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  1. I just got my order but i could not find expiry date on 16 OZ bottle of Cleanser ? Can anyone tell me their expiry limit Also same of Jajoba oil. You reply will be appreciated.
  2. Products I am also using

    Please be careful. I have used this and it burnt my skin. This is hard for skin. Hydrate your skin more. Just giving you advice from my experience. take care.
  3. Hello Friends,I am one of those people who takes lot of stress. Stress can be due to anything:1) Personal life issues2) Professional issuesLet me tell you What i am. I am normal person but acne made me hide myself from whole community. I was so horrified that i do not used to go out for weeks fearing how people will react people seeing me I did not saw mirror for 1 year+. My face always used to be down and i used to cap to hide anything i can.My family supported me a lot and prompted me to go out..I was skeptical about going to School or Colleges as this is place where i fear being commented about my acne.I was not able to focus. I was not able to study. My family took me to psychiatrist. He did nothing but to relax me by just sleeping, sleeping and sleeping..Those were anti depressants medicine. My academic had took a beating as i was hardly doing my part of work. Even for this i came to know website myhomeworkhelp.com which helps in academic help. I just wanted someone to guide me through as I am not good in studies.I tried to take help from them. Not only they helped me in my academics, they have education counsellor who helped me immensely. That counselling assured that my academics are in good hands and i can just focus on myself. They infused confidence in me.I am sure all of those who had severe acne can understand this..I am posting 1 photo which will make you realize what i am talking about.Sometimes i felt why me ? Sometimes i felt this is not life but prison but I want to help people around me who asked me to wait and cherish lifeMain thing during acne breakout is that you do not take stress. Its easy said then done but that website did took my academic burden and give my mind whole lot of peaceThis photo is 50 times better ...as compared to what my situation was..you can imagine..I will keep you updated. If you want to ask anything, feel freePS: Just do not take stress...
  4. 6 Months post-op

    You are very brave first of all. Congratulations ..Some of pics hardly describe pain you went through I also have scars. Can you let me know which surgery this is ? Again salute to your efforts..
  5. Expiry of 16 oz bottle

    Thank you so much for replying. This information is very helpful.
  6. Expiry of 16 oz bottle

    Hello Everyone, Happy New Year 2017 to all of you. I just ordered 16 oz bottle of Cleaner, Moisturizer , BP and AHA+ I am from India so i ordered in Bulk because it saves shipment Can you please let me know how can i find expiry date on 16 oz bottle of above mentioned products. I used to use only these products but my insanity leads me to Clinique. They did not asked me anything. It was my decision. When i was using acne.org products ,i did not had single breakout. Believe me i have spent over $ 3000 on clinique expensive products over 1 year or so and i have small break outs coming. I thought they are expensive and will benefit me more. but after trying everything I have come back on acne.org products and i blindly trust them. Main thing for oily skin people is not to experiment. If something suits you, stick to it forever rather than stupidly doing what i did. What is general expiry range of these products ? I have not received my order yet so any help from someone will be useful. Happy Gr8 Skin to all of you.