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  1. That is so interesting thanks so much for all the info- you sound like you know your stuff in this area its awesome!! Yes I absolutely believe I have PCOS now because I have a lot of symptoms of it, but the doctor has never diagnosed me. Do you know if PCOS is linked with thyroid issues? they run in my family but my thyroid panel comes up as normal (I've had blood checks for this as well as hormones several times, always normal). Im really skeptical though cause I have always been underweight for my age (doc is quick to dismiss thyroid issues because of this due to thyroids linked more often with overweight), I have horrible circulation... I am always cold, all the time, my whole life its been an issue. This has got me super intrigued. Yes i know what you mean, I was wary of taking estroblock cause the only weird thing that came up hormone wise was low progesterone, but this to me indicates some sort of estro/andro dominance happening. I would not be surprised if androgens are out of whack cause as I mentioned i really have some textbook PCOS symptoms popping up. I know i shouldn't self diagnose but apparently the blood test is actually super inaccurate at detecting hormonal issues in people. Also, the company mentions too that in our environment, almost everyone is getting at least a little estro dominant with the added estrogens in foods and other areas of the enviro... so crazy... human race is extinction itself slowly but surely without realizing the damage we are doing thanks for mention the two types of PCOS... never knew. I ordered DHT blocker with the estrosmart which essentially when taken together, is a natural way to kick the high estros and andros in the butt lol. How is your accutane going?? and yeah, i mean i def recommend continuing with some holisitic research, the acne has to be a symptom of something going on!! frustrating not to know... PCOS sure sounds about right though!
  2. Accutane - Week 1

    Hi HarleyZ, Thanks so much for the words. It's nice to know there are others out there that feel my pain too (even though I wish you guys didn't have to deal with it either!!). I completely agree, Im mad often at being handed this, but I continually remind myself that this seems horrible because its the worst I have to deal with and there are others out there with a far shorter end of the stick. I absolutely hear you, I think our medical system should be a lot closer to the psychology stream, skin disorders and other external ailments weigh extremely heavy on us. I think the psychological and mental aspect of acne is far overlooked. Im so tired of not feeling confident because it makes other stresses in life a lot harder to handle. I want people to look at my other features for once, rather than stare at my scars and my pimples. Its something I don't think anyone will understand unless you've dealt with severe acne. Its something far greater than just a few monthly pimples. Ive never felt this low in my life, and its all cause I feel like my face does not do justice to the person I am inside. Its a very hard thing to deal with and its incredibly frustrating not to know why its happening. Ive taken a break for now from accutane to try one last thing but if it doesn't work ill be going back cause a person needs a break from this, seriously. lol. I wish you the best of luck and good health as you go through your accutane journey
  3. Hi everyone, Thanks to those still checking in on this blog post. Hopefully my journey with various things I try has been helping some of you out. I just wanted to update that I stop taking accutane about 1.5 weeks in for personal reasons. Every day I took a pill I felt something in my gut that told me it wasn't the right thing to do. wouldn't solve the actual root issue. My results for 1.5 weeks alone were great though. all my acne disappeared except a few small cysts which was nice. Maybe seeing this made me realize my skin is not serious enough yet to go on accuatne. I think its a really personal decision and if you feel its right for you, and you are fully informed, then its your choice. I personally just don't feel comfortable with it until i am really at the ends of the earth last resort type situation, because in my heart i know acne is my body telling me something is off and drying my entire body out wont help int he long run. I noticed hair loss, swollen wrist joint, joint cracking and back pain in my first two weeks. Maybe I was misattributing them, cause Im a hypochondriac. Ive been doing quite a bit of research and decided to stop the tane for the next month while I do a bit of a trial run if you may- Ive discovered something called estroblock… the love vitamin and others on youtube talk about it directly in relation to acne. Both men and women can take it. Its the idea that we are getting overloaded in our enviro with bad estrogens thats completely throwing our natural synergy of progesterone, estrogen and testosterone off balance. This can play a direct role in acne as your hormones fluctuate and your body tries to rid toxins through the skin etc… now, Im not affiliated with this company whatsoever, but they are natural pills (whohooo!) and there about 30 some pages of reviews on Amazon on this stuff and no joke guys, theres more positive reviews on this stuff then even accutane!!! I don't even know if I saw a negative review (yes Im still being wary, I'm not that gullible). Yet, I came across this in my first week of accuatne and I could not get it out of my head. Some of the reviewers said they've taken 2-3 rounds of accutane and nothing worked as good as this natural pill. WHAT?! seems like another gimmick but I'm still super intrigued. take the websites quiz, tells you based on your feedback what potential issues could be misdiagnosed. anyways, I received some in the mail and I am now on day 3 or 4. I think if this doesn't work within the next month or two I'm gonna say to H*&% with it all and go back to accuatne. but intuition is powerful and I really felt myself being gravitated to try this first… namely cause I never considered my hormones to be an issue with my acne (hormone blood results always normal- but apparently blood tests are a bad analysis for hormone levels since they are truest first thing in the morning? don't quote me on it though). Anyways guys, I will definitely keep you updated on progress if any. Im also taking MSM (powder form in water) everyday for the past couple weeks and noticed a huge reduction in facial oiliness, which is a first for me. Ill know it was the accutane though if it starts to get oily soon again. heres the link to estroblock if you want to read up about it: and the amazon reviews: Hope all is well and clear skies for you all!! P & L
