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  1. thanks guys, lets see, going to seek professional help i guess 
  2. Thanks for your reply guys, can anyone suggest be a good but reasonable priced clinic in London for this sort of treatment?
  3. Hello everyone thanks for having a look at my topic, I don't know where to start. Well I have few scars in my face. Which been there for quite a long time. I thought some of them would fade away in time skip but I was wrong and recently they have been like a pain in the ass. As in the picture you can see there is a rolling scars(like a circle) right below my eye and on top of my eye brows and one on my chin. I don't really remember how I got it but I suspect its either from acne or a chicken pox when I was a teenager. Sad thing is this scar has grown bigger with my age and body. And also as you can see there is few scars like straight line on my chin which is kinda fading away and doesn't bother me much. What bothers me much are these rolling scars and dark inside which is really visible. These Scars been affecting my confidence lately to face people. So Please I humbly request you to post your valuable opinion and experience what would help me to get rid of all the scars and have a smooth surfaced skin.   PS: THE SCAR ON THE CORNER OF MY EYES IS A PERMANENT SCAR I GOT IT FROM AN ACCIDENT AT SCHOOL.12 YEARS AGO. I KNOW IT WON"T GO AWAY.   PLEASE PLEASE HELP WITH YOUR VALUABLE SUGGESTION