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  1. QualityAssurance added a post in a topic A Simple fast FREE regime!!   

    Id just like to add ive used this regimen for 4-5 days in the sink once or twice per day depending on time and my face has never looked better.. ive gotten no new zits aside from one minor cyst which dissapeared within 2 days and my face feels softer and looks more even toned.

    I had/have mild acne with red marks/blackheads and a reoccuring rash on my right cheek. so far so good. ive been using warm water not to hot also
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  2. QualityAssurance added a post in a topic orange juice   

    enlighten us with your internet PH.D
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  3. QualityAssurance added a post in a topic Piccys   

    Ive been here a year and never commented on anyone pictures, but your gorgeous! that is all
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  4. QualityAssurance added a post in a topic orange juice   

    First off where did you determine its 4 oranges? thats not a flame its a serious question. and secondly just because you haven't eaten 4 oranges before doesn't mean its bad for you.. your not proving anything by saying that.
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  5. QualityAssurance added a post in a topic Diet is not the answer   

    I was almost acne free for months and I was just commenting on how good my skin looked.. then I ate pizza two days straight (it was free) and I broke out horribily. I'll draw my own conclusions. and I havent read anyone responses..
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  6. QualityAssurance added a post in a topic Itchy Skin   

    hey ive noticed this to... but its only started recently. When I eat something with lots of sugar in it one side of my face gets fairly itchy and red
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  7. QualityAssurance added a post in a topic MSM USERS   

    Has it made anyone grow unwanted hair? like bushy eyebrows and hairy chests? Im blessed with very little body hair and id like to keep it that way
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  8. QualityAssurance added a topic in General acne discussion   

    Horray my facial rashes have returned
    I used an exfoliating cream which ive friggen used before and i wake up and have 4 huge itchy pink patches on my face.. i didnt scrub hard and the rest of my face looks BETTER for using it.. but for some reason some parts of my face flared up.. I just started a new job and its my birthday in 2 days and im having a huge bbq, i really hate my life. this bullshat will never end

    btw im putting hydrocortizone on it and taking ibuprofin.. hydro either works like a miracle or not at all
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  9. QualityAssurance added a post in a topic Weird "Acne"   

    I have some 2% for rashes I got and yes it cleared them up almost instantly.. these things are different. My face looks pretty good today *knock on wood*.. maybe im purging b/c im taking the probiotics and exercising hard
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  10. QualityAssurance added a post in a topic Weird "Acne"   

    Honestly 90% of the time all I do is wash my face with water once a day.. sometimes I spot treat with tea tree oil and I always moisturize.. I dont see how I could irritate anything. I think the worst part is just my uneven skin tone.. If i could turn off the redness my skin would be almost flawless
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  11. QualityAssurance added a topic in General acne discussion   

    Weird "Acne"
    Its almost like im getting the red marks and skipping the acne.. I get these spots that never fully develop into zits.. they are red/pinkish and sorta just hang around and SLOWLY disapear but almost never come to a whitehead or red inflamed zit.. I have pretty much 0 zits right now but a lot of redish/pinks areas and very slight bumps. Im not sure how to combat this im using tea tree oil and some benzaclin on the areas that arent very sensitive.. lots of water and the right supplements etc,. i almost feel like going on antibiotics to get my face under control
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  12. QualityAssurance added a post in a topic Weight gaining/lifting supplements?   

    When I was working out I was 98% clear.. I stopped and lost a good 30 pounds which is a lot on my 5'5 frame and started getting acne, now im back to the gym taking Creatine Ethyl Ester, Protein, Flax Lignans and various other supps.. already gained 3 pounds in the last week. If anything these supplements have a positive effect on my skin.

    Btw I don't really feel the Creatine but CEE is relatively new and doesnt work for everyone
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  13. QualityAssurance added a post in a topic Probiotic Pills   

    Err sorry just double checked, its 10 billion per cap.. 80/10/10 of 3 different strains. There was one there that had like 50 billion but was like $3-4 per serving
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  14. QualityAssurance added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    Probiotic Pills
    The pills im taking have 50 billion per cap and I try and take 2-3 a day, is taking them will meals ok? do I need to take more? I just started I dont really feel any different.. Just really really tired but that could be because im working out super hard recently. Im also taking Pau D'arco, Vit C, Zinc, Omega3 and Protein/Flax after working out
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  15. QualityAssurance added a post in a topic tea tree, jojoba, and emu oil   

    ive only used tea tree oil and I will say that once I put it on a forming zit ive never seen it get larger and they heal very quickly, also the 100% doesnt irritate me.
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