  4. I agree, every drug will have its side effects. If i can find something natural though, I truly believe its the healthiest way. I think the gassiness was actually due to an almond milk allergy I just found out about (how funny, I thought I was doing myself a favour by cutting out milk!) but I notice hair loss. Not sure if it can start that fast (first 2 weeks of accutane) but I decided to stop the medication for now and keep trying natural stuff. I think I'm too much of a hypochondriac to take accutane at the moment. Every day I was constantly over analyzing my body's reactions. No doubt it works well for some, and i think people are lucky if they can get away scott free without any damage. I avant completely overwritten it yet, cause like you said scarring lasts forever and constant acne plus longterm scarring - aint fair! I think what bothers me most is lots of ppl say their acne comes back a year later or less after the tane... id hate to risk serious effects when theres not even a guarantee to be clear for a few years! thanks for the tips on the bitter and agreed on turmeric, will def take those if I decide to continue. Im going to post shortly about something Ive discovered (natural) for PCOS and hormonal issues... check it out it sounds super promising. It's called estroblock or something
  5. So I finally took the plunge, That being said, I am not sure if I will continue. So I've been on accutane for 1 week. 20mg once a day. Hardly any dryness yet, lips aren't chapped but Im a moisturizer kind of girl anyways so maybe Im just on top of it. light nosebleed tonight, sore inside the nose from blowing too hard I think. headaches and tiredness initially but i think it was more psychological than anything. tons of water drinking solves the headaches. Skin is actually more oily but it may be body feeling dried out and trying to compensate before the sahara blows in. I do have to mention that the few cystic bumps I did have (not many as its mostly hyper pigmentation from that infection) went down over first 4 days, and Ive seen a reduction in the appearance in my scars already. My confidence has already changed this week. I won't deny, it is an incredible drug for the skin (now the body is another story....) I have been having a VERY hard time with this. mentally trying to rationalize this. I truly don't believe in western medicine, not unless its a life or death type thing (i.e. serious matters like infections etc...) but my acne really sent me over the edge last month and I was like to heck with it I am tired of this I want this gone!!!! As much as I want that beautiful porcelain skin promised from the tane, I actually don't think I can continue because I am having insane flatulence this week. I don't know if it the pills though cause I had it mildly before but now its definitely aggravated. Im guessing due to 14 day antibiotics I was on a month ago. I really can't chance IBS or even IBD or chrons. Im actually seeing this as a blessing. every day Ive taken this pill I have recontemplated my health for my skin. I know there are lots of good reviews, and lots of bad, but trust me when I say the good are primarily within the first year after accutane. The bad are people returning 5 to 10 years later it seems with crazy stuff happening (some guy got leukaemia two years after accutane at 24, IBD, Chrons etc...). Of course doctors tell me theres no connection its all up in the air but Im not willing to chance that. I've read thousands of reviews you guys. Seriously, thousands cause Ive been contemplating this drug in the back of my mind for two years now. Please check out "AccutaneInMyBrain" post a few years ago. He had a great time on it but came back 4 years later to say that he was suffering with some real issues that came up after he ended his treatment (serious hair loss, stomach ulcers, etc). Im not trying to scare anyone because its absolutely a personal choice. and I really think its based on a person's genetics, how they will handle it. I read a lady who had an amazing experience, had no recurrence and that was 30 years ago. nothing bad. but then theres others that it affects so much worse. so i dunno.I just don't think I would forgive myself if I got something serious years later, acne SUCKS do not get me wrong but low confidence is better than battling a disease for the rest of my life. health is so important. Ive realized that this week. Yes, Im totally a hypochondriac, but I also see how sickly people are getting on western medicine and I honestly believe that accutane may put your acne into remission but that inflammation will go somewhere else in the body cause you haven't addressed the root cause. It makes so much sense to me. Im a holistic girl, always will be. This week has knocked some sense into me and I guess I will have to try some more natural remedies. I am very interested by colon cleansing as well as liver cleansing so perhaps I will move on to that. I just wanted to share my two cents. I know acne is tough, its been such a rough few months for me, but I realized suddenly that if I think I'm antisocial now how would I be if I had a life threatening disease to deal with? significant hair loss?? (some people say they've lost over half their hair.... ill take the acne). by the way i already had hair loss starting this week. Probably more from my over worrying than accutane HAHA. Sorry I'm just trying to vent. Its literally been a battle between my head and my body. risking it all for clear skin? or keep searching for a holistic cure without damaging my body. I know its out there.... *sigh* will update. I'm not sure what to do. I definitely need something more than water to cleanse my skin though- lol that is one thing I know by now.
