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  1. Peppermint Tea

    I know this is a very old post but I was searching for info and comments from people who have been drinking peppermint tea. I started drinking peppermint tea 1-2 times daily about a month ago. 2 months ago I stopped taking birth control pills because I would like to become pregnant this year. The first month off of the pill was not as bad as I feared, yes I broke out a bit but it wasn't terrible besides the one huge cyst like pimple I got that left a scar . My moods, however, were frighteningly depressing. My migraines came back, and my anxiety got worse. Then, I started drinking peppermint tea and all of those things calmed down. Had another period with very minimal breakouts, and only one migraine. My anxiety acted up a little the first two days of my period but then calmed down. I really think the tea is helping balance my hormones because prior to the pill I always broke out so much more around my period. I read its supposed to raise estrogen and that its also anti androgen. I pray it continues to help!