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  1. Yvolo added a post in a topic Spirolactone Help   

    I decided to wean and after taking it very slowly..... I am down to 1/2 pill 2 times a week. Now out of nowhere 3 small cyst on cheek. Wtf????? Do I go back to taking spirolactine 25mg a day indefinitely??? Do I take Bactrim for a few weeks while my body adjusts to not having the spiro???? Do I tough it out and see if my body adjusts on its own? Will I purge if I go back on it?
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  2. Yvolo added a post in a topic Spirolactone Help   

    I weaned off the Spironolactone it's been about a week since my last dose and now I'm breaking out in little pimples all over my chin. What the hell????
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  3. Yvolo added a topic in Prescription acne medications   

    Spirolactone Help
    I have been on spironolactone for almost a year. I was prescribed it for hormonal acne caused by having testosterone pellets inserted. They have worn off, usually lasts about 6-8 months, and my skin seems back to normal. No breakouts for almost 4-5 months now. My question is...... Can I just quit taking the spiro or do I have to taper off and will quiting cause a breakout?
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  4. Yvolo added a post in a topic Origins Makeup And Moisturizer   

    I think the origins mega bright irritated my skin... I also just tried their cc cream and it def didn't agree with my skin. I love the coverage of dermablend..... Have you had any problem with that clogging your pores? Also when you just cover spots do you then put the origins silk over it? I feel like I don't apply concealer right because if I just put it on spots it seems to show through the powder. Maybe just the wrong color?
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  5. Yvolo added a post in a topic Origins Makeup And Moisturizer   

    Mine is def hormonal. I had testosterone pellets inserted 3 months ago. Before that, always had very sensitive skin but never broke out like I have since they were inserted. Praying the acne goes away when the testosterone wears off. I'm on bactrim and spirolactone 50 mg a day. Seems to help but still struggling more than I normally would. Went back to origins and got a sample of their cc cream. I love the powder but it doesn't do much to cover the red marks that are all over by lower cheeks. Do you use any concealer or foundation? What kind?
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  6. Yvolo added a post in a topic Origins Makeup And Moisturizer   

    Thank you. I didn't like the serum but hoping the moisturizer will work out. So hard to find one that doesn't break me out. It.s been 3 days and so far so good. Keep ya posted.

    How old are you and how bad was your acne.? I posted before but forgot to to quot
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  7. Yvolo added a topic in Cosmetics & grooming   

    Origins Makeup And Moisturizer
    I just started using the origins silk powder and origins dr wiel mega bright SPF 30 moisturizer. Has anyone tried these and if so what was your experience????
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  8. Yvolo added a comment on a blog entry Calamine lotion...sound crazy?   

    Using calamine for the first time today. Really praying it works! My cheek looks like I have 3 big mountains on it .
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  9. Yvolo added a post in a topic People Who Break Out From Probiotics   

    I've been taking probiotics for 2 days. When I started my face seemed to be on the road to recovery, yet this morning I woke up with 6-8 new lovely friends on my face! I will not take them tomorrow. Will I continue to breakout? Or will I clear up quickly?
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