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  1. NiftyStranger added a post in a topic Accutane   

    Don't do it! I took one five month course of Accutane and wish I had never taken it! It cleared me up for a couple of years, but my acne came back. Luckily my derm refused to prescribe a second dose, saying if it didn't work the first time it won't work the second time. I took Accutane 17 years ago - and my skin is much more sensitive and fragile than before I took it. I've also had some health-related problems that I suspect were induced by Accutane. My solution to find clear skin has been through diet and exercise.
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  2. NiftyStranger added a post in a topic Retin A + Accutane = Scars   

    Accutane impairs healing and makes skin more prone to scarring. My skin never scarred prior to Accutane, but I have shallow scars left after Accutane - and my skin scars easily now.
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