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  1. Oh please, doctors aren't careful when they use needling they just stab you repeatedly everywhere and that is it. There is no risk to hit an artery if you are needling yourself. You make it sound like doctors are super careful, they aren't. They are busy and stressed. Most likely not as careful as you will be to your own skin. Although subcision is better to go to a doctor since this procedure is more complicated and carries bigger risks. Nevertheless, my experience with doctors is the fact that they aren't really careful with that either. You might faint when doing it to yourself though haha. Not a good idea overall.

    You should be a spokes person for the cosmetic industry, "you are all garbage! Spend money now or die ugly and unhappy"
  3. Thank you Robertitoo, that was a nice find.
  4. Did infini destroy my skin?

    She is telling you to seek help to deal. Your life has taken a turn, that's the truth. Maybe it'll heal, maybe not. Regardless, you need to learn to live with it. It is not as bad as some people make it out to be, yeah we can't model but it's not like we are handicapped. We do not live "half full" lives just because we have a bit different skin. Fucking own it man, don't be that person who lets life swallow you up, no one will remember that guy. I guess you need time, I did. It's vastly better, so it does get better. But, it will never be what it used to be so just ignore it and go out and do whatever you would have done without it, don't drop out of Uni. You need to push through. You will regret it if you give up. Good luck! I know you will be fine eventually, it's just really hard right now but don't drop out of Uni and if people are haters then let them, it's really whatever some people are just rotten.