  6. Hey CloudyDreamer, Thanks a lot for commenting. I completely agree with you. Our entire system here in the west is mainly based around medications that don't really treat the root cause, and even if they do, its all a money grab anyways. They still end up doing more harm than good IMO though. Eastern medicine (Chinese, aryreuvedic) has been around for thousands of years, naturally based, yet western medicine runs a blind eye to it and chooses to look past the fact that the mind has a huge influence on whats happening in the body. I'm guessing you went on accutane? I am on my first week. I have scarring from the damage acne has done over 9 years time. It's so sad, hence why I am SO at my wits end. I just finished my first week but do not think I will continue, solely for the fact that I am having digestive issues on it which is nothing to gamble with.
  7. Complete Accutane Journey & Tips

    Hey AccutaneinMyBrain, I'm not sure if you still check back to this post of yours. Thanks a million times over for coming back and writing about your side effects, it is SO important to be honest. Frankly, I have done so much research, were talking I've read thousands and thousands of people's experiences on accutane and it really does seem to be a miracle drug but only SHORT term. A lot of people report having acne come back a couple years later or even earlier, and I have read many posts such as yours who describe a worsening of symptoms for some time post accutane or even developing severe stuff a few years later (5-10 yrs later for most). Most people who report great experiences have just ended their treatment. This scares the crap out of me. Sure I'm a hypochondriac but Im on my 7th day today and I've already noticed changes in my gut, and I DO NOT want to change anything like IBS or IBD. Its not worth it. The pain of acne is so great, yet I'm smart enough to know it doesn't outweigh the risks of internal health. Every time I go to take my next pill I recontemplate whether I'm throwing away my health for something on the outside thats relatively unharmful compared to potential long term effects that could REALLY hinder my life. Sure I might make it through just fine. But I have no idea and if something does in fact happen... well I'll be outright upset at myself for the rest of my life. So thanks again for the honesty. I'm not sure I will continue to be honest. Can I ask how you are doing now with the longterm side effects? Trust you are better.
  8. Week 2 - Feeling GREAT!! WITH PICTURES!

    Ohh that's so exciting!! I hope you enjoy your trip here. It's an awesome country if I may say so myself would love to head to the uK when I wrap up my uni studies soon. Highly recommend you check out Montreal (Quebec), as well as Banff(Alberta) and British Columbia if you can make it out west... some pretty gorgeous sites. I'm experiencing the same thing!! Oiliness in My first week... hoping it'll subside on as yours did... no dry lips yet haha
  9. Hi Everyone, I hope you don't mind that I am joining this convo, not sure if you guys ever check back in but I wanted to know how it went for you all?! Thanks a lot for all the information you all provided for each month, gives me a lot of hope as I begin my tane journey (day 3 today). I hope you are all away enjoying your clear skin I'm starting low at 20 mg a day as I am very nervous about side effects, took me so much research and a very long time to decide to go onto this medication. Still not thrilled it came to this point, but I am really eager for the results it provides we all come to the point of enough is enough right? CNA7, gorgeous profile pic!! hope thats my skin in a few months yay how are things working out for you post accutane? I saw you mention early in the post that you have gut issues... so do I which makes me a bit more concerned about taking accutane, did you find it made your gut worse? I have movement in my gut (gurgling gas type thing) frequently but I notice it more after I have dairy (which I've cut out) or before I've eaten.... I'm worried cause I heard it can make IBS worse. I finished a two weeks antibiotic streak a month ago for an infection so I think its upset my gut again. My diet is full of probio pills and fermented foods so Im hoping I'm covered... Oh! and I've heard of eminence!! haven't tried though, really want too... was the regimen you used nourishing enough for the dry skin? May have to order some. I also am keeping a religious stock of waxelene for my lips hehe... Thanks!!
  10. Week 2 - Feeling GREAT!! WITH PICTURES!

    Hey there! Thanks for making this post. I'm just like you- came to a point where I feel I'm ready to try accutane, even though Im SO scared of this medication/potential side effects. Sometimes you just get to a point where enough is enough and you are so over the mental burden acne has on your life!! Anyways I'm in the same boat as you- I think Im starting my 20mg pills at the end of this week. Will keep following, it'll be nice to have someone else on it at the same time. Im female too, 23, so crossing my finger we both get the results we want!! little hello from your neighbour across the big pond (Canada)!
