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    I'm using Vitamine Shoppe brand. I asked the clerk and he said the store brand and the more expensive brand are exactly the same.
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    Is Jojoba Oil Supposed To Sting?
    I've been on The Regiming for almost 2 weeks now. I use Cerave Foaming Cleanser, Dan's BP, and Cerave PM moisturizer.
    My skin has cleared up very well and i only get maybe 1 pimple every few days now. The problem is the itching and drying. My skin got really dry and the skin has become rough, ever with moisturizer on. I read the glowing reviews about Jojoba oil and i went to the vitamin store and bought some. The first day i added 5 drops of jojoba oil to my moisturizer and mixed it and then applied it -- it stung!! My face felt like it was on fire and i had to sleep with a fan blowing on my face. What the heck? I thought it was supposed to calm and soothe your skin, not irritate it.
    Is this normal? Do i have to wait a while before the stinging goes away? I tried it again today and i only added 2 drops. It doesn't sting as much, but my skin still feels rough. Please don't tell me i blew $14 on something that will never work for me. The Regimin is expensive enough as it is.
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