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    Thanks, I changed my gender in the profile.
    My face cleared up this week while having my period, though my chest/back got worse (it all usually gets better during my period). My estrodiol is messed up, as I barely mentioned above, that is why I take the anastrozole, to certainly reduce the acne but I have to take a lot more than the wellness expert originally stated, and the pills are $2 a pop (I take 3 a day, so $6/day for clear skin? - that could be lunch!). Yes, I take progesterone (cream) for days 13-27. This acne feels like a hormone, adrenal or cortisol issue (very complex or somehow all of them together) more than a Hashimoto's issue, but with that I just never know. I will certainly try the Estogenblock, and want to try accupuncture again, perhaps even homeopathic remedies again. I'm open to all of it, one of these things has to work. I have not noticed any changes due to switching foods/eliminating foods, or makeups, though no I do not use a makeup brush. Thanks for the feeback.
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  2. EpicPropriety added a post in a topic Good Things For The Many Factors That Lead To Acne   

    I have Hashimoto's and terrible acne on my face, neck, chest and back. It is uncontrollable. I do not know what to do. I currently take bioidentical T4, DHEA/pregnenolone, probiotics, vitamin D and B, progesterone days 13-27, and anastrozole to balance my estrodiol for the acne which does nothing. I was told I am estrogen dominant, and am tried varies things to balance my system. I work at home, sleep about 10-12 hours a day, exercise 2 days a week, eat fully organic/gluten free/fish/veggies/no dairy/good oils/nuts-seeds and still my skin is horrible! Any tips, or suggestions? I took Accutane and antibiotics as a teen/20's so I do not want to take those again, Spironolactone works but I want to get pregnant within the year so I stopped taking that and birth control pills 2-3 years ago. What else will get rid of this acne? It hurts. I am using Retin-A topically daily, and topical clindamycin a few times a week, washing with glycolic cleanser and Clarisonic. Nothing is working and I'm just so embarrassed. Please help.
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