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  1. Best Tea to buy?

    I been reading that tea is a great way to reduce the appearance of acne plus acne scars? my question is what *brand* of tea should I buy since I have not drink tea in such a very long time.
  2. @AquaPrincess9 I get one or two pimples if i don't take care of it, but nothing serious like before. I do have scars that I been trying to fade away and I'm trying to find any more good information on how to reduce the appearance. I heard green tea is good, but i don't know what brand and also I wonder if milk makes pimples come out?
  3. Right Side: Before and After

    Glad to see the Regimen worked, but I didn't know it would remove scarring. I wish my regimen did that, but you also said Asian skin so that must be it. You have great skin ^_^!!!
  4. I hoped it heal, i know how tough it is to have a pimple that won't heal and fear it will turn out into a scar later on.