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  1. Red Face 2 Years Into Regimen

    To be totally honest it's hard for me to tell how effective the night cream is for reducing redness. My family has told me it helps a lot, but for me personally I find it hard to notice because my face doesn't get red until I'm in the sunlight. That being said, it is still one of the best face moisturizers I have used, regardless of it's redness relief. The daytime sunblock makes a noticeable difference. They can both be picked up for fairly cheap at most drug stores, so I would give them a shot before going for something a bit more expensive. 
  2. Red Face 2 Years Into Regimen

    I have the same exact problem, there's nothing better then people telling me I look like a tomato , I got a moisturizer and sunblock from Eucerin that is specifically made to reduce redness. The moisturizer I use at night, and it seems to have a pretty good effect, and then for added protection the sunblock has a green tint that apparently helps stop the redness.