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  1. Threedaysgrace added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    Leaky Gut Causing Acne
    Hello, i have been away for a while after doing  alot of research I have discovered that the cause of my acne is leaky gut + histamine intolerance .
    High sugar + caffeine diet + junk = Leaky gut = hormonal imbalances + histamine intolerance+ damaged gut= food allergies+sensitivities = acne
    I am planning to do a 2 water fast then a 3 day slippery elm, licorice tea, pepperrmint tea fast. Afterwards I am going to consume a half onion each day as a source of prebiotics and then introduce another 3 days later , yeo valley yogurt. The yoghurt contains L.A, bifidobacterium, and S.T
    Also I am going to avoid gluten , while it does not cause acne, it is the cause of my keratosis pilarais (k.p). Gluten intolerance can cause nutritional deficiencies. I have been on a gluten free diet before which has caused the kp to spread, I will be therefore using Apple cider vinegar and olive + brown sugar scrub on my face to hopefully reduce the KP, as my body purges from 17 years of eating gluten .
    I also have hyperpigmentation on my arms, back, chest and face from acne and kp . I will be using the kojie sans soap and tumeric to to try to lighten this hyperpigmentation.
    I plan to be free of acne, hyperpigmentation red marks by the time I sart uni next september

    I strongly suggest you and EVERYONE follow a leaky gut protocol. This means you go off food for 3 days and just take Slippery Elm gruel every 2 hours nice and thick. Inbetween this you take Pau D'Arco tea mixed with marshmellow Root. After the 3 days just fit in the Slippery Elm gruel around food and keep drinking the tea making sure theres proper time delays between food/drink etc. After a week or so you can just go onto having a little slippery elm tea etc. This will help heal the gut dramatically and we all know what this means for health. I forget to say you need to on day 4 start adding serious amounts of Probiotics to the colon. This must be done on an empty stomach and the capsules should be only take with *500ml* of water or more else it simply will not hit the small intestine which its meant to. The Kombucha Tea is a most excellent set of probiotics also

    Now after day 3 start adding a good probiotic to increase good intestinal flora.


    put two tablespoons of slippery elm powder in a 16 ounce shaker thingy. put two tablespoons of oregano. Fill it the rest of the way up to 16 oz with distilled water that has a little Sea Salt added to it. Shake it up, drink 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 in the late after noon.

    2. Slippery Elm Gruel
    Slippery Elm Gruel is a food that anyone can keep down no matter how sick they are, even if they vomit water. It's a very healing food.
    Start by making a Slippery Elm paste, because slippery elm will not mix with a lot of water, it will just float. To make the slippery paste, put powdered slippery elm into a cup and add a very small amount of water at a time until it is a paste consistency. You use this slippery elm paste to make slippery elm gruel by slowly adding water until thick gravy consistency
    Link 2
    1. Not All Probiotics Are Created Equally 
    When it comes to controlling and regulating your body’s histamine levels, there are different types of bacteria and probiotics at play.
    While certain probiotics are great for proper gut function by enhancing histamine degradation by DAO, others can do just the opposite and raise histamine levels. At presently, there are three different probiotic strains that are studied and categorized: 1) histamine producing, 2) neutral bacteria, and 3) histamine degrading.
    According to Dave Aspery, CEO of Bulletproof Executive, the following is true of these three different studied probiotic strains:
    1) Histamine producing bacteria: Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus reuteri, and Lactobacillus bulgaricus (Found in most yogurts and fermented foods).
    2) Neutral bacteria: Streptococcus thermophiles (also in yogurt) and Lactobacillus rhamnosus (shown to down regulate histamine receptors and up-regulate anti-inflammatory agents)
    3) Histamine degrading bacteria: Bifidobacterium infantis (found in breast milk), Bifidobacterium longum, Lactobacillus plantarum, and some soil-based organisms.
    Now, please don’t get me wrong. Histamines and histamine producing bacteria aren’t necessarily the culprit here. More likely your issue is a combination of overuse of antibiotics, too much processed foods, and other digestive stressors. When your digestive system (and nervous system) is stressed, your gut biome is thrown way out of balance and you can develop an intolerance to histamines. In this case, you may want to be careful of the types of yogurts and fermented foods you consume. In most cases, as long as you’re sticking with the least processed, most natural sources you’re probably fine.
    If you’re concerned I would highly recommend getting a blood test done and looking at your histamine/DAO ratio (DAO stands for Diamine Oxidase – an enzyme that breaks histamine down).  If you blood panels indicate a high ratio it means you are ingesting/producing too much histamine compared to what you can break down. If you find the ratio to be pretty even you may have an issue with DAO being blocked from breaking histamine down. In that scenario you would want to consider cutting out the following DAO blocking foods:
    Energy drinks Alcohol Tea (Green, Black, and Mate) Hopefully, you’re starting to get the picture. Health is a very complicated dance these days. Going organic doesn’t necessarily make you any healthier than the next American. These findings certainly do a good bit to explain why so many still fail to see results after a dramatic change in their lifestyle.
    Consider the American that smokes two packs a day, eats meat and a rib eye every night and weights 150 lbs or less and lives to be 95. Then there are those that carefully count their carbs, eat no red meat, are 50 – 100 lbs overweight, and no amount of training at the gym seems to burn the excess fat off.
    The kind that fall into the latter group is often told: There’s no diet that fits all. Except no diet seems to “fit” them. Is there any hope for people that fit into this category? We’ll take a look at it together in my next post which will highlight some ways you can infuse your diet with the right type of probiotics and nutrition. We may touch upon some exercise that can help you too. Either way, come back next week for the conclusion to this post.
    Also, the foods in the Nutriscribe® Diet naturally balance histamine levels, so you can think more clearly, improve your body composition, and live at your highest potential.

