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  1. elmechanico added a post in a topic Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)   

    Quick update: Been using Iodine, biotin, cysteine, calcium, magnesium, zinc and multivitamin(with a lot of B-vitamins) for a couple of weeks now. My hair quality is definitely better. More shine, softer and just like it was before B5. I buzzed my head twice in the last 4 months and I think it really helped my scalp issues. My scalp was finally able to breathe. I only used shampoo sparingly and lathered my head in aloe vera and different oils. I'd recommend that to a lot of the guys here.

    Anyway, it looks like I might be seeing beginning stages of regrowth on my temples. Can't say for certain yet. I will continue with the supps. Also have some colostrum coming in.

    Other stuff I've been doing:
    -scalp massage every day with one of those prick-ly scalp massage thingies(you know the kind, the one that feels amazing when somebody uses it on you)
    -brush hair every day
    -use oils to nourish hair and aloe vera gel to calm the scalp and increase cell turnover at a molecular level. Also fights off inflammation.
    -dermaroll once a week
    -ACV rinse on scalp and drinking ACV every 2nd day
    -no alcohol, caffeine, weed etc. basically no bad influences on health. No fast food. Minimal dairy(only in my protein shakes)
    -more veggies and fruit in diet

    I'm cautiously optimistic at the moment. Also have some colostrum and collagen coming in, curious to see how I fare on those.

    Edit: Forgot to mention, shedding is down a lot too. Scalp problems are completely gone. I know that I posted here on Saturday as well but since then my hair has been better every day. 

    What's really important too is adequate sleep and not stressing about the hair. I use deep breathing, stretching, yoga and exercising to take my mind of things. When I buzzed my hair I was the happiest I had been in months. People said it suits me too. It's really refreshing to not have to worry about your hair. 
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