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  1. Hey guys.. please bear with me for what I'm about to say.. super weird but hopefully you'll understand? In order to save you time from hearing about my struggle with acne- let's just say I've paid my dues. I've finally been able to keep it under control with azaleaic acid/spiro and... it's been good. Now i'm just trying to heal my melasma and hyperpigmentation and I know sunscreen is a huge part of that. I've fallen in love with the Neem Facial Sunscreen- SPF 30 from Pratima Spa. Unfortunately I live in Canada. And the person who had been my connection before has moved back to Canada as well.  This is where it gets odd but... is there any American girl/guys who'd want to try any Canadian products that you can't get in the U.S? It may sound crazy but I promise to be as professional as ever if we did a product trade. I'll have the money transferred to you even before you make the purchase. Just please be honest with me as well ... And vice versa. I don't know lol this is weird but.. send me a personal inbox if you're interested. I promise.. I'm honest and straight up. Just kind of excited that I've found a sunscreen that works for my insanely acne prone skin... one can side with that can't they?
  2. Vitamin D Has Cured Me Of Oily Skin And Acne

    after 5 months its still working for me.. every time I stop taking it I get oily again.