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    Septum Piercing On Roaccutane?
    I know this question has been asked thousands of times before and the answer is usually, "wait until 6 months after you've finished your course to get a piercing due to slow healing and risk of scarring". A lot of people claim that while on Accutane, even the smallest scratch will take days to even begin to heal.
    I can definitely say that I have had NO problems with healing whatsoever. I've been on Accutane for almost a year and am taking 20mg every second day. I've had multiple incidences where I was bruised severely and within a week, the bruises were gone. I even had pretty severe cuts that I expected to heal terribly and leave raised scars, but they healed normally and the scarring is barely visible.
    I'm pretty certain that I'd have no problems if I did get the piercing, but does anyone have a different opinion?
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