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  1. White Pus Zits Around Mouth And Chin! - Help! Help!

    What is your diet like? I read your first post and you said you have fruits every morning which is why youre getting these pustules. I used to have something similar, in fact I still do but it's gone down to 5 or 6 small ones a day or even clear skin. I removed all forms of sugar so no ketchup, honey, even no natural forms of sugar because its all sugar. GET RID OF SUGAR COMPLETELY. Also no dairy, so no cheese, yogurt, butter or whatever. Avoid these two. Hopefully you'll see a difference in 2 weeks. Stay away from sugar, have rice and proteins for lunch and dinner. Change your breakfast to whole wheat bread with some margarine maybe. Even if the diet seems extreme to you, try it out for 2 weeks and if it makes a difference, you'll know diet is affecting your acne. I'm sure it'll clear up soon though. Keep me posted. Also, I wash my face with plain head and shoulders every morning while taking a shower. Antibiotics will clear you up completely but they cause many many food tolerance issues as they destroy your gut completely. Trust me on this one, every time i have taken antibiotics, your body gets resistant to it and the acne comes back in full force and destroys your gut and good bacteria causing leaky gut syndrome and hence a whole bunch of food intoleraces which cause all these pustules. Remove sugar and dairy completely. I'm sure you'll see a big difference. If you can, then write down your diet in detail here and i can tell you what might be causing your issue

    Tbh, going on those antibiotics was not a good idea. It probably messed up your gut flora quite a bit and created a bunch of food intolerance issues. This has happened to me as well. I first used antibiotics for 2 years and then quit and broke out pretty bad. I eliminatef ALL forms of sugar including fruits, ketchup and whatever as well as every single source of dairy and white bread. This cleared me up and then i slowly started introducing sugar back into my system. Took me months before I could eat sugar and experience a minimal breakout. However, I was pretty much 98% clear for the next 2 years. I recently had to take antibiotics again for a stomach infection for a week and that cleared my face up for 2 months. However, I had a really bad breakout again and have been struggling to fix my gut issues once again. It really takes a lot of time, effort and patience to rebuild your gut once again but youll get there if youre determined. This time around i have been reluctant on letting go of sugar (1tsp everyday with tea) but i think ill finally give in and stop having it because my breakouts still persist and i need to give my gut more time to heal before introducing sugar back in. same goes for dairy. hope this helps
  3. How long did it take your acne to clear up after eliminating dairy?Did you see results right away? Or were you still breaking out for a couple of weeks before things calmed down?
  4. Glad to see you're active here again. Last time we were in touch back in 2014, I was suffering from acne. I managed to clear up for 2 years and stopped visiting this website. However, due to some recent events, it all came back.

    Here is my post -

    Would you mind going over it? I dunno, you seem to have a lot of experience, maybe you'd be able to guide me in the right direction?

    Thanks a lot :)

  5. Just an update. It's been 2 months since I got my post antibiotic breakout. It was really bad for the first 3 weeks and then things finally calmed down. Since then, I've had more breakouts around my mouth and chin but not as bad. There are days when I'm clear and other days when I have no control of my acne regardless of what I eat and break out all over my chin and mouth area. There are days when its bad, moderate and some days are good. My only regret is that I can no longer control my acne to be 100% clear like how I was able to for the past 2 years. I was at a stage where I knew what food breaks me out, could plan out my weekends, eat smartly and even the acne I'd get after eating unhealthy food would go away in 2 days. This was all after I had stopped taking minocycline in July 2014 and rebuilt my gut health just by giving my body time to heal and slowly introducing small amounts of sugar. RIght after I took anbx for H pylori for a week this May, I think I destroyed my gut flora and now I'm back to square one. All my hard work over the past 2 years is gone. Maybe I should stop consuming sugar all over again. My only source of sugar these days is tea anyways. Back when I let my gut heal itself in 2014, I was only getting sugar from tea but would have it every other day and within 2 months increased it to daily consumption and slowly started adding snacks (croissant/bagel) in another month or so. By January this year, I could easily eat chocolates and barely break out. All of this happened over a period of two years. I'm not sure how to go about healing my gut now. People offer different suggestions such as "try L glutamine" or "eat lots of bone broth/probiotics". I am scared of trying new things because I don't want to make my acne worse because I work now. It is kinda bad already. I eat yogurt daily these days. I have been thinking about taking two weeks off and eating all probiotics/bone broth/manuka honey and whatever to maybe boost my gut healing speed. Tbh, I don't even know if it will go back to being how it was the last time. Anyone who has gone through something similar or has any valuable advice, feel free to reply to this post.
  6. Hibiscus tea helps clear skin?

    Now that it is starting to get colder, have you tried experimenting if you get blackheads with and without hisbiscus tea? It could be that the weather itself triggers the blackheads to show up. In my case, I have noticed that green mint tea tends to calm down and soothe my acne and I get a lot less breakouts if I drink it after having a sugary snack. I think the mint is responsible for this because when I'd have normal green tea it wouldn't really have a huge impact.
  7. What can i even eat anymore!!? Please read :(

    I feel like I've become a victim to this orthorexia thing as well. Ever since I got on here and read about the acne food connection, I started experimenting. Eliminating food definitely did help my acne 2 years ago to the point i was 95% clear. I was also slowly able to introduce moderate amounts of sugar into my diet very slowly (took me months) and it wouldnt affect me that much. However, the antibiotics I took few months ago changed everything and now my face breaks out regardless of what I eat. I know removing white rice and wheat and butter will help me stay clear but I'm not going down that path again. I'm not eliminating any more food that I already have and I'm just slowly starting to accept that I'll have good and bad days with acne but i won't let it completely control my diet. It still controls my diet to a great extent anyways but I dont want to go back to how I was 3 years ago where I had eliminated almost everything including all spices and was eating bland food. The antibiotics caused damaged to my gut but ill have to give my body a few months to heal itself. Hopefully, someday, my acne will go back to being how it was between 2014 to may this year. There are days where I'm still terrified of eating fruits. I miss eating fruits, I haven't had oranges in 3 years. Or mangoes. My mum would tell me I have a disorder but before I came across this post I'd tell myself she knows nothing about acne. Maybe she doesnt, but at least she is right when she says I have a disorder. Its just a battle in my head, every now and then. there are days I am scared of eating stuff I think Im not supposed to eat and there are days when I feel more confident and have a few pieces of chocolate. Anyways, food definitely affects my acne, i just need to learn to not let it control my life.
  8. how did these meetings go?