn't getting any breakouts, more tiny blackheads that seemed to be pushing themselves out in hard "plugs" (as they are called with this regimen). Skin cells have a full cycle every 4-5 weeks, so I am starting to notice breakouts in the areas of my face that I have had clogged pores forever. Tons of tiny little clogged pores to the left of my mouth, I think from failed attempts at OCM combined with a brief period of using foundation/makeup the last 3 months. I should note that I am not wearing any makeup whatsoever during this regimen to give it a good go. Anyways, this area seems to be the only place I'm breaking out which is a great sign because it's the only place on my face that I am dealing with lots of underground clogged pores. Other than that, skin is clear everywhere else for the most part (I Wil note here that I did start this regimen with mild acne, however it does fluctuate and I have been dealing with acne continuously for over 8 years). Oiliness has gotten better, I used to be so oily within the first two hours after using cleansers, but now it's only my forehead that's still trying to balance (decreased about 70 percent already.) dead skin builds up fast, but as soon as I see flakes or it feels pretty thick I use a Kojac sponge .... Usually about every 3-4 days. Super soft and Packed with vitamins in it Naturally, excellent and doesn't dry my skin out... No use of moisturizer with this regimen. Couple splashes in evening only with cold water on your skin if dry and lukewarm on days you are more oily. Will update in a few when I'm noticing more changes. peace love and light :-)
  14. Day Twenty-Three!

    hey girl did you end up continuing with this?? trying it now. scared for the leap....

    Hey guys I'm back! So i tried caveman last winter and got sebhorric dermatitis. It's been a year and recently I wanted to try again however to avoid what happened last time, I'm trying a modification where I rinse with water briefly once a day. echoing Mexx's post above, This is working WAY better for my skin than no washing at all did. Its only been a week but I'm really happy. listen to your skin. if it feels tight as heck, it could be eczema so don't rinse with water so much if at all. or, put a hint of moisturizer on super dry spots to aid the skin while it figures itself out. If your skin is too oily, to avoid sebhorric term like i got just rinse everyday with slightly warm water. works like a charm. again, feel your skin out. "caveman" one special way may not work for everyone.