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  1. Dami4n added a post in a topic Brevoxyl   


    brevoxyl is 4% bp if i remember correctly an thats quite strong

    wen i first started using it it was great and cleared me up
    but the problem is it causes irritation as its 4% so my spots came back

    id say give 2.5% a try from the website and see if it helps!

    there is a 2.5% bp available from boots pharmacys but its not as good as the DKR gel.
    hope that helps

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  2. Dami4n added a post in a topic Question for Brandy   

    brandy is right
    i tried to exfoliate back in the day and it caused a lot of problems
    u may remove the dead skin but i guarantee you will cause irritation

    and irritation = acne

    jus stick to the regimen an remember to be GENTLE
    its possibly the biggest part of it all hehe
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  3. Dami4n added a post in a topic finally got some pix of my dang face... help plz...   

    hey i just wanna check you have read the CSR regimen : http://www.acne.org/regimen.html
    it wil help you with how to wash your face properly etc and then applying BP etc

    as for the scars/redmarks

    ill direct you to these forums as there is SO MUCH information here its unbelievable
    Scar treatments
    Red marks left after acne

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  4. Dami4n added a post in a topic Times per Day   

    a lot of peolpe have found success in only doing the regimen once a day
    bottom line is its better than never doing it so ur not going to do anything other than help

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  5. Dami4n added a comment on a gallery image DAY 27   

    Geez i look terrible in all these photos, excuse the hair as well, worked 10hrs today, slept, woke up and took the picture

    When i run the back of my hand down both my cheeks, theyre both pretty smooth (compared to before, felt like i was touching a stone surface)! I just hope these red spots go away SOON!! i do notice some on my left cheek shrinking in size....... keeeep shrinking!!
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  6. Dami4n added a post in a topic Dermatologist for prescription forums   

    there we go promlem solved
    and she is HOT too
    so we got 1hot future derm right here tgirl i love you
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  7. Dami4n added a post in a topic Starting CSR today...   

    i think by 3weeks your skin should look better!

    it will no doubt clear up within the first few days but might go a bit downhil after that
    i know after 3weeks i looked good an then went downhil after about a month and a half

    hang in there im SURE you wil be clear for your trip!

    post if you want a e-hug or something!

    Much love from me an all .org staff

    ps brandy is our resident "Clear skin regimen Assistant" and she is AWESOME at her job here so if you want help make a thread with FAO brandy or something an she wil be right on it as will i.

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  8. Dami4n added a post in a topic Dermatologist for prescription forums   

    the mod who banned her at the time is no longer a mod.
    and i wasnt one at the time
    but i did hear this derm did also cause trouble, aswel as being very helpful

    but i personally would LOVe a qualified derm to work on the board with us

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  9. Dami4n added a post in a topic Dermatologist for prescription forums   

    exactly my thoughts
    in the chat there is always some kid claiming to be a derm and i know fullwell they arnt

    wud be great if someone became a derm, then we would make them .org staff and they wud be our resident dermatologist

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  10. Dami4n added a post in a topic A Simple fast FREE regime!!   

    Moved this thread to "mild acne" forum as its not related to the Clear Skin Regimen ( http://www.acne.org/regimen.html )
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  11. Dami4n added a post in a topic Starting CSR tomorrow - Here are some before pictures!   

    wishing you the BEST of luck!

    let me just clarify your going to use 2.5% benzoyl peroxide?

    because anything else is far too strong and wont help your skin at all

    good luck an feel free to ask myself or any acne.org staff anything regarding the CSR etc
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  12. Dami4n added a post in a topic Shaving my chin with spots...   

    i use the recommended razor too
    Gilette Sensor Excel

    its great
    but now i mainly use my beard trimmer
    as chicks love the man stubble
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  13. Dami4n added a post in a topic doing the regimen with one hand   

    i only really use my right hand to be honest

    appart from massaging the moisturiser in
    but its simple man

    washing might be a problem but when i broke my knuckle i had to do it!

    an that was only recently

    here look here is a pic of my good hand vs bad hand :

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  14. Dami4n added a post in a topic How much Eucerin to use??   

    yea it is non comedogenic
    it doesnt advertise that it is, but it is because all us die hard UK;ers been using it for years hehe
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