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  1. November 2016 Update

    My skin is looking pretty clear! I've been using Tretinoin for 7 weeks and on Doryx for 9. I had a derm visit last Thursday and she agreed that my skin is looking much better than before, but did note the cysts and acne scars around my cheeks and neck. About 2 weeks ago I started breaking out pretty bad, but I blame it on being super stressed with school and work, being on my period, and not being consistent with Doryx (I'm supposed to take it every night, but sometimes I get home so tired and just fall asleep). She prescribed me a new topical, Onexton, and said to use that as a spot treatment. It came in the mail today and I just applied some about 15 minutes ago. My skin has been dry/peeling lately so hopefully it doesn't make it too much worse. The best thing though is that my self-confidence really is coming back And just a bonus: my foundation is applying so much better On a relatively similar note, a few weeks ago I began looking into the oil cleansing method. I read so many good reviews on it so I'm considering giving it a go when I'm done with these medications; I mean, I don't plan on using them forever! If the OCM really does keep my skin clear, that's much better for my bank account.
  2. Derm Appt. 09/07/16

    For the past two weeks I've actually felt my skin doing a lot better. At the moment I have NO cysts - it's a miracle! A few bumps on my neck, but they're healing. A few pimples here and there, but overall my skin is doing MUCH better than it was doing three weeks ago. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with how I started drinking almond milk and avoiding dairy again. What's funny about this all is that I had my derm appointment today, and one of the first comments she made was "Oh no! Your skin got so bad!" I was kind of taken aback but I'm sure it's only because in comparison to the last time she saw me, my skin is pretty bad. She said it herself "It's not AWFUL... but we definitely need to do something". She had a whole plan set up for me that involved taking one antibiotic for at least 2 months to get my acne cleared up, and then using a Retin-A topical. She said she wants to get rid of the acne ASAP to stop my hyperpigmentation from worsening. She also mentioned she wanted to put me back on Tazorac eventually, despite me having mentioned that I didn't feel like it had been doing much for me the last few months I'd used it. I'm supposed to be going in again in 2 months; if my skin is doing a lot better I'll see what my other options are.