  11. What Is My Next Step?

    Hey Jake, I'm in the same boat as you. Ive tried everything since I was a preteen, and most recently (last two months) changed up my diet radically but to no avail. I just saw my derm today about getting onto accutane. Im so scared to take it though... Im also a very stressed, bad sleeps kinda college student lol... I think this impacts our skin hugely, and part of me is wondering if I should wait another couple semesters till I'm done school to see if my skin clears up. However, even over summer holidays of 4 months it doesn't clear up 100 percent so.... keep me posted, I'm interested to hear if you decide to push through it or if you decide on accutane. accuatne is a relatively short time frame (half a year max usually) so perhaps you could look into holding off on your ADHD pills during your course and start up again after if needed. im no doc though. I'm due to swallow my first pill within the next few days, scared man!
  12. Writing this I have a heavy heart. I wanted so bad for this to work, knowing I believe in holistic = health = happiness but I have ended this water only regimen at around day 62. So 2.5 ish months. Although my facial redness and facial oiliness decreased significantly doing this regimen, I can say with confidence that, for myself, it did not prevent acne. After my infection cleared, I realized I still had some bumps that had not disappeared and had been around since the start of the infection so I ran to the clinic and the doctor reassured me that the infection was gone but that I am now dealing with mod severe cystic acne on my face... I never really had a cystic issue before the oil cleansing ordeal. He suggested accutane. this has really been a struggle for me and I have tried almost everything so I am finally at a point where yes, I am in fact considering accutane. I have such an inner conflict about this medication, and have put it off for several years until now. I'm mad at my body because I gave it every chance at healing itself holistically and on its own without having to come to a point of using the tane. The long term effects of accutane scare the heck out of me but my acne has also held me back from so much in life and changed my personality from an outgoing social butterfly to someone who would rather chill alone all the time watching Netflix. So I really need to weigh the pros and cons. I do not feel that my face exudes how I feel inside- inside, I'm confident with who I am, I love myself, I'm happy, yet I look in the mirror and I remember that I have acne and it brings me down. I'm really over it all, I want to look outside with the same confidence of how I feel inside for once in my 9 years of struggling with this disease. I wanted to know what the heck caused my acne but I just can't figure it out. I see the derm in 2 weeks to get the blood work rolling for the tane... In the meantime the doc gave me Epiduo, which surprisingly had deceased a lot of the active cystic bumps, but my face is really red tight and hurts... Very dry so right back to where we started prior to the water only. The only thing left is to check my hormones out I guess, or get an allergy test done prior to going on accutane. A person only has so much energy to put into one thing and I am so sick of having this control my thoughts daily and affect me from doing what I want to do and what I would normally do. I deserve, and you guys deserve... All of us with skin diseases, deserve to look in the mirror and be proud and happy with how we look. I fought it off emotionally for many years but this year it's really coming to a head. Haha excuse the pun. My bf did accutane about 4 years ago and his skin is so soft and clear and I can't see a pore on his face. He doesn't seem to be dealing with any adverse long term side effects (yet anyways). From the research I've done it seems accutane has some mild side effects on the t then people report 5,10 years later some severe side effects pop up (Erectile dysfunction, lack of libido, constant hair thinning, IBS, premature aging and crazier stuff like personality changes, psychotic episodes and permanent mood disorders). Sounds fan-freaking-lovely don't it. but again correlation does not equal causation... There's always a lot of factors that play into someone developing a condition later in life. I don't want to promote this medication because it is very very serious and really needs a lot of thought put into it before you choose to go this route.If anyone is following this blog and has tried accutane please comment below and let me know if it was worth it or what long term side effects if any you are dealing with. I've read a lot of horror stories and I'm scared to poison my body... Thank to all for following this blog. Hope the water only is working better at clearing your acne
  13. I decided to rename my title to more fairly represent my regimen. I am officially infection free- YAY! what an ordeal that was… two weeks of oral meds cleared it up though. I noticed significant clearing however when I started washing my skin at night with salt water, it really sped up the healing process and helped disinfect from the outside. This is going to be my last post for a while since I am relatively happy with how far things have come. Although I have red marks left over along my jaw from the infection, my skin remains very clear. I currently have only 5 total “active pimples” on my face. Couple are by the hairline (I’m thinking this is more caused my shampoo now that my skin is used to being chemical free?) which have dried and should disappear in the next two days, and one popping up near my mouth. The red marks are deceiving making it look like I still have acne but my skin is 95 percent flatter than my breakout/infection time. It may be questionable- some people might be reading this and wondering if the clarity is really attributed to the antibiotics, but I was seeing improvements in my skin tone and texture even before the massive breakout. I will update a final time at the 3 mo mark once my skin has had time post infection to see how the water only regimen keeps up. I think water only is a fantastic regimen, and I highly recommend you try it if you haven't tried it already. Although I am not quite as satisfied as I had hoped, it is worth it to get at least relatively normal looking skin (no more oil) and a homogenous skin tone complexion. I do however notice one downside. I am finding I get blackheads more frequently with this regimen, more tiny little holes with dirt in them. This fact alone is almost pushing me to reconsider a very mild light cleanser to do every other day or something because my skin seems to not be healthy enough to keep pores tight and blackheads out. I thought a lot during my two week period with this infection- I think as humans we have a tendency to want to see immediate progress and we want cures, an age of fast technology