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  1. Spironolactone and chest pain

    Hi Doll.  Any luck getting to the bottom of this?  I have been on Spiro since 12/30/2013 and I've never experienced chest pains, dizziness or nausea.  Have you added any other supplements in?  I've increased my spiro several times and I have had temporary side effects- migraines, anxiety, but they settle down once the adjustment settles.  What about caffeine, are you off of it currently?   Stopping BCP and Spiro abruptly will most likely cause hormones to go haywire, I had to come off BCP for migraines and aphasia and then had to up my Spiro dose to help my skin.  I went from 75mg + bcp to 100 mg no bcp, now 125 mg.  How are you today?
  2. My derm appt yesterday was with a new girl and I loved her.  She was so kind, understanding on how terrible PCOS and subsequent breakouts can be.  She gave me 3 shots and they all went to work quite quickly.  Less than 24 hours later and I am so thankful that I went, grateful for the insurance, the means to get there and a doctor willing to help anytime.  Told her I would keep her on speed dial.  Basically this breakout was a month after my last bad one started, pre period time.   Waiting for my period and I will surely do a period dance.  One more day in the fight. Started using Dan's regimen BP this morning and liked the consistency over neutrogena.  not white and tacky feeling.  Going to start using the AHA at night mixed into my moisturizer.
  3. So today is a tough one.  I made a derm appt to get some cortisone injections this morning so I feel good about that. This will only be my second time going, but I can't handle the swollen spots on my chin and jaw right now.  The chin spot came up Tuesday night, iced and used mandelic peel but it's angry today.  There is an underground spot that arrived last night, between one healing spot and one active spot.  The majority of my face is clear, glowing due to oil production, but this chin area sucks. I  picked one spot last night after I said I wound';t, its on jaw near neck/ear and is unhappy.   Staying away from touching anything on my face, gentle treatment and healthy eating.  Annnnd staying away from mirrors, they make me sad.  I don't wear makeup, just spot concealer.   The only other thing I could do for myself right now is to quit touching anything, at all and to be kind to myself.  Oh the struggle.    I dream of my clear complexion 
  4. About 4 weeks into my increased dose of Spiro and still having minor breakouts, 1 inflamed today on my right jaw and two small on my chin that came up Sunday and yesterday.  They were clogged pores prior to inflaming. Getting my period in the next few days, or supposed to so assuming these are the friends that have showed up to welcome it.  Overall working on not being upset by it, and realizing this too shall pass.  No one really cares as much as I do about my face, I just look forward  to this calming down.  I've got some good products on the way, Pumpkin Enzyme mask to help with clarity moving forward.  Ordered the AHA to add to my moisturizer Cerave PM because that helped a lot in the beginning as well.  Peels are a savior in times like these, Mandelic 25% is the best. Spiro has this way of making every clogged pore come to the surface and all around the same time.  The small clogs that I had just sitting unnoticeable have all started coming out over the last two week on my right jaw/chin line.  It's what happened before when I first started Spiro, just at a much much more manageble and smaller scale.  My hyperpigmentation seems to be moving along with the peels as well.  Trying to keep super hydrated, lots of veggies, fish, zinc and trying to destress.  I am too tired to get upset over this crap anymore.  It's part of my journey currently and need to continue to keep my head high, because we are beautiful people despite a few spots.  
