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  1. I also do get these whiteheads but as you said, they heal pretty quick.
  2. I wouldn't touch it if I was you.
  3. Hair gel that won't break me out

    I would try an alcohol free hair gel because I suspect the alcohol is the ingredient that causes breakouts. You can also try to make your own home made alcohol free hair gel. Just google it.
  4. Hair gel that won't break me out

    A hair gel that won't break you up? NO HAIR GEL. Dude it's 2017, real men don't wear hair gel. On a serious note. Do you really need the hair gel?
  5. Workout fanatic!

    Currently I have an active whitehead on my forehead which should heal in a day or two so that is not a big deal. Another pimple just above my eyebrow that probably won't heal in the next week. A tiny whitehead on my nose (I am giving 2 to 3 days to this one). I also have about 3 to 5 red marks. How would you rate that yourself? From my subjective point of view I would say 4/10 considering I am 29 years old. Washing my face regulary or applying products on my face would raise the rating to at least 6.
  6. Workout fanatic!

    Well this might be a little bit extreme but I don't wash my face in the morning at all. You could say I am following the water only regimen because I am not touching my face at all. I simply let the shower water wash my face without handling the skin or using any tools, soaps, etc. I never had severe acne but this regimen works the best for my skin. As for your case. Try not to touch your skin until you have finished your workout and then just wash it like you always do.
  7. Workout fanatic!

    I also work out a lot and I wash my face with water only. I am keeping it as natural as possible and I don't use any products on my face.
  8. I've felt regret 90% of the times I touched my pimples. Don't make the same mistake I did.