has given rise to a society that wants immediate gratification. Ive learnt during this “water only” experience that the body is so powerful and will heal itself automatically- how crazy is that that skin can heal and grow itself back together all the while we haven't even turned a single thought to tell it so! We need to be mindful that the body CAN heal itself, and it needs time because not everything was meant to be ready set go RIGHT now! The skin is the body’s largest organ, so if you are breaking out we can't expect to do something on the outside and get radiant clear skin just from JUST this alone. The skin will break out if there are toxins in the body that are overloading other organs. Water only washing is a great way to let your skin go back to its natural state to heal quicker, but I do think giving it the same love inside is important too. I remember a couple years ago the idea of having to change my diet to clear skin was annoying and I just wouldn't expect it. I kept thinking acne has to be from anything other than food. cause i love my dairy lol. But healthy, non toxic food is just as important. pump yourself full of veggies, legumes, keep up the water and green tea, and lower your sugars and dairy (heard from so many people eliminating this made a mega difference) to nothing, if you can. It may take time, and its a daunting big step, but your body and eventually your skin will love you for it and thank you. I highly believe that water only, in combination with a really healthy wholesome diet is the key. No magic vitamin, no 6 gallons of water a day, no one pill that'll cure you but leave the inside disfigured (accutane), no skin cleansing kit that promises you radiant skin. Adequate water, fermented foods, antioxidants like green tea is what I believe is the secret. I have found through this regimen that although water only washing is an ideal scenario, some people may need a bit more of a boost to keep their skin clear but the key is mild and moderation for this. our skin doesn't need 10 steps to heal itself, heck for some people water only was enough to radiantly clear their skin. moderation is the most important thing guys, and keep your inside healthy. an inside healthy + an outside healthy is sure to give you positive results. Keep your heads up xx
  14. Day 44

    Hi guys, infection is clearing up nice but Im on second week of oral antibiotics to get rid of it completely. It’s been hard on the esteem, but I feel its only made me grow stronger and more courageous to attend classes with this all going on. Due to bacterial infection, I’ve been applying manuka honey on infected areas only every night for a few hours. I have been continuing with water only but tried something different this time. Due to infection, I wanted to keep it a little more cleanly so I’ve been washing my face the past two nights with salt water. Just enough to mimic natural sea saltwater, so that my face is getting a bit of an extra disinfectant boost. This is really working nicely, last night I did it for the first time all over my face and my skin didn't dry out from it. I’m no expert, but I feel if this is done is moderation (1-2x a week) it can keep germs at bay and give your skin that added refreshed feeling. I notice the oil on my forehead is slightly more today from doing this last night, but it seemed to clean out some stubborn blackhead nubs I was feeling the last week or two. I really cant comment on it yet though, I will be trying this out for the next few weeks and will update if I feel it adds a bit more oomph to the water only regimen. Despite the initial purge/infection that started there along my Jaw, I want to stress that since doing the water only, I have not had any new breakouts the last 44 days. maybe a zit here and there by the hairline but thats about it. I really think this regimen + my relatively healthy diet (which I only incorporated full force in the last 12-14 days) has really helped my skin. I feel adding a salt water wash once a week from here on out (once infection clears) will really keep the skin healthy and glowing and still naturally “clean”. For those who find their skin is just *too* oily/nasty feeling when starting this regimen, you could try to do salt water wash but I can’t vouch on how this would work. However, had I been doing this from time to time during the first month, I may have avoided myself an infection from the big purge breakout. Will update in another week or so. In case anyone is curious, I have been doing 1/2 teaspoon sea salt (or any non iodized salt) per 1 cup of water. Boil, covered for 15 min. Let cool and use for washing face. Let me know if this has/is working for you as well! courage and positivity \ /
  15. Day 38

    Hi guys. quick update. infection is still present so decided to go on oral antibiotics... should kick it in the butt. Still washing my face with water only, obviously a little longer on areas of infection where antibiotic ointment was on it. Only washed one night (night of day 36) with a small amount of all natural soap but regretted it, skin was dry and tight so I'm definitely still keeping the water only up despite the current ordeal! I wanted to mention that if you go water only washing for a couple months and don't see results its majorly important to look at your diet. If your acne was due to chemicals/over washing it should do fine and clearup but i you're still getting breakouts look at your diet: if you are pumping your system full of "foods" like dairy, gluten, tons of breads and sugars, it won't help your skin in my opinion cause the organs have to work extra hard to clear it out, which means a lot will probably pass through the skin. I've cut meats out mostly, dairy for a week now as well as sugars wherever I can (except natural sugars like kombucha drinks, dates, fruits, etc..), and I hardly eat bread. Lots of vegetables and fermented foods and healthy fats is key I think. I'll let you know my results as well with this diet but so far along with water only washing I haven't been getting new breakouts on my face (excluding my area of complaint currently of course). I just wanted to mention this cause I read an interesting blog on here just now about a girl saying she did accutane, it cleared her, but two years later it came back at full force and only cleared up when she went vegan. Tells me these medications are total band aid solutions! Let me know if you have questions about this diet, It sounds overwhelming but just picked up an awesome cookbook that has amazing super easy 15 min recipes for vegans (Oh She Glows Everyday Cookbook). Delicious, yummy, fills you up, makes your skin smile peace and love all
  16. Thanks for this post! I've recently gone all vegan... saying goodbye to dairy was so hard (mainly in drinks). Hoping this will save my skin, otherwise I will probably resort to trying the tane... thanks this is a huge encouragement!!
