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  1. I've been googling everywhere and everyone seems to say that there is no cure for keloid cause they always grow back, there can only be treatments. I've had my keloids injected 5 times within a year, and they always grow back and sometimes even spread/get redder I have them on my jawlines. I am so depressed about this.. Can anyone offer any insight?
  2. I've had these scars since 2012. Well it all started with one, and I think that's because the lady who did facials on my face messed up. I got 2-3 more after I got on accutane and my derm injected the cysts along my jawline. It became red and flattened only for a few weeks, then they came back In total I've done 5 injections within a year. They never go away. Right now I think they got a bit bigger. They're itchy and can sometimes be painful The worst is, it's disgusting to look at and it just kills my confidence :/ Can anyone help me? Injections don't work permanently.. maybe i should do it every single month til it disappears? But then what can I do with the redness?!
  3. Some other members have also suggested silicone sheets. I will def look into it. Interesting how I've never heard of it until now though. Let me know how it works for you. I will try them too