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  1. Decided to hop back on this website and give a little update. While no one else may be reading these, I find them really helpful for myself in getting a good idea of how my acne has progressed. So, how my skin is today - Incredibly dry ALL over my mouth, most likely as a result of Tazorac (10% gel), two pimples on my forehead, a few pimples and cysts on my neck, and quite a bit of spots on my jawline, but most of them seem to be healing (thank GOD). After Paula's Choice didn't work out so well, I decided to get back on Tazorac. I guess it's been about two months maybe? Since this would be my 2nd (or 3rd.. I can't remember) time using this topical, I made the mistake of starting off strong, applying every night, making me skin pretty awful for a while. Started over and slowly built up to applying every night. During this time my skin has been INCREDIBLY SENSITIVE, even worse then the other times I was using this topical. It was at the start of May that I started noticing my acne coming back with a real vengeance. It seemed to be a rollercoaster, where my skin was looking good for a week, and then the next week it was trash. Two weeks ago my skin was looking pretty good, save for a lot of hyperpigmentation, but unfortunately this week it's been more on the "trash" side. I suspect the various moisturizers I've tried using. I'd been using the CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion for forever and wanted something new and moisturizing to help with how dry my skin was. Unfortunately my skin is still incredibly oily, just dry on certain areas, so I didn't know how I could possibly combat those both. Went to Sephora and bought two moisturizers. For the daytime I got the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel+. I like it as it feels refreshing, but again, it doesn't do anything for my dry areas. Also, lately I've found it burning my skin a little. Not returning just yet... For the nighttime I used the Boscia Oil-Free Nightly Hydration gel - didn't like it. I thought it might be great if I had JUST oily skin, but it did nothing for my dry areas, and even made my eyes and skin burn. Returned. Then purchased the Derma E Hydrating Night Creme. Did it moisturize well? Yes! Did it burn my skin? HECK YES. Returned after realizing it was also a bit too thick and clogging my pores. After expressing my disappointment with moisturizers online, a friend of mine recommended baby lotion, as she'd had severe acne and said when her medication made her skin dry she loved baby lotion to combat dryness without leaving a greasy feeling. I used it for about two weeks until I started noticing not just that my skin was breaking out more than usual, but also my skin would burn upon application. Not returned, but passed on to mom. So I finally decided to go back and purchase the CeraVe moisturizer I used to use and love. I used it during the daytime and my skin felt great! But I used it again before bed and it stung! I was so disappointed and basically have concluded that my skin is just too sensitive and every moisturizer will probably burn me. If anyone has suggestions on moisturizers to use while on Tazorac please let me know!