  17. Day 24 (Water rinsing only)

    Hey Niklaus, not sure if you are still following the blog but check out my most recent post. Although the regimen worked for me my purge was pretty bad and i developed impetigo from it... if you have been purging non stop for over a month and a half and its red/itchy I suggest seeing a doctor just to make sure theres not some sort of infection happening. Im not a doctor but it seems a lot of people are going un diagnosed with staph bacteria cause some doctors are just saying it;s "bad acne" ( happened to me two years ago)... thankfully i recognized it right away this time.
  18. Hey everyone, So I kind of broke the rule last night. Kinda sorta, but not with chemicals… with honey. I’ll explain: The area I got a major purge in was clearing up quick but all of a sudden about a week ago it really started to slow down compared to the initial rapid clearing I saw the first few weeks. I woke up with a sore in my nose a couple days ago, and within the past few days to a week the breakout area seems to be itching more, not going away fast, and reddening. This really freaked me out because I got a staph infection in my acne a couple years ago that started exactly the same way but went undiagnosed as just “bad acne” for two months before the doctors clued in. I had assured them it felt way different than my normal acne. Anyways, as disheartening as this is, I got the tell tale signs again and yesterday I slept with Manuka Honey (natural antibiotic- this stuff is amazing do some research on it) on the area of my breakout to help kill whatever wants to start a home there. I’m super upset If I have to break the cycle, as I went to the doctor today and was prescribed topical antibiotics. I may or may not have to use a cleanser if ill be applying topical antibiotics. I noticed improvement over night from the honey so will try again tonight and switch to the antibiotics if i really have to. I hate the medical world, antibiotics are horrible on the body not to mention creating resistant strains that lead to people getting these staph infections, but sometimes you cant play around. I guess maybe my nose was carrying the bacteria around waiting to pounce on a good breakout. I am still left with horrible scarring from last time i got the infection, and i cant let that happen again. Last time was so mentally painful, I hardly left the house except for work, It totally killed my self confidence. If you think acne sucks, battling a staph infection IN your acne is something else.. I hope none of you ever have to go through that. I felt the need to put this out there because if you find your skin is changing, or something doesn't feel quite right, its important to keep an eye on it before it gets out of control. Itching/redness is usually the start and a fever is a sign the infection has set in. Don’t let this scare you, I have a feeling I just ended up being more susceptible cause its happened in the past. I really wouldn't attribute it to the regimen, rather my body's immune being lower than usual due to the past experience and perhaps Im still a "carrier" of it. The other areas of my face remain relatively clear, couple blackheads here and there but overall I am so happy with the progress. I did a “essential oil steam” for 20 min on my face a few nights ago (who knows maybe this caused something?) before the shower but i was pretty happy with the results after cause it ended up getting rid of whatever “nubs” I had left on the forehead. Other than scarring, my forehead is now relatively smooth and clear! Ill check back in again sometime soon to update you all whether I can stick with the regimen presently or not. **update: I decided to start the topical antibiotics today cause i don't want to play around with this. I think ill have to be washing my face with some sort of soap during this time but I will absolutely be continuing with water only once this is cleared up because my face has remained quite clear all in all from this regimen, other than my purge breakout getting infected. Sucks, but its life. Once the infection is gone completely I will be doing water only so I'll check back in for that in a couple weeks. I do still highly recommend the regimen because I rarely heard of this happening to other people and I definitely saw a positive difference with it. Skin tone ever out to normal, my oil is almost non existent now and areas remain clear from new pimples.
