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  1. I use the tazorac 0.5 gel. I apply it at night right after washing my face VERY well with a neutrogena scrub because your pores best absorb the medicine within 10 mins after washing. My derm told me to use a pea size amount on affected areas, which I did when I first started the medicine. There was mild irratation at first, however, my skin got quickly used to the medicine and now I currently apply VERY generously (I apply a thin layer over my whole face and then spot treat with globs of it). I like to work the medicine into my pores by rubbing it in gently. This medicine works by making the layers of skin shed quickly so I do experience peeling and flakiness but it is sooo with it compared to the acne I used to have!!! I wash everything off in the morning. I only use moisturizer if I need to (my skin is soooo oily) and if I do I'll use an extremely small amount right before applying tazorac
  2. Amazing results. I hope I don't jinx it but I recommend to anyone! This was my last resort before accutane. What do you guys think? Thoughts about the medicine/ success stories! I wanna hear