    Healing gut foods list:   Fasting also helps heal foods                             
    Slippery elm - help act as  bandage to the gut
    Marshamallow root
    Peppermint oil
    help act as  bandage to the gut
    Garlic - prebiotics
    Onions prebiotics
    Leeks- prebiotics - feed good bacteria
    L. Glutamine
    Coconut oil+ Olive oil
    Brone Broths
    Deglycerrinised licorice- helps act as  bandage to the gut
    Things that damage gut and cause acne
    Food that block the DAO- such as green tea-  see previous post on histamine intolerance
    High carb diiet
    Extensive usage of antibiotics
    Diet sample: minimal use of carbs, meat fish eggs vegetable- avoid fruit

     i am starting the fast this thursday . I hope to get rid of my acne + kp by three months
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  2. Threedaysgrace added a topic in Emotional and psychological effects of acne   

    Skin Looks Really Bad Today
    So many cysts, scabs , pustules. It just looks so red and so many friggin marks and holey scars
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  3. Threedaysgrace added a post in a topic Chest Acne That Won't Go Away?!   

    1. Eat a healthy low gi diet limit sugar .
    2. Your acne looks quite mild.
    3. Drink licorice tea 3 cups for a short period of time. And lots of water.
    4. Instead of birth controlthere are other herbal supplements usch as milk thistle, red clover, chasteberries also konwo as vitex
    5. Eat fresh food not processed, fried.
    6 For hormmonal acne use either DIM or Vitex or both.
    7  Clean your liver with herbs and spices.
    7a- Drink of tumeric and black pepper . Things to consume - burdock root dandlion root, ginger.
    8. Eat garlic one clove a day then two after a while
    9 Dont stress
    10 Good luck
    Dont worry I have bad/severe  acne face and back and severe kp on arms legs. Also try faith in nature soap
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  4. Threedaysgrace added a post in a topic Where To Start For Acne And Oil Free Diet?   

    Well that great if you dont have cystic acne then you dont have to do the low histamine diet or worry about food allergens.
    Yes it is the caffeine thats bad llike i said i had just a case of mild acne before and have always been under stress however the caffeine just worsened my problems I have a list of problems including severe acne due to the depletion of b vitamins making it impossible to eat histamine rich food and histamine liberators. I drank tea twice a day before but tea is low in caffeine. 100 percent arabica beans dark roast coffee has a really low amount of caffeine so yeah you can also drink decaffeined coffee as well.
    Well anti histamine foods only affects those who are either intolerant to them due to a lack of b6 b12 and b5 vitamins. I had normal acne before but after consuming 2-4 cups of coffee a day my histamine tolerance reduced. A diet rich in refined food that result in fluctuating blood sugars such as white flour, instant oatmeal  also reduce histamine tolerance. I am now intolerant to foods such as citrus which i used to enjoy.
    The biggest vitamin deficency however is b6 - fortified cereals have a good amount such as vitality cereal in asda uk
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  5. Threedaysgrace added a post in a topic Where To Start For Acne And Oil Free Diet?   