  19. Day 28 (1 month)

    Definitely! I know the purging/breakouts are hard, but it should clear up after this. A normal cell cycle is between 4-5 weeks so technically you shouldn't see the results starting until after this point (at least in the areas of distress). Those with less undergrounds and activity will see results sooner in my guess. For me, I'm still dealing with that breakout but it's all dried up, I'm hoping by 1 month and a half it'll be almost smooth. And about the BP- I wasn't taking it actually but I was using glycolic acid which is just about as vigorous as the BP. I was going 10 percent twice a day and every week I was doing up to 50 percent (only for a few min though) for a peel. It did the trick for my skin for a year but I was using way to high of concentration and started worrying about skin cancer/sensitivity and my thinning skin. Tried to go back after OCM failed me but it didn't work anymore. That's what brought me here... so to answer your question, using any sort of vigorous chemicals on the skin will need both an adjustment period and a purge period. Most people, no matter what the regimen, report needing at least a month for their skin to readjust to something new. I know it's hard but you can do it!! Your skin will love it I'm sure I've been hearing about the dangerous and harmful effects of BP lately so I think you chose wisely to give it up and take the leap with this regimen.
  20. Day 24 (Water rinsing only)

    Crossing my fingers for you!!! Just remember, you might feel like giving up if your still getting pimples next week, but its all gotta come out! keep telling yourself its the toxins coming out before your skin can get clear Sounds like what you are experiencing was same as me, so you should be seeing the same changes I have been experiencing this first month... thanks so much for following the blog! happy to help anytime. Wish you the best luck and I will definitely be continuing the blog! I hope to blog until the 3 month mark. Im starting uni again this week so it may be a little longer between posts but not much
  21. Hi Guys!! So here I am, I can finally say I made it 1 month of just washing my face with water in the evenings. Wow, what can I say? I'm so happy I took the leap and... it wasn't near as brutal as I thought. The big jaw breakout purge I got that started at the beginning of the 3rd week is about 60 - 70 percent better than it was. So recap of the first month, this is what I’m noticing: whiteheads came and went within one to two days, drying up extremely quick. Red bumps have been slower, taking longer sometimes up to 5 days to come to a whitehead. So far I only have a few red bumps left to come to a head, a couple whiteheads that are dried and waiting to fall off. Im just waiting on some older pimples that dried up to fall off as well. Depending on the size the pimple was, itll take a bit longer for the skin to release the dried scab/bit (yuck sorry not sure what to call it… the covering? lol). Pores significantly shrunk the first 2 weeks and remain tight and small almost everywhere expect purging places. I notice dead skin builds up way faster/more in areas that you are having pimples/breakouts. This supports my theory that the dead skin is used by the skin as a way to protect healing skin underneath. Less disruption less chance of scarring/hyperpigmentation so again keep the exfoliation to a minimum or don’t do it at all cause it seems to be really important to keep in tact. The skin will naturally slough it off during sleep when its ready. I can vouch that I’ve noticed my skin doesn’t look as good when I exfoliated even with a simple soft sponge. Lately I’ve just been rinsing my face briefly under the shower head which is usually enough strength to get rid of the loose flakes (but not long guys, or itll dry the skin too much). Whatever the water doesn’t get rid of for dead skin just means its still intact and doing it protective purposes. The bumps on my forehead are much much better, I can really feel the blackheads being pushed out. The bumps changed during the 3rd week to almost like hard tiny nubs sticking out (blackheads being pushed out). They are annoying and SUPER easy to pick away at if youre chillin, so best advice keep the hands off the face at all costs! Tons of bacteria under those nails/fingers and “irritation causes more acne” as Dan says. They are pretty annoying though, I do miss the feeling of a smooth forehead lol but honestly I know this too shall pass and in time the blackheads will be out and it'll be naturally smooth again:) If you feel like your skin needs some sort of exfoliating/feeling a bit greasy, just lightly use your fingers (clean) in the shower after your face has been in the steam at the end before you hop out to just lightly aid whatever is sticking far out to slough off nicely. This seems to work nice and is better than full on exfoliating with the sponge. Alrighty, my updates for now! I’ll be back soon to check in. In summary, despite the purge Ive most definitely noticed a huge positive difference with this regimen. I am definitely sticking it through. Thanks to you all for checking on my posts, gives me some support to know people are interested in how this is going! Fell free to ask me anything in the comments if you have questions... strength and positivity to you all!
  22. Day 24 (Water rinsing only)

    Hi! Absolutely, I know how you feel. Before I started the regimen I was doing the same, going back to read other blogs and reviews but I didn't find anything that was within the last year. It helps to hear how it worked for someone, Thanks for the feedback! The first two weeks weren't too bad for me, my oil evened out by the end of the 14 days. Today is day 28 and I can honestly say my oil is almost non existent, or at least very close to being "normal". I didn't get my initial purge till the 3rd week mark, so for me the biggest things I noticed the first two weeks were even skin tone, rough forehead (lots of tiny bumps but not too noticeable unless under lighting) and oil regulation. Hang in there, I know you can do it. I am so happy I went on this. The blackheads being pushed out are exactly what should be happening so you are on the right track. If you are already purging, that’s great news… means you will be out of the storm quicker. I know it’s hard but the body has to get some of the gunk out of the skin that’s been hanging in there stagnant from chemical cleansers and such. Once they are out and the skin starts to regulate itself you should see a decrease in pimples until your skin has gotten its proper PH balance back. Best of luck keep me posted!
