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  1. Spironolactone advice

    Sorry for delay Bubbles! yes, berberine I have noticed helps keep inflammation at bay which is my biggest challenge outside of the oily skin. Spiro and Berberine have been a very positive combination for me. I am please with the results and thankful both work in conjunction and I don't need Metformin (another actual Rx).
  2. Solodyn- 7 days now lips blistering

    There are some community users that swear by Vaniply which can be purchased on Amazon. Have you started to use anything with sunscreen/block in it? A friend of mine had the same issue start out of the blue and it as her Chapstick containing a sunscreen ingredient.
  3. Benzoyl peroxide

    Pan Oxyl, I believe you are referring to the face wash? It can be extremely drying and irritating to skin. Studies have shown that 2.5% BP is as effective and more gentle than the higher percentage containing products. Washes are exactly that, you wash the product off. A BP lotion is best advisable. You know your skin best, but I've been using BP for 20 years and the switch to 2.5% Dan's or Neutrogena Spot allowed my tone to balance out, less redness and irritated dryness that looked worse. Hope this was helpful!
  4. Am I a good candidate for Accutane?

    Hi there! If I can ask, what birth control pill are you taking? Certain BCP are know to exacerbate acne in some patients. Yasmin/Yaz, Dianette, Diane-35 are the best for hormonal acne. Ortho- I think is mixed reviews. Spironolactone is alos another option for hormonal acne, jaw, chin area.
  5. Doxycycline

    Hi there. Yes, Doxy is really a short term solution for the underlying cause of acne. It would be best to make sure you are taking care of your gut, using a probiotic to help build back up the good flora. Long-term antibiotics reek havoc on your digestion and gut health. If you decide to go back on the antibiotics, take the probiotic in the morning on an empty stomach a few hours before your first Doxy dose. If you take them at the same time, the antibiotic can cancel out the benefits of the probiotic. Have you considered or discussed any other treatments- topical course of retinoids or maybe topical Clindamyacin (topical antibiotic) mixed with BP- Benzaclin? If you are female- BCP or Spironolactone If you are male- Accutane if it is severe?
  6. 3 weeks 50mg spiro and MAJOR scary cyst

    Hi Kim, Spiro is a hormonal treatment as you probably know and it takes a good 3-4 months for the hormones to balance out. I did have an IB for that length of time, I started at 50mg + Yasmin, went to 75mg + Yasmin and am not at 125mg with no BCP. Hang in there! What did your derm recommend/say?
  7. Initial breakout with Spironolactone?

    Yes, I did breakout for quite some time initially taking Spiro. I asked my doctor to put me on Doxy to control the inflammed I don't want to frighten you, but with hormonal treatments they can last 3-4 months. It did with me both when starting Yasmin/Yaz as well as Spiro. I have been on it for 2+ years and am now on 125mg with no BCP.
  8. Spironolactone advice

    Yes, I swear I can feel something going on in my ovaries or random cramps. I haven't really had my period in the last 4 months, but before I have had a cyst burst which was horrible. Things are much better on Spiro menstrual symptom wise.
  9. Diane-35 and Spironolactone together

    Hi there! Welcome to the Spiro crew. I took Spiro 75mg along with Yasmin which is similar to Diane-35. The combo together made my skin radiant, smooth and clear. I had to stop BCP and am on Spiro 125mg. The combo helped slow oil production down and stop inflammed breakouts. How has your skin been handling the 50mg and now the 100mg bump? It did take a good solid 3+ months to see consistent results.
  10. Stay strong and know that it takes each person a different time to come through the breakouts. Don't get discouraged! I kept reading the reviews over and over and over, almost on a daily basis haha and it really helped me get through the worst of it. Wishing you a fast and steady course of healing. Feel free to reach out with any questions.
  11. Acne that just lingers?

    I'm not sure your situation, access or resources. However you could get a cortisone injection from our dermatologist if you have a trusted doctor that performs them well. I've had a few this year, and the risk is indentation, but the inflammation was relieved within days and able to start the healing process. The less you mess or do to it, the better.
  12. New to Spironolactone

    Yes, I did break out for a solid 3 months. I also had changed my BCP one month in which I am sure had something to do with it. Also, I uppdated my dose and would breakout when that happened. My skin is definitely not prematurely aging, it make be a genetic and personal thing. I have a pretty good skincare routine, people will comment on my skin, say I look late 20s and I'm 34. So I would say I don't feel that is an issue for me. I am mostly vegan and drink a ton of water. Again, all of these things are personal factors. Just have patience, it does work, but takes time to balance!!
  13. Another day in this journey on Spiro. Healing and working on loving myself and keeping a positive mind, even when I want to bury my head. It's hard when you go from completely clear, smooth skin to two angry bumps. And I know I was the cause of one, the other pore I messed with a week ago, was just a clog, not raised and a week later I woke the sleeping giant lol Add my "period" (really non existent in). I feel positive today, and all I can work on is this moment, today and keeping my head up and taking the pressure off to not be perfect. I don't know what I am so afraid of, other people seeing my imperfections? I don't judge or care about others imperfections, I actually welcome them as I feel it makes you a more humble and open person. Hope if you are reading this and having one of those days, you can find joy, a smile, laughter for even a moment. xo
  14. Spironolactone advice

