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  1. well, hey guys! Its been like a year ever since ive been on here. If yall dont know me. My name is alina. i've been on here for around 3 years already. i found through my sister. she recommended it to me sometime. i dont really remember how. I've used The Regimen religiously for 6months, following directions precisely, 3 years ago. YES!! It did clear my acne. But because i started eating super unhealthy and my skin was so dependent on the product, i broke out again. and again. and again. Times and times again. I knew that it was going to do it. I used the regimen, 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, directly on zits. It helped, after a while though. It didnt. Which i was expecting. Long story short. i went back to trying everything. Somethings helped, some didnt. i didnt want to depend on a product(s). My best option was, nothing. I let my skin heal on its own. Guess what!?! it worked. Now, im here back again. I have started using a product just to keep my skin looking healthy and acne free. Its not the regimen. Its called curology. No, i am not sponsored by them. This product does require you to use it every night, but i prefer to use it when im not lazy to actaully put it on. Roughly, 2x a week. They prescribe you, for your skin type and your acne history. i would check it out!! I still break out. I still will. But i dont worry about it. Thanks to the vegan diet and using one product 2x a week. Anyway, im on YOUTUBE! I've been wanting to start doing YouTube for so long and finally gotten around to do it. I would love it if you could go and support me. My channel is called b.wms Stands for: beautywithinmyself i'll see you around