     Look into antinflammatory, anti histamine, antioxdant foods
    - garlic- antihistamine- very anti inflammatory start with one clove            berries- acai berry, acerola berry - high in vitamin c
    - chammonile tea anti histamine and reduces stress   Cinnamon - no more than 2g otherwise toxic
    - caretenoids- beta carotene: carrots, sweet potato     
    - Querecitin rich foods- lovage leaves, apples
    - black pepper and tumeric drink- anti inflammatory
    - cumin seeds - a teaspoon
    Anti inflammatory spices and teas
    chamomile tea, nettle tea or ginger tea, and add garlic, thyme, fennel and basil to your recipes.
    consume one teaspoon of each spice a day : Some spices have phytoestrogens so best not to have lots ,half a teaspoon of cayenne cuz it is hot,

    top 15  anti-inflammatory herbs and spices.
    Black Pepper

     Colorful fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and bell peppers are rich in flavanoids, says These flavanoids act like antihistamines and also contain carotenes, which promote anti-inflammatory activity. According to, garlic and onions act in the same way to “retard the inflammatory reactions of allergies.

    Topicals - try licorice extract or chammonile tea

    And look at alternavista pinned thread - about diet and acne on the hollistic forum

    Also for oily skin try spearmint tea, peppermint  or licorice they all reduces testosterone but liquorice more significantly however i wold not directly mess with your hormones until you have done the above - it says on your profile your male SO YOU PROBABLY DONT WANNA DO THE testerone reducing tea part
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  6. Threedaysgrace added a post in a topic Where To Start For Acne And Oil Free Diet?   

