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  1. AOE2 added a post in a topic Has Anyone Done Short-Term (6Months) Low-Dose Accutane?   

    I can totally relate and am about to start low dose too. I have "mild" acne but my regimen including topical retinoid takes lots of time, effort, and actually doesn't help that much. I just want to live like any other mid 20s person and not think about my skin all the time, or how this or that will affect my skin, etc. and am willing to take the gamble with 20mg/day x 6 months to a year.

    I am also a very busy medical student, so I have personal and professional reasons to want clear skin too, to look like a mature serious professional etc. etc.

    If you look up the scientific literature on PubMed, you'll see it has recently become very popular to put ppl on 20mg/day for 6 months as a treatment for mild-moderate acne, at least internationally. In the US, the FDA says you shoudln't give Accutane for mild-moderate acne so docs don't do it as much (they still do).

    Accutane may indeed have permanent side effects (bone growth abnormalities, permanent dry skin/eyes) but the risk is worth it to some ppl
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