  23. Day 24 (Water rinsing only)

    Hang in there Niklaus! Thanks for the comment. Apparently it can take 3 months to really see the total change. However, if you are still breaking out take a look at your diet. Are you eating fairly well? the less dairy, sugar, breads the better. Remember, the skin is one of the bodies way of getting rid of toxins if the organs are too overloaded. Perhaps theres something your eating that your body really doesn't like? try drinking some milk thistle to detoxify the liver gently. This may ease up the acne and get toxins flowing back out the right path instead of the skin. I think if your diet is good, and your doing this regimen, keep de stressed and it'll clear in the next month. Good luck!! keep me posted

    Thanks so much for sharing that!! So encouraging on my journey... I'm only two years older than your son, hope to be in the same boat as him in a few months with this regimen. I'll hang in there! best not to do too much right? everything in moderation. So happy for him that he is clear now Best! xx
  25. Hi All! I wanted to post another update… I think I am finally seeing blue skies!! The last week and a half has been tough, I won’t lie purging period has been a bit hard on the self esteem since my skin pretty much decided to purge all my underground acne all at once. Good news though, I have not gotten any other breakouts other than one or two pimples that showed up by my temples so this is great news; my skin is pushing out whatever it needs to without breaking out in otherwise clear regions. Thankfully it was Christmas holidays, so I was able to hide away and relax for the worst of the 3rd week purge. If you know you have underground acne (aka not acne like pustules or blackheads or whiteheads that are already “surface”) I would recommend waiting until you have a week off from work or school for the purging. Its so hard to gauge though obviously, because cells cycle is about 4-5 weeks, so best guess undergrounds will surface around the 2.5-3.5 week mark on this regimen. But honestly, if you cant that’s fine, its about 1-2 weeks of courage, but after things finally start to see light :-D hang in their your skin will thank you!!! Almost all my red bumps have surfaced to whiteheads, and about all of my whiteheads are dried out now. Actually, if I run the back of my finger over my left jaw, almost everything is completely dried out. Great news, because things should fall off naturally on their own within the next week or so. Clear city is coming!! I think the “dead skin mask” ( I don’t have it, just minor flaking and a thin layer of dead skin on the forehead) acts as a barrier under which the skin regenerates and heals, as dry skin acts as a humectant. This in mind, I’ve made a huge effort NOT to exfoliate with my konjac for over a week now. I’ve only had minor flaking and I think this has been SO helpful to my skin since it’s really been able to do whatever it needs too without added agitation. I would suggest just exfoliate if the flaking is truly unbearable and/or hard to function in public with dry skin. Otherwise just let it be. I’ve also gone to bed with the complete freedom of no water splashing a couple times this week which felt SO good, and I probably noticed the best results in my skin on mornings where I didn’t do the water splashes the night before. I CANT believe how emotionally freeing this feeling is to just hop in bed when your tired without washing your face!!!! Perhaps the “true” caveman would work, but I definitely think for oily skin, water splashing helps for the first week or two. Again, my skin tone on this regimen has returned to times of clarity/pre acne. It’s been such a confidence boost when looking in the mirror. The bumps on my forehead from week 1 and 2 have seriously shrunk/gone away, now looks relatively clear however certain areas feel a bit rougher… my best guess is it’s the last of the blackheads being pushed out. Cheeks remain clear, just waiting on that huge purge to clear. Man, OCM seriously screwed up my skin. If I didn’t have the undergrounds from that ordeal, just active acne to begin with, I guarantee by now I would be pretty clear. I think that’s why some people report doing this regimen and seeing results from day one with it progressively getting better. (A side note for ladies: over a month now of letting my skin be/no makeup not even eye makeup and I’ve noticed huge differences in my eye area…. Dark circles almost gone!!) Sorry all, Im gonna wrap this up shortly cause this is getting long. I just really want to provide you guys with as much detail as possible… hopefully my results from here on out will be shorter J I’ve been doing 45 minutes of power walking with weights everyday to get some exercise, drinking TONS of healing herbals teas while I watch my skin renew itself (milk thistle tea, tulsi tea) and been doing inversions for a few days for about 10-15 min a day to get oxygen rich blood flowing down to my head. This has many health benefits including a mini natural face lift lol, but I found its gotten blood flowing to my skin better and thus speeding up the healing process. Much recommended!! That’s about it for now. SO happy I did this, I’ve proven what I thought when I started this: the skin is smart, and knows how to regulate itself and clear itself without intervention, if you let it. Best wishes for the new year and will update again soon. Take care and sending out peaceful vibes during your journey!