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  1. Feel so low

    I agree. If you are diabetic and have ulcers, you need to heal your gut and change your diet, and your skin will improve. Cut out all dairy, all junk, all sugar, wheat/gluten, and start drinking lots of soups (not creamy), salads, bone broth, take probiotics 2x a day, eat sauerkraut or fermented food at least 2x a week, meat is fine but nothing breaded, lots of veggies, lots of water, tea not juice, or lemon water, or do juice 1/3 to the rest water. Try almond milk or rice milk in your tea, super werid yes but you do this for 3 months and you will see a difference. Yes, it will cost more, yes it will taste differently but after a month you won't even remember the sugars and chemicals you had previously been addicted to in junk food. You need an entire lifestyle change, your internal organs are pissed at you for putting garbage in your body!
  2. Small Flesh Colored Bumps on Forehead and Hairline

    Forehead acne is typically due to a hidden diet issue, food allergy, or sensitivity to something you regularly ingest. I'd think that a salycylic acid wash and face scrub 2-3x a week would clear that up, it looks super mind and much better already.
  3. Bad sudden breakout. Need help, please.. What's happening?

    I would pop all of those with a tiny sewing needle and wash with salycylic acid 5% gel wash of some sort. The Green Neutrogena one is gentle, I use that one. Murad also makes a creamy acne/anti-aging gel 5% cleanser, pricey though. You also need to exfoliate regularly, which the Proactive cleanser is great for. Their toner and mask are also good, the creamy topical stuff I think it too thick/greasy. Or there are salycylic acid scrubs out there, I layer on salycylic acid products and use Retin A to keep my face clear. I like this one by St. Yves that is an apricot scrub, or Arcona makes a wonderful/pricey cranberry grommage for men. Your hormones are flipping out and you need to clean out those pores better and exfoliate 2-3x a week while everything is purging. Use regular aloe vera gel or a serum-based moisturizer if your skin is too try while doing all of that. Drink water, cut out dairy, wheat, red meat, alcohol for 1 month and see if your skin gets better. Eat way more soups and vegetables, chicken, fish, salads and see if it gets better. Go running, work out, rid your body of toxic hormone energy.
  4. Help please

    What your doctor gave you is great and should work. During the day you can use a salycylic acid wipe or pad or toner. I like the Murad 2 toner, but its not for acne specifically. You can also take spironolactone pills but I don't know how that works on males as they are androgen blockers. Ask your doctor.