  5. I tried Ortho Tri in my teens and that made my skin a mess.  Yasmin did wonders for me in my early twenties, I had that glowy skin, but would still get minor period breakouts like a cyst or so.  I had to come of BCP forever due to the intensity of Migraines, no Estrogen allowed so my only other option is an IUD and I refused.   Yasmin and Spiro were wonderful for me together.  Yas unfortunately caused migraines so that was a no go for me.  I'm just going to continue to focus on Spiro working as well as it did before and realize that upping my dose in the past always created a breakout and this is really no different.  I pray that your move to Yasmin is a good one and what the heck on the accutane?  Maybe it was meant to be and Yasmin is your way to go? Especially with all of the side effects of Tane.  Wishing you a really good day, despite all of this skin crap.  This week I am going to work on reboosting my self esteem and realizing it really isn't that bad, it's just a change from my recent good run of skin.  This is a disease we have to battle and we will fight together until we find some peace and balance  
  6. Thank you SO much for your encouragement.  It's beautiful how we can come together during something that is so lonely and depressing and help uplift with words and support.  The first 4 months were a nightmare for me and remember the anxiety waking up everyday to rush and wash my face to feel for any new sore spots coming through.  Spiro does work, slowly and really can take a toll mentally (my acne got way worse on Spiro before it got better).  It was probably the 5th month that I started to relax and let be, BUT that could also have been the Celexa I started taking for anxiety lol  I don't encourage that, because that was a nightmare to come off.  NIGHTMARE!  Are you on BCP right now as well"? I realized I am SOOOOO hard on myself to be this perfect glowing face again and the reality is that I am not perfect and I have to be okay with that.  Or maybe I need to just realize it is ok to have these moments were I am flawed and people see that.  Being vulnerable is hard pill to swallow. Leelowe, I am still at 125mg and am hesitating going to 150.  Reason being, I've heard at 150mg the period can go whacky.  So I am going to stick this out for another month on 125mg as things calm down and the HP clears.  If I continue to have challenges I may then go to 150mg.  These migraines I know are more from stress and my nonstop obsession.  I am just so scared of breaking out I am causing more stress.  It feels so good to have a place to write about the challenges.  Look forward to hearing about your progress and sending lots of prayers and self-care and compassion your way.
  7. So it's been about 3 1/2 weeks since upping my Spiro dose to 125mg. I had a swollen spot on my cheek pop up Friday and luckily it's almost gone. I had another migraine as well, I think from stressing about every tiny lil spot, I feel obsessed trying to control and just when I think I'm on my way to clearing again, I have two small clogged pores on my right side of my chin that I'm trying to fight from inflaming. They so want to join the party and it's killing my spirit. Ahhhhh im digging deep to be strong and not get sucked into a depressive state.  The rest of my skin looks great, I'm just working on clearing the hyperpigmentation with Mandelic peels along my right jaw line. I ordered the pumpkin enzyme today and look forward to seeing what that does. Head up high, prayers and lots of faith that my hormones will regain balance. Probbbbaly doesn't help that I'm getting my period this week. So tis another day in this battle against hormonal acne. PCOS you suck :)~
  8. Yasmin Week 6

    That's great you are feeling better this week!  Definitely give yourself a full 3-4 months and don't be upset if it continues for a bit. Hopefully that is no where near the case, but give yourself time to heal. There are these beautiful lyrics from one of my favorite singers that sums is up: "You can't rush your healings.  Darnkess has its teachings.  Love is never leaving"  That helps me and makes me smile every time     Cheers to a better day, and a better week bit by bit.
  9. Thanks Krissy!  I think it is so helpful to hear stories about success, trials and failures on here.  So many people join and give their time when their obsessed over it, so I thought it would be nice to give back.  Information and this community meant so much to me to get clear.   Things are going much better this week. No migraine so far (I had two within a span of 5 days last week) and feeling a bit more settled.  I am sleeping thanks to Magnesium and my breakout is almost healed.  a few minor clogged pores and then need to use peels for the hyperpigmentation.  Next week is the week before my period, so we shall see how the diet, supplements and spiro can attack that.  I have minor oil throughout the day (dewey appearance), and when I wake up in the morning not much at all, which is nice.   My mind just went back to that depressive time period and I felt my small breakout was the doom of me.  It's sad how much acne affects you mentally, I wish everyone in the world had acne, at least one time.  Then none of us would actually care.  We'd just be like, oh hey I vaguely recall you may have tried Spiro, did you go on it?!  Ortho did crap for me when I tried it, I am sure you are at wits end with the pill.  I had to come off it.  did they offer you anything else?  Trying peels at all?
