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  1. Prince Gorgeousman added a post in a topic Mandelic acid is amazing against blackheads and acne ...   

    This stuff is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! Already 2 days into using it, my red marks and hyperpigmentation have improved atleast 20%.. my Mom even complimented on how everything is finally fading and my skin looks like a "human being's" instead of a dinosaur.. hahaha. (all in good fun, of course)

    I use MaMa Lotion.. good stuff, I will purchase this stuff for the rest of my life. That & Green Cream = Eternal Youth.
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  2. Prince Gorgeousman added a topic in Prescription acne medications   

    I want to use Yasmin or Diane, darnit!!
    Is it possible it'd have any effects whatsoever?

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  3. Prince Gorgeousman added a topic in General acne discussion   

    Shaving Causing Acne = HELP!
    I don't know what to do.. as of late, I've paid attention to my friends and the way they shave, and they all shave so differently than I do. I never had a Dad to teach me how to shave, so I basically just started off shaving where there was hair. Unfortunately, because the area that I shave is very sensitive skin, I always get acne..

    this is all the area I shave:

    this is all the area that normal people shave:

    And everywhere that is shown shaven in my picture and not on the 2nd picture is the area that I get acne in!! I wish I could do something about it.. like not shave in the area, but its too late.. the hair will grow so long and it will look hideous if I don't shave it.

    But on the positive side, maybe somebody here will tell me that some people do shave like this and it isn't that uncommon? Because right now I feel like I am the only male in the entire planet that shaves this much of his face.

    And even if I am, what can I do to stop it?
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  4. Prince Gorgeousman added a post in a topic Candida = Acne   

    Take Milk Thistle/SAM-e while you're on the Candida Diet.. ALL of my forehead acne is gone and my face is 75% less oily. I also took a 3-day break from antifungals, so maybe that helped too.
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  5. Prince Gorgeousman added a post in a topic Candida = Acne   

    ^^^^ How are you progressing with your "method"?
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  6. Prince Gorgeousman added a post in a topic Candida = Acne   

    Then it shouldn't be that long.. if you stick to the diet and treat Candida correctly, it should be around 3-4 months until you can slowly begin adding sugar back to your diet. Let's just say that all the teenagers who have found out they are infected are very fortunate as people have had Candida for 10+ years and there is hardly anything they can do because they are so impaired already. I know I'm greatful.
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  7. Prince Gorgeousman added a post in a topic Candida = Acne   

    How old are you?
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  8. Prince Gorgeousman added a post in a topic Candida = Acne   

    I'm just relaying what I've studied.
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  9. Prince Gorgeousman added a post in a topic Candida = Acne   

    Here is a great link with information on Shark Liver Oil. I just got mine today! Weeee!
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  10. Prince Gorgeousman added a post in a topic Candida = Acne   

    I am currently consuming a tablespoon of Bentonite Clay 3 times a day with two tablespoons of psyllium fiber with a glass of water infused with stabilized oxygen molecules.

    Bentonite Clay is the only supplement known to actually GRAB infection/heavy metals/disease and flush it out of the system. It's basically a magnet for toxic chemicals in your body. After a week, people have been known to begin pooping out mucoid plaque, worms, and even foreign objects that were swallowed as an infant!

    Psyllium Fiber cleans the colon, and expands in the intestines to basically clean the walls out. This, along with Bentonite Clay, makes for a wonderful cleanse.

    The stabilized oxygen molecules (also sold as Vitamin O) provides oxygen to every part of your body. Candida infection cannot live in the presence of oxygen, killing it on contact. And for those who have brain fog, fatigue, depression.. it cleans the blood as well, resulting in faster thinking and mood uplift. (I was hyper as hell on Friday, I was the class clown again!! haha, it felt great.)

    For those who suspect Leaky Gut Syndrome, I would recommend taking Grapefruit Seed Extract as it heals the punctured lining of the stomach.

    I also take ParaGONE, Colloidal Silver, Noni Juice, Coconut Oil, Chlorella (it's similiar to Bentonite Clay, as it rids the body of disease) & other antifungals on rotation....

    (Note: take only 2 or less antifungals at a time, rotating them after a week. Candida yeast can transform and become immune to the antifungals you are taking.)

    You will of course experience die-off, but this is good news. It may seem like you still feel the same as you did before you started treating yourself, but that is just the way it works. If you can't handle the die-off, take a 2-3 day break.. and experience that great feeling of no pain or sadness, but be sure to keep taking your probiotics! Also during this time, you should give your liver some much needed attention as taking all those antifungals can be incredibly harsh on your liver. Take some SAM-e (also good for mood uplift) and Milk Thistle to nourish your liver. You can also go on a 2-day lemon-water fast which is incredibly beneficial to your liver.)

    It's a hard battle to fight, but considering that most of us are still in our teens/early 20s.. we have a much better chance of living a non-candida lifestyle than those who are up in age.

    Thank you for creating this thread. I never would have known what it was without you. You saved my life!

    And for those who are interested in probiotics, Kombucha Tea is a very, very potent probiotic tea that I am very interested in getting my hands on. It is a mushroom, yes.. but it is a harmless yeast, and fights against the bad yeast in our system. Take a look.

    Good luck to everyone, and remember... always look forward!

    And for the newcomers, here is a list of other beneficial supplements you could look into.

    - Clarkia Extract (you will experience major die-off with this, it is very potent.)
    - Astragalus
    - Colostrum
    - Olive Leaf
    - Shark Liver Oil
    - Chlorella
    - Echinacea
    - Golden Seal
    - MSM
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  11. Prince Gorgeousman added a post in a topic Candida = Acne   

    I am seriously tempted to go to a lawyer about this... the same thing happened to me. I was given no warning of the dangers of antibiotics, or any advice whatsoever.

    This is just so stressful.. not being able to eat 9/10 of the food out there. It is killing me, but atleast I feel better. But still.. I wonder if there is any way I could take this to court.

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  12. Prince Gorgeousman added a post in a topic Candida = Acne   

    I have been feeling better than I have in literally years from having a no-yeast diet and taking probiotics.

    I actually feel alive & funny again, well except today... last night I ate a few potatoes, a yogurt with sugar, and an apple all at one time, so I felt it a bit this morning.. but not that bad. I am just glad to know what it was that was causing that shit feeling!

    I'm just bummed that well, I can only eat fish, chicken, vegetables, and nuts.
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