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  1. Block feature

    Update: Sorry, I assumed this feature worked, but I got an error upon testing it. I'll let the programming team know.
  2. You can use your own products. Just make sure you don't skip any of the steps.
  3. Acne and Acne Scar Research Petition

    Bump -- petition is up and running
  4. Blood effecting people from having acne

    It's genetics
  5. Reviews aren't showing

    Hi. They need to get approved by a staff member before going live. They do this