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  1. Kpoplover123 added a post in a topic Is There Anything Obviously Wrong With My Skincare Routine?   

    I like your routine, only because I use the Korean skincare routine myself and it has cleared up my terrible acne quite wonderfully. May I ask what face oil you use? I've found that Nature Republic's aloe Vera has help me a lot. Also, is the toner you are using from Hada Labo? I believe Asian toners are absolutely necessary, unlike Western toners.
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  2. Kpoplover123 added a post in a topic Please Help! I Woke Up Today To 5 New Cystic Pimples Everywhere! (Pics Included)   

    I would recommend aloe Vera on those spots. I promise you it will reduce your acne redness and make it better. Put some tea tree oil on the spots. Benzoyl peroxide never seems to work for me sadly. Only makes my face redder.

    DO NOT pop those pimples. From the looks of them, they are not the types that should be touched, since they are rather swollen. Leave them alone. Do you wear makeup?
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