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  1. I've been meaning to create a post like this for awhile.  As someone who has suffered from stubborn cysts and blind pimples for years, I've managed to research and discover many remedies to these annoying and painful problems.  I know first hand how awful it is to get this type of acne, so I hope someone can find use out of some of these suggestions.  Everyone's skin is different so good luck finding what works for your skin.  Below are several methods I have personally used or have read about.  I'd look further into these methods before using.  Some work for me, some don't.     1. Warm water compress - by far the best at home treatment for developing cysts and blind pimples.  My derm told me to do this years ago and I brushed it aside thinking "what could water do?" the best for me.  What I do is heat up water in a mug in the microwave, as hot as I can stand without hurting my skin.  Then I dip a clean washcloth into the water and hold on to the spot until it cools, re-dipping into the hot water.  Do this for as long as you can, several times a day and you'll be surprised how much it helps.  What it does is help draw the infection to the surface, bringing the cysts or pimple to a head, allowing it to heal much faster.  But you have to be consistent about it and do is as much as possible.     2. Black drawing salve - google it for brands.  PRIDS is a brand you can get at walmart.  Or anything that says itchthammol ointment is a black drawing salve.  Another product I swear by.  Smells gross but works well.  Black salve draws infection to the surface, much like the warm water.  Use this at night and cover.  Really helps me.   3. Ice - for obvious reasons of bringing the swelling down.  Some people say icing a pimple or cyst and the first sign can stop it in its tracks.  I've recently tried this, but have a large blind pimple on my chin right now....can't say I had any luck.     4. Tea Tree Oil - can be irritating to the skin and should technically be diluted before applying.  Its a natural product but you still have to be careful applying to the skin.  Again, some people love this product.  I've used it and its ehh for me.     5. Aloe gel - from the plant or a 100% gel store brand.  This is something that does work for me.  If I apply to cysts it does make them go down.  Works for any time of acne really.     6. Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion - not a lotion, its a liquid that is mostly alcohol but it does work on this type acne.  Doesn't make mine disappear, but does shrink them.     7. Renee Rouleau Anti Cyst Treatment - this is rather pricey but I do like it.  You have to use it at the FIRST sign though for it to work.  It is a small bottle, gel like substance.     8. Honey - make sure it is raw honey.  I used as a mask before other treatments.  Not really sure if it does anything or not, but its an old remedy for killing germs and can be used on open wounds.     9. Cortisone shot - the final solution....problem being you have to go to the derm.  Hurts like a bitch, but cysts will be gone within a day or so.     10. OTHER WORDS OF ADVICE - it is very important that you DO NOT pick, squeeze, or try to pop these pimples!  You will only push the infection deeper in.  Wait until there is a head and then use the warm compress.   Also, try to cut out sugar.  I truly believe eating lots of sugar causes my skin to go crazy.  I've read that sugar messes with your balance of hormones, and I think I agree.  I have also read about how vitamin b6 is supposed to help, as birth control causes your body to run low on this (anyone know if this is true?).   Hope this helps.  I didn't get into much detail on why these certain products work, so if you're interested be sure to research for yourself.  Just wanted to create a list as a starting point.     Also, if anyone has any other tips and tricks please let me know!!