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  1. Hello all, First and foremost I apologize if there is a more appropriate section for this post. With that out of the way, here it is. I generally keep my "beard" at a long stubble length. I recently got a cystic pimple under my beard right along where my chin meets my jawline. As the cyst grew, it formed a head and ended up scabbing over under my beard. While the cyst formed and scabbed over I ended up not trimming my beard. I let my facial hair grow for a solid two weeks without trimming. Out of frustration that the scab was still present weeks later, I ended up pulling the scab off (stupid idea, I know). When I looked at the scab, a cluster of maybe 8-10 hairs were stuck inside of the cyst. It looked like the entire hair follicle came along with it. I didn't think much of this until i trimmed my beard. Where the scab was is now a completely bald spot. No new hair has grown in this patch. Do any of you know what the chances are of this hair growing back?