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  1. White Pus Zits Around Mouth And Chin! - Help! Help!

    What is your diet like? I read your first post and you said you have fruits every morning which is why youre getting these pustules. I used to have something similar, in fact I still do but it's gone down to 5 or 6 small ones a day or even clear skin. I removed all forms of sugar so no ketchup, honey, even no natural forms of sugar because its all sugar. GET RID OF SUGAR COMPLETELY. Also no dairy, so no cheese, yogurt, butter or whatever. Avoid these two. Hopefully you'll see a difference in 2 weeks. Stay away from sugar, have rice and proteins for lunch and dinner. Change your breakfast to whole wheat bread with some margarine maybe. Even if the diet seems extreme to you, try it out for 2 weeks and if it makes a difference, you'll know diet is affecting your acne. I'm sure it'll clear up soon though. Keep me posted. Also, I wash my face with plain head and shoulders every morning while taking a shower. Antibiotics will clear you up completely but they cause many many food tolerance issues as they destroy your gut completely. Trust me on this one, every time i have taken antibiotics, your body gets resistant to it and the acne comes back in full force and destroys your gut and good bacteria causing leaky gut syndrome and hence a whole bunch of food intoleraces which cause all these pustules. Remove sugar and dairy completely. I'm sure you'll see a big difference. If you can, then write down your diet in detail here and i can tell you what might be causing your issue

    Tbh, going on those antibiotics was not a good idea. It probably messed up your gut flora quite a bit and created a bunch of food intolerance issues. This has happened to me as well. I first used antibiotics for 2 years and then quit and broke out pretty bad. I eliminatef ALL forms of sugar including fruits, ketchup and whatever as well as every single source of dairy and white bread. This cleared me up and then i slowly started introducing sugar back into my system. Took me months before I could eat sugar and experience a minimal breakout. However, I was pretty much 98% clear for the next 2 years. I recently had to take antibiotics again for a stomach infection for a week and that cleared my face up for 2 months. However, I had a really bad breakout again and have been struggling to fix my gut issues once again. It really takes a lot of time, effort and patience to rebuild your gut once again but youll get there if youre determined. This time around i have been reluctant on letting go of sugar (1tsp everyday with tea) but i think ill finally give in and stop having it because my breakouts still persist and i need to give my gut more time to heal before introducing sugar back in. same goes for dairy. hope this helps
  3. How long did it take your acne to clear up after eliminating dairy?Did you see results right away? Or were you still breaking out for a couple of weeks before things calmed down?