  10. Yasmin Week 6

    Hi Mags, Hope you are finding some good in your day today!  This was my 2nd time around on Yasmin/Yaz.  This time I had honestly just started Yaz around the same time as Spiro, maybe 2 weeks after.  I was on another Estrogen based pill before and was not helping with PCOS symptoms.  I know the first time I took Yasmin I was on it for years before  I had to switch.  The first time around I was already breaking out, so I think after some time it just started to clear up, that was over 10 years ago.  It helped my hormonal acne, but I did have monthly period breakouts. How is everything else going? Have you decided to start Spiro? :)
  11. Yasmin Week 6

    Hi doll!  Well, I have to tell you this place has plenty of support.  If you don't get answers, don't hesitate to PM someone and reach out.  I have made some great contacts on here that have gotten me through such a hard time in life.  On this site, you will find yourself not alone.  But I will also encourage you that you need to also find positivity, don't let a bad post or reading another person's "bad" journey detour you.  We are in this together, but our bodies also react very differently and in different time. B- Yes, breakouts tend to occur with most hormonal methods of treatment.  You are already on Yasmin, which has similar effects to Spiro.  Yasmin was never enough on its own for me.  I tool it for years, but only became truly clear and able to live normal life without daily breakouts by starting Spiro and getting through the first few months. C- Pray if you pray, even if it is every moment that you get through.  I had never been as depressed as I was during my treatment.  However establishing a good cleansing routine (exfoliating) a good clean diet, started antibiotic as well (probably not the best idea) but a friend on here Tracy used Bactrim during her initial Spiro work and it helped her greatly.  You are already 6 weeks in!  Remember day one?  Can you remember praying for it to be just weeks from that day and look we are already here?   D- I never noticed if generics did anything I recently upped my dosage of Spiro to 125 mg after being on it for 2 years (clear until I stopped BCP Yaz).  I have had a minor breakout due to  the increase, but have faith it will clear just like it did the first time. Don't be afraid to talk to people about it.  I actually ended up talking to my Dr and went on an anti anxiety med that helped during the worse time.  I don't suggest it, but if you can find natural ways to calm yourself.   meditate at home, yoga at home, a bath, watch a show or movie that can take your mind off of it.  When I'm breaking out it's all I can think of and I know in my heart its a waste of my time and thoughts.  Its a battle to keep that chin up and smile.  You are safe and not judged here Feel free to ask any questions! Liz
  12. Good morning all!  I thought that I would come back to continue to update my journey, reach out for some support and remember the place that got me through a very challenging period in my life.  I've been on Spiro since 12/2013 after being diagnosed with PCOS.  Earlier in 2015 I had to come off Yaz due to severe migraines with aphasia.  I upped my Spiro dose at that time from 75mg to 100mg and stayed that way throughout 2015.  My skin was good, but I noticed towards the end of the year, the week before my period I would get a painful breakout, I was anxious, skin oilier and fine light hair growing back on my face, peach fuzzy.  All signs of PCOS.  Before the last few months I had been clear t with only a minor clogged pore from time to time.  So, I talked with my Endo and she suggested upping Spiro as hormones start to find their new balance off the pill.   I upped my Spiro dose to 125mg 1/5/2016 and have experienced a minor breakout/purging.  It's been 3 weeks and I've started to feel a sense of hormones balancing out, I had migraines last week and my oil production has slowed.  My breakout is along my right jaw line and I hate it.  Reminds me of how depressed I was during the first 4 months on Spiro.  I actually got a cyst injected for the first time 2 weeks ago, as I was fearful of scarring or hyperpigmentation.  As of this moment, I've got a few clogged pores left and some HP that will need to fade.  Luckily MUAC peels are the best.  I find it hard to stay away from the mirror or pick, but those both will do damage to my self-esteem and my porcelain white skin.   In the meantime my diet is gluten, sugar, caffeine, dairy and alcohol free until this all calms down.  Moral of the story is when you have PCOS the struggle may continue and you have to stay strong, fight and keep that pretty little head up.  XO   Would love to hear from anyone at all on their Spiro journey, anyone upped their dosage, how did things go for you?