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  1. midnightrose added a topic in General acne discussion   

    Can I Request Hormone/allergy/food Intolerance Tests From My Doctor?
    My acne started a few years ago im 25 now. Would getting these tests done most likely help me find the root of whats causing my acne? Im nervous to ask my doctor (dont feel very comfy with them) for tests as i feel like they want to shove lotions , antibiotics on me first but id rather have things tested so im not putting myself through more torture!
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  2. midnightrose added a post in a topic Acne, Clogged Pores Everywhere. Dry/sensitive Skin Please Help.   

    by the looks of things those products are natural and i dont trust that on my skin
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  3. midnightrose added a topic in General acne discussion   

    Acne, Clogged Pores Everywhere. Dry/sensitive Skin Please Help.
    Ive been suffering with acne now for 2 years started when i was 23. I have always had slightly clogged pores all over my face and my body but of recent that seems to be getting worse. They arent hard or anything but on my body very fleshy. The ones on my face feel very rough and hard if i dont exfoliate for a few days though but im having trouble with exfoliating which il explain in a minute.

    Since i developed acne i started to really look after my skin (which funnily enough i didnt do prior to getting the acne but my skin was fine) id always not washed it regularly because of how sensitive it is. Splashing it with water makes it dry and itchy! Even now with gentle cleansers my skin sometimes goes itchy but not so much and isnt as dry. I have tried cetaphil cleanser which was too drying and then after not long i switched to cerave hydrating cleanser which for the most part seems ok although im not sure if over time its made fine lines appear around my eyes as thats one area i havent been over treating with moisturisers.

    Ive been taking my makeup off with argan oil for a while but at the moment i only wear makeup maybe once or twice a week although reading some tips off here i read that oils high in linoleic acid are meant to be better for the skin than ones higher in oleic acid but not sure if argan oil is.

    Aswell as those id been experimenting with Paula's choice BHA 1% lotion and the 5% AHA lotion. Both seem to help the bumps temporarily. But i think ive come to the conclusion i need to use a gentle exfoliant on a regular basis pretty much every other day else the bumps on my face are really obvious. I cant use the BHA or AHA every other day it would be too often and irritate my skin. Another thing that worries me is all the natural ingredients in them (I have mild oral allergy syndrome) and from previous experience my skin doesnt always react great to some natural ingredients. Honey for example i tried that on my face one and it burned, same with cucumber slices on my eyes, itched me chronically, aloe vera irritates me too slightly, so as you can see my confusion of whether to buy products with extracts of natural ingredents is great.

    Someone reccommended me to try a PHA product as its meant to be gentler than AHA and BHA which led me to a Neostrata ultra hydrating cream 10% PHA. Seems to do a gentle exfolation of my skin but i think the product is breaking me out as i tried it on lower half of my face and thats the only area i seemed to be breaking out and my acne has been alot better of late (just the bumps see to be worse). So im not sure what else to try for exfoliation im really stuck as my skin cant handle rubbing, the only other thing ive thought about is a product with urea which i have been trialing on my forehead but i have a feeling its not exfoliating enough my skin looks really bumpy! Can anyone give me any advice?

    Also trying to find the perfect moisturiser for my skin, think i dont want anything with too many natural skincare ingredients incase they will irritate me. I have been using some cerave pm for a while (not sure if its dehydrating me or not though) although since cutting it out i think fine lines might be appearing more on my face but i cant quite tell! Also cetaphil moisturising cream, another thing that ive worried has been clogging me and then the almond oil in it ive wondered if that could be contributing to clogs, acne or anything (i used to react badly to almonds when younger) can eat them ok now but always wondered what it might do to my skin. Like honey i can eat but obviously on my skin it burns! Im thinking of trying maybe some Laroche Posay products but not sure what to try incase of clogging.

    Few facts about me...I have mild oral allergy syndrome, skin is very hypersensitive, i get heat rash in the bath or shower even if im in for just a minute or so or in luke warm water, recently my skin on my body specially around my neck and chest has been so itchy. Right now im itching my neck like mad its so itchy and im not sure why!

    Always wondered if i was allergic to water, my skin doesnt seem to enjoy water what so ever. Also wondered if me drinking it actually makes me it worse funnily enough :/ Recently ive drank a fair amount of water and becauseof my skin being irritated so much it made me think isit possible its that. But i have no idea ! I need some help because i want to calm my skin down, i worry about aging alot cause my skins always inflamed. Would also like to try some anti aging creams in the future but i dont think i could until i have a better control of my skin! Can anyone give me some advice?

    Included a few pictures of the bumps on my face along with some on my body. Every pore is literally clogged on my face btw even the tiniest of the tiniest.

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  4. midnightrose added a post in a topic Is Cetaphil Moisturising Cream Clogging Me Up?   

    Well I hate to break it to you but my skin is extremely sensitive. I get heat rash on my face and on my body from taking just luke warm showers. My skin cant tolerate a lot. Ive tried products used for sensitive skin that have stung the crap out of my face. Just because your skin doesn't react to being washed doesn't mean someone else's wont aswell.

    I have done the most gentle washing of my face by just splashing cool water on my face and even that can cause me to get what I call allergy blobs.

    Sorry but I get a bit irritated when people say your skin shouldn't be doing that. Not trying to avoid washing it but when I do it just makes me irritated and causes breakouts and im worried its doing lots of damage to my skin in the long run

    And thanks a.p I may try the glycerine and water for now Thankyou!
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  5. midnightrose added a post in a topic Is Cetaphil Moisturising Cream Clogging Me Up?   

    Yes starting to think it might not be right for me. Scared of carrying on with it incase I get worse not sure what to do. Ive bought some samples from paula's choice the BHA and AHA ones. Hoping that these will help to get the horrible rubbish out these bumps and blackheads on my skin. But im still worried im going to need a really heavy moisturiser for dryness and not sure where to turn now
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  6. midnightrose added a topic in General acne discussion   

    Is Cetaphil Moisturising Cream Clogging Me Up?
    Someone recommended me to use it as my skin is extremely sensitive and dry and prone to acne. Last week my skin was becoming severly irritated and dry I think from using rosehip oil only as a moisturiser. So got the cetaphil been using it about a week now and for a few days I didn't actually wash my face as even washing my face can irritate my skin. Im wondering if the cetaphil had built up over my skin as I was applying it once a day. I have more bumps come up in the crease of my chin and even on the sides joining my nose to my cheeks and ive nevr had them there before. Black heads are coming up in places ive not had them before too. I don't know what to do my skin looks such a mess but I really needed gentle non clogging heavy moisturisation :'( Almost in tears as my skins becoming such a massive problem!

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