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  1. Does this dose of spiro sound correct?

    At first yes, but I was also starting the pill at the same time. I don't have any issue anymore now. I don't get my period off BCP so I don't have that same fluctuation in hormones to cause that. But yes, for several weeks and first few months as the Estrogen and Progesterone did their thing.
  2. Does this dose of spiro sound correct?

    It's a good starting point. I began treatment on Yaz and 50 mg, then upped to yaz and 75 mg, now am on 125mg with no BCP. Each person requires a different dose, but 50 mg is the minimum we normally see.
  3. Ortho Cyclen + spiro

    just wanted to send you some encouragement. I too went through terrible hormonal breakouts 3 times in my adult years and have used the similar BCP, Spiro and Doxy treatment. It took a few months to clear and settle, but it was worth it! Self-esteem and the voice in our end is the hardest part of it all. People are so self absorbed (not all in a bad way) but just as you are feeling about your acne, others feel about their skin, their weight, their "insert random body part". It takes daily practice to love yourself during these rough patches, but know you are not alone!!
  4. Spiro and Lexapro? Weaning off spiro/concerns

    Hi there! I was not on Lexapro and Spiro, but I was on Celexa and Spiro together. I did not have any side effects, except for weight gain. The problem with some antidepressants is that they can cause acne to flare up. Such a terrible cycle. Would you consider other more natural options for anxiety? I too suffer from anxiety with bouts that can flare up. The magnesium supplement called Calm helps with this. It also helps with my sleep issues. I take the 2 TB does 30 minutes before bed. Just some food for thought if you don't want to mess with your good Spiro results. I know that acne falreups cause me anxiety, so wondering if that is the case for you at all and if lowering Spiro could compound that.
  5. Clindamycin and Mino are both antibiotics. They are bound to stop working at some point, I am surprised you made it as long as 10 years. Our bodies are geniuses and they bacteria become resistant. Spiro is a different course of action and should help balance hormones. I have done Clindamycin before and antibiotics, but never for more than a few months. I would highly suggest sticking with the Spiro, weaning off Antibiotics for good once the intital few months is over and work on healing your gut. Antibiotics destroy your good bacteria which can also cause acne flareups. Probiotics, eliminate sugar and grains as much as possible are some steps if you find yourself ready to heal.
  6. Where to go next at 40

    Hello fellow Migraine sufferer. I am 34 and have had them since I was 5. And always with an Aura. I have been on Spiro for 2 1/2 years, first while on Yaz, but hadd to stop that due to Migraine with Aura and Aphasia. I do not have an issue on Spiro alone after the initial period of starting it, in the beginning when I change my dose or when I first started I did have migraines for a few weeks and then they completely subside. It is extremely helpful for the oily skin, etc,
  7. Hi there! So sorry you are dealing with this tough time right now. Just take a moment, breath and know this will not last forever. I promise. I am quite exp with Yaz, YAsmin, antibiotics and Spiro. It's been 2 1/2 years on Spiro. I don't want to stress you out saything this, but it did take me 3+ months to get clear on Yaz and Spiro together. I chose not to go the Retin A route as I was in complete fear of what it would do to my face. I am aware my skin is naturally oily, but something else about it is that the skin cells replicate sooo quickly. So what that means is I need to exfoliate to keep my pores open. I know some people chose Retin A, but I chose the gentle at home chemical peels that you could also use. Look into them on Makeup artists choice or Makeup Alley for their reviews. Mandelic and Salcylic peels are amazing for clearing up these problems. I too had tons of clogged pores that came about when I started Spiro and every time I increased it. But the peels saved me. My question to you is did Retin A make you clear? Could your skin be having a crazy reaction to one of the topicals? We will help you get to the bottom of this. I know some people on here used Kelflex for their antibiotic and that worked.
  8. No period on Spironolactone

    Hi there. I started 2 1/2 years ago and now I don't have a period really. Maybe 1 day of spotting. I have PCOS so unfortunately that is the cause for it. It's really not a problem per-say, unless you are trying to conceive. Are you on a birth control pill as well? I stopped BCP last Feb due to medical reasons. At first I was worried, but my Endocrinologist doesn't see more issue.
  9. Retinoids on clear skin

    Hi there! It sounds like you are looking to start a better exfoliation process to help speed along the healing and hyperpigmentation left over. I too have been on Yasmin and Doxy (also Spironolactone) and got clear. Instead of using Retinoid which I am deathly afraid of, I chose years ago to go the at home chemical peel route to help speed up exfoliation and healing. Makeup Artists Choice is a wonderful company that has very safe at home peels. You can start very very gently 15% salicylic or 25% mandelic 1 time a week and progress along to other peels, they have a mix salicylic/mandelic or higher % mandelic. Glycolic acid peels are also great for lightening marks and healing. You can read all of the reviews and even call them to talk through, if you have clogged pores it does help to clear them and quickly. It won't cause new clogged pores if that makes sense. I've used them for over 2 years and love them.
  10. It's a hard decision to make especially under time constraints and pressure. If your goal is clear skin for the long term so you can have a baby, Accutane may be your best option. You know Spiro is just temporary while you take it. How long did it take your first round of Accutane to start seeing less breakouts, did you have an initial breakout as well? Perhaps Accutane before wedding- conceive- Spiro after if anything comes back. Have you tried using peels to keep the skin exfoliated and clear so that clogged pores don't turn into cystic pimples? I use Spiro and that helps immensely, but I have to have chemical peels to keep my skin clear. Makeup Artists Choice has some great at home options- Mandelic, Salyclic, Glycolic. All good while NOT on accutane.
  11. Spiro and Supplements

    Hi there! I have been on Spiro for 2 1/2 years now. I currently take 125 mg. I've upped my dosage a few times along my journey and each time I break out for a few weeks to a few months. Mirena can absolutely aggravate acne, have you inquired about Copper IUD which has no hormones? I can also not take any BCP and choose to use a diaphragm, not the best option, but there is no way I am messing with my hormones anymore. I have also heard fermented cod liver oil can make acne worse. Zinc is a great supplement, keep that up. I've been taking Berberine which is a great supplement, look into it for PCOS and hormone balancing, helping gut, keeping inflammation at bay, keeping blood sugar level stable which is a big culprit to acne and inflammation. Feel free if you have any other questions to reach out!~ Liz