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  1. Help Pls! Anti-Bacterial Supplements/ Garlic?

    hey I am going through the same thing. I was prescribed antibiotics twice a day for one week...did nothing. A friend gave me some canidia cleansing garlic supplement pills. They are slowly working but they make me a little gassy after I take them. I feel less bloated after using then about a week.
  2. Sprintec...the Best Thing I've Done For My Skin ;)

    Hey guys sorry its been so long. Sprints has been great for me. I did not get an initial breakout, instead my breakouts slowly got better. Its great! However, after about 7 months of use I developed a yeast infection that has been on and off. I am now currently trying to devise a plan for getting off of the pill because I want to get pregnant this upcoming year. Now I'm scared...
  3. Hey guys. about a year ago I finally found a BC pill that makes me feel amazing. Little to no PMS symptoms...barely any acne, and I gained enough weight that I don't feel like a stick. I want to be on it forever...except I want to start a family more. In January I plan on stopping the pill and I am terrified of my skin and mood going nuts. I have been researching herbs and diet changes to see what I should do to ease the crazy hormones I am sure to encounter when I first go off the pill. I have had some success with saw palmetto in the past so I plan to try that and vitex to help my hormones until I get pregnant. Does this sound like a good idea? Anyone have any good ways to ease hormones when going off the pill??