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  1. 5th week on accutane ended! I don't see any changes, I'm still having new pimples right now and I still have red marks. I'm not experiencing any eccessive dryness on my face and on my lips, I would say it's completly under control. My hair is still a little bit oily. Next week I will see my dermatologist.. hope everything will be fine! These are some pictures of how my skin looks today, after 5 weeks on accutane (40 mg\day). Compared to the other pictures (which you can see in my last entries) , no great changes happened.  
  2. First month on accutane ended!

    So, after 30 days on accutane my first month has gone! What to say about it? I still don't know where I am going. You know, there are some days you feel good, you see the situation on that face that's not too bad, and there are days where your skin is a shame! In this week I got a lot of new pimples , principally little ones that don't last for a long time, but I got 2-3 pimples that are still there after 1 week. I still don't understand why in some days my face is red in general and why in other days it's quite normal. This is driving me crazy! My face is dry , especially the zone around my mouth where I need to apply the moisturizer like 4\5 times a day, while on the other parts of the skin I can apply it only twice. My lips are dry too. My hair instead is quite "normal" I would say. My main problem is still RED MARKS. I completely hate them and I'm afraid they will never fade! I'm also using , as my dermatologist prescrived, a gel with clyndamicin and tretinoin in order to delete the red marks. Who knows? Will I ever heal? I don't know. Hope accutane will help me! You can see my last blog entry to see some pics, generally the situation is still the same. See you soon!  
  3. 3 weeks on accutane + Pictures

    Hi there! The third week on accutane has ended! Situation is generally under control. My lips are dry (not extremely) while I would say my hair is somewhat mild-oily . My skin is dry of course, but with a moisturizer in the nights and in the days I'm not experiencing any kind of problem. New pimples are breaking out here and there , but not aggressively and as the usual.  I have no more general redness, however, my red marks are still red a lot, and I'm really scared about them!! For the moment to me, it's like I'm not taking any medication, is it positive? My doctor said that my dosage (40 mg\day ) is the lowest for my weight (70 kgs) and that I will take accutane for a longer time (6\7 months in total). I was expecting a terrible initial breakout which I had in reality in the end of the first week, even if it was not too bad. Have I to expect a stronger breakout?
  4. 2 weeks on accutane+ Pictures

    Second week on accutane has gone. (for the first 10 days I started with 20 mg\day and by day 11 I started with the 40 mg\day's dosage). I think I am experiencing an initial breakout .. in fact I got 5 new pimples (expecially on my left side, that was the better one once) and my red marks became redder. However, day by day it seems getting better because the redness is SLOWLY going away, I didn't get new pimples but the old ones are still inflamed.  I also think that this redness is caused also by the tretinoin and the clindamycin gel I'm using in the nights. My lips started to be dry and I need a lipstick at least 4\5 times a day. My face is a little dry but with a moisturizer in the mornings and in the nights I don't have any problems. My hair is somewhat still oily\normal. I'm not experiencing any other side effects right now, I don't see improvements yet (I know it's soon) , and my left side worsened a little bit. Pictures show the situation right now, after 2 weeks of treatment. You can follow my progress on this blog, see you soon!
  5. First Week on Accutane

    First week on accutane has gone!! I remember you my regimen: FIRST 10 DAYS : accutane 20 mg (1 pill\day) , moisturizer and a gel with clindamycin and tretinoin (in the nights) THE NEXT DAYS : accutane 40 mg (2 pills of 20 mg\day) + the same creams. To be honest, in the first 5 days it was like I was taking no medications. By day 6, however, I started noticing an overall dryness on my face, especially on the nose and in its sides. In fact, I'm starting to peel off in this area. I can also see a general redness of the face. I think I'm starting to break out a little bit , indeed I got 3 new pimples (however, it's not a new thing for me, you know). My lips are still fine and my hair is still oily as always. I don't have any other side effects for the moment. By the pictures it's not possible to see any differences between the "before accutane" and now.. so for this week I'm not posting any photos. See you soon!!  
  6. Starting Accutane

    After 3 years fighting against acne (you can see my acne story in my blog) , I finally decided to get into accutane (isotretinoin). I saw my dermatologist and after we checked-up that my blood test was ok, she prescrived me accutane. My weight is about 75 kg. My regimen will be, by tomorrow: Accutane 20 mg ONCE A DAY , for the first 10 days Accutane 20 mg TWICE A DAY (40 mg\ day) for the next months. She also gave me a moistruizer in the morning , a cleanser to wash my face twice a day and , in the nights, a gel with clindamycin and tretinoin + a zinc oxyde pasta , in order to make my red marks fade. As you can see, This is my skin BEFORE USING ACCUTANE.