    I had "normal" periods before as well. Things really only changed for me in my 30s. PCOS really is diagnosed by looking at your ovaries, and if they are cystic then there is your diagnosis. :/ It's hard to get a true read on your hormone levels- Estrogen and Progesterone while you are on the pill. But elevated Testosterone and Free Testosterone will still show up. Did you get a blood panel with your Endo? Usually the problem is not enough estrogen and too much testosterone/androgens. These levels can change throughout our lives, due to many reasons- babies, diet, stress, fatigue, over exercise, etc. Did they fill your Rx for 100mg? I know it is scary to not know what is going to happen. But if Spiro did actually help, if Yasmin helped as well. It sounds like suppressing the Testosterone/Androgens is a mode of treatment for you. That's how I knew Spiro would work for me, because with both Yas and Yasmin, my skin was SO much better. I just needed that extra boost with Spiro to help. Is your skin still oily or dry now? I started taking Berberine extract 2 months ago (natural treatment, similar to Metformin for PCOS) to help with blood sugar/insulin surge. I am thin, but prone to inflammation and I know insulin has a connection. You can read about it online. Many women have had success with Spiro and Metformin.
  15. Spironolactone advice

    I just happen to be online as you wrote this haha Yes, when I quit Yasmin last February I immediately upped from 75mg to 100mg. There wasn't any major repercussions or changes. I did drop weight that I had been holding I think from BCP. About 3-4 months after quitting BCP I got my period back, and I would get a swollen spot the week before. This December I went through a very stressful time and my swollen spots became more frequent. I worked with my Endo and she suggested going to 150mg, I filled my RX for 150mg, but only take 125mg. At least I know what is going on with my body now, hormone wise. I almost wonder if BCP is the cause of PCOS. I started BCP when I was 15 and am 34. It makes you wonder, when you take a pill that suppresses ovulation, if your body just decides to quit on its own and causing more problems. I got my period at 14 and acne only became a problem at 15 or so
  16. Spironolactone advice

    The increase to 100 while on BC was helpful. I am now on 125mg and no BC and things are relatively good. I have minor and infrequent spots, not perfection. But my tone is good, smooth and usually the spots are because I mess with a clogged pore instead of treating it with peels, etc.
  17. Hi there! I am actually at 125mg and no BCP. I take 1 and 1/2 50 mg in the morning and 50 mg at night. I was at 75mg with Yasmin and that worked really well. Quit Yasmin due to medical reasons, upped it to 100mg that was ok, but 125 mg has been good at reduction of oil. Only minor and infrequent spots.
  18. New to Spironolactone

    Hi Just Valley! I have been on Spiro for over 2 years. When I first started taking Spiro I noticed an increase in having to pee, but also was drinking water like a race horse. I would have a bit more recurrent headaches in the very beginning as my body adjusted, but after 2+ months those subsided. I have not gained any weight, I've actually lost some and kept it off. I am now at 125 mg. Started at 50+ BC, upped to 75+ Yasmin, now 125mg no BC. Wishing you the best!!
  19. Hi there!! Sorry my response is seriously so late. If the text isn't quoted I don't get a notification. How have things been going with you back on Spiro again?? Things got much better late February for me, oil really slowed to a minimal amount, a tiny amount on my T zone. Most of my hyperpigementation had cleared up, I went to the Bahamas for a week and was bare faced no concealer and things were great. However last week I did get two swollen spots (chin/jaw) and I feel hideous and of course want to hide my face. One is flat and just needs time to fade, the other just is dying a slower death. I hate swollen ones, THE WORST. Like a friend moves in for the week. I had cramps and only minor spotting last week, so assume it was a wanna be period pimple, even though I don't get my period really anymore. Also, I think I may have tried to clear those pores a few days earlier, and so they came back for revenge. Isn't that the worst as well? As much as I wish for clear, completely clear skin. I wish more to not care so much when I do hae a minor breakout. How much is your Spiro dose now, are you also on doxy this time?
  20. Closed Comedones...WTF

    If you have really sensitive skin you can use the witch hazel with rose water or one of the natural witch hazel toners with no alcohol. They are great for gently clearing that layer of dead skin that oil and other gunk gets trapped in and then causes comedones. Thayers is the brand, you can get it at any wholefoods or even, make sure it;s one of the pure ones, they have one with cucumber too that's calming. You know your skin better than anyone else and need to take precaution. But if you can find a gentle enough toner it can really help! Hope you are having a good Friday
  21. Closed Comedones...WTF

    Hi there! First thing I want to mention that helped with that area was changing toothpaste. Toothpaste containing SLS and Fluoride can be a huge culprit. Secondly you are on the right track with the chemical exfoliant. The 2% may just not be strong enough. I use Makeup Artists Choice Beta Hydroxy 8% 3 x a week I also use Mandelic/Salicylic peels. The 2% does not help my skin enough, I have high turnover of cells and I have to use toner after every wash to get that extra layer of dead skin that is trapping the oil underneath ultimately leading to closed comedones. Comedones are cleared with exfoliation, consistent routine will hopefully get you there.
  22. HELP! What to try next for stubborn hormonal acne

    Hi there! Tried and true Spironolactone user for over 2 years. Yaz or Yasmin BCP helped for some time, but after being diagnosed with PCOS this is the best course of treatment for any androgren, testosterone and stubborn hormonal acne. I've got a long log in my profile and recently updated my new dosage increase.
  23. Spiro Manufacturers

    Hi Betsy. So so so sorry that you are having issues. I too was on 100mg Spiro (Mutual Pharma) and started breaking out after 2 years, but I ended up just having to up my dose to 125mg and things got even better than before. I've heard others comment in the past on Qualitest brand. do you have CVS or RiteAid as a back up, they always fill with MP?
  24. Things are still coming along nicely. Continuing to use the BHA from MUAC 2-3 times a week and my tone is evened out. Inflammation has been gone and a few clogged pores that had been hanging around were easily extracted or exfoliated away. Prayers, gratitude, every day that 125mg is changing things for me, even better than before at 100mg. Keep on keeping on ladies on your Spiro journey.