    Have a low gi / low gl diet.  Low gl  basically looks at the quantity of food your consuming for example people in asian countries consume white rice (high gi) however do not have acne becuasse they consume it only in small amounts.
    Remove corn products- corn is high gi, there are some fruits such as watermelon and cantoloupe that can break people out becuase they are high gi. 
    Dont go for instant oatmeal look for steel cut oats or traditional irish porridge which will have 100percent wholegrain oats add olive oil sesame seeds pumkin seeds to reduce gi.
    Fat and fibre reduce the gi of foods also make sure your not consuming large quantities of fructose or sucrose.
    You said that you have severe acne as well for cystic acne look into food allergens such as tree nuts,bananas,wheat, shellfish,   gluten, citrus , nightshades, and also do not drink coffee. Oats are contaminated with  gluten so you may want to find some pure oats. 
    Look into histamine intolerance , cystic and nodular acne is food intolerance rated around the jawline or neck it is hormonal.
    Follow a low histamine diet if you have cystic acne even after eliminateing food allergens .  Histamine liberators and high histamine foods should be avoided. Eat fresh food.
    High histamine foods
    Pickled, tinned, canned, preserved foodsCheese: especially matured and hard cheese – the more matured the more histamine Smoked, cured meat, cured ham, salamiMost fish products (all shell fish), especially preserved fish productsBeans and pulses/legumes (especially chickpeas and soy beans, also peanuts))Soy products (soy milk, soy cream, tofu, soy sauce,...)Products from wheatSauerkraut and other picklesReady mealsSome fruit varieties (banana, pears, aubergines, oranges, kiwi, strawberries)  Alcohol, especially wine and beerYeast (better: products produced with yeast)Black and green teaChocolate, cocoa, savoury snacks/biscuits, sweets with preservatives and/or food colourings Wine vinegarNuts, walnuts, cashewprocessed foods Histamine liberators  foods SHOULD BE AVOIDED : left over fish and left over meat , fish such as mackrel, sardines tuna, nut, citrus, banana ,kiwi, pulses legumes, tomatoes , pineapple, papaya, cocoa , strawberrries, aubergine, spinach,  grapes,  mango, red prunes, dried fruit, avocado , mushroom, peas, olives, coffee and black tea.
    Supplement with b vitamins make sure it has no added stuff just vegetable magnesium sterate,  cellulose or gelatin capsule. Fortified cereals and certian supermarket products have added b vitamins
    The dao enzyme is very important for histamine intolerance
    Foods that block the DAO:AlcoholCocoaBlack teaGreen teaMate teaEnergy drinks Foods low in histamineCream cheeseFresh meat (fresh, cooled, frozen)Freshly caught fish and seafoodFresh fruit: melon, blueberry, cranberries (lingonberries), litchi, khaki, rhubarb, cherries red currants, apricot, appleFresh vegetables: lettuce, cabbage, beetroot, pumpkin, onion, radishes, lamb’s lettuce, paprika, carrot, broccoli, potato, cucumber, leek, zucchini (courgettes), sweet corn, asparagus, garlic,Grains, pasta: spelt-, corn-, rice noodles; yeast-free rye bread; corn-, rice crisp bread; rice; rolled/porridge oats, oat flakes; puffed rice crackers; corn-, rice-, millet flower.Substitutes for milk: rice-, oat-, coconut milkAll fruit juices except citrus fruits and/or juices without added tomato, all vegetable juices (except Sauerkraut)Herbal teas (except those mentioned above)Egg yolk  
    Caffeine destroys your skin it depletes your body of its b vitamins leading to histamine intolerance. In the summer I drank 2 cups, somedays i drank 4 cups of coffee combined with the stress of today's society, I got severe acne. The depletion of b vitamins particulaly b6, b5 and b12 means food intolerance occur. I was never intolerant to citrus but now i could die if i eat 3 tangerines which is why you need to avoid caffeine When you have acne you tend to be stressed combined with caffeine, your b vitamin levels will sink further. I also hae livedo reticularis - b12 deficency. Instead of oats you can also try to find yourself some gluten free fortified cereals which have added b vitamins, niacin and folic acid.
    FINALLY- avoid all preservatives and extra hormone dded food look for organic chicken . Avoid products that do not clearly state the ingredients some just simply say flavourings and do not state what these " flavourings" actually are.
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  7. Threedaysgrace added a post in a topic Tried everything for cystic acne - any help?   

    Hiya I am 16 I started getting cystic acne around 8 months ago - cystic acne tends to be due to a food intolerance look into the hypoallergenic food list and then slowly start to introduce new foods every 4 days. I have found that citrus, nightshades, deep fried foods and caffeine were major triggers of my facial and body cystic acne.
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  8. Threedaysgrace added a comment on a blog entry I Hate Oranges   

    Sorry for the typos btw
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  9. Threedaysgrace added a blog entry in Acidity in blood   

    I Hate Oranges
    OK so i started taking vitamin c tablets and i got a cystic pimpe then some sort of rash which look likecystic acne. I did further reearch and it turns out hives are caused by the reease of histamine

    i have a really big cystic pimple and then the hives rash which looks like severe acne.- around 15 lumps

    Citrus release histamine - i only had one orange - there are no other oral allergy signs however like burning lips throat. But I noticed I felt really wheezy - i have asthma- intrestinglycitrus are also one of the common food allergy
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  10. Threedaysgrace added a comment on a blog entry Histamine   

    Sorry I just wanted to say that i'm only going to be back after three months on here because I really need to concentrate on my as level exams. I have done no revison because of constantly worrying abut acne. Anyway I will post any changes in about three months time
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  11. Threedaysgrace added a blog entry in Acidity in blood   

    So I believe the cocoa powder and the 20 grapes are the cause for the itching cysts on my face due to the histamine
    I am cutting out grapes, cherries, berries, avocadoes, tomatoes , spinach, kale for a two months then I am ging to slowly reintroduce them into my diet..

    Today I have new spots but I think that is because of the biscuits. I am so cutting out wheat and gluten from now n

    My face is a mess I dug my nail deep into one of the cysts and now there is a nail ident it looks seriously bad.

    I need help for hyperpigmentation marks as well. I started the apple cider vinegar on a 1: 3 ratio i will boost it up later to a 1: 2. I am going to leave it on the whole day at school tommorrow as well. Then I am going to apply aloe vera straight from the plant. I used the tumeric but my skin is still yellow from it. I applied baking soda after to try and take away the yelllowness but that my skin so much worse prbably because of the alkaline nature of the baking soda

    I have school tommorrow, my skin is just getting worse. I know that tommorrow i will have a deep pustule because my mum decide to mix milk with my oats. I lhad just poured them int a bowl and left them t g upstairs. I ate it but then afterwards she told me that she put the milk it, she thinks its a myth that milk cause acne. So so frustrated I wish my parents would be more understanding. My sister can eat junk crap and processed and still have mild acne. Why does everyone in my famiy have perfect skin apart from me.

    I am going to buy some vitamin c soon
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  12. Threedaysgrace added a blog entry in Acidity in blood   

    Histamine Intolerance And Vitamin B6
    Ok I started a new blog abut histamine intolerance

    All tthe high histamine foods seem to make my acne worse(spinach , kiwi, frozen, citrus). I was also looking at symptoms which I do hae fr example shortness f breath, abdominal pain and food allergies. Also yesterday I decided to have cocoa powder which gave me a realyy bad cystic acne. I was so frustrated I decided to squeeze it nthing came out because it was so deep and now it just looks really horrific. Its in an obvious place right under my eye near my nose

    I just feel so upset but I the journey to clear skin means you keep learning. I am ging t be cutting out all histame high foods that i eat already for three months and slowly introduce

    Cocoa powder
    egg plant

    I am ging to see if i can buy some vitamin c t help with this
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  13. Threedaysgrace added a blog entry in Scar lightenining   

    Wild Tumeric
    There was post on here about tumeric but yu need wild tumeric which will not stain skin. Afterwards wash it off with tamarind. Let the tamarind dry and then wash.
    I used this on a raised keloid scar and it has helped
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  14. Threedaysgrace added a comment on a blog entry Histamine Intolerance And Vitamin B6   

    Mangosteem is really what you need to buy because it is the moste effective. Look for the capsule form on ebay or nutri centre tesco.

    Make sure it does not contain anticaking ingredients like magnesium sterate which is an ingredient in tablets that cause acne.

    I found this site

    I have nt ried this because my parents are not willing t spend money or let me buy stuff. Also I hae no money.

    But i think this is a safer way tc combat and potentially cure acne than mega dosing on b6. It has antixidant and antiinflamatoy anc can help fight against ageing. Also you can drink the juice if you can't fine preservative additive free capsules but its not cheap long term
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  15. Threedaysgrace added a blog entry in Urgent Read. CURE?   

    Histamine Intolerance And Vitamin B6
    I was reading a post n here about people who have used b6 to treat acne. Many have been positive about it however it is taken at a higher than recommended dose for it to be effective.

    Histamine intolerance is when there are high leels of histamine which can cause itchy skin,migranes, acne, scaly patches- psorasisi
    'One nutrient that stands out in the histamine allergy research is vitamin B6. In the cells that line our digestive tract (and elsewhere in our body as well) there are enzymes called diamine oxidases. These enzymes can break down histamine into other substances before it gets absorbed into our bloodstream. They are also enzymes that require vitamin B6 to function. Making sure that you've got optimal B6 intake is one way to help lower the risk of histamine reaction in your body. In my book, you'll find a full profile of vitamin B6 and food that provide it in the greatest quantity.'

    So a safe way to reduce histamine intolerance is by increasing diamine oxidases

    The following foods can increase the diamine oxidase in the body;
    Mangosteem and others. Mangosteem is a superfood ans is the best fr increasing diamine oxidase enxyme levvels.

    1) chamomile,
    2) saffron,
    3) anise,
    4) fennel,
    5) caraway,
    6) licorice,
    7) cardamom and
    8) black seed.

    Increasing diamine xidase enzyme leels allows you to eat food reduces symptoms of food intolerance such as acne.

    Please read:

    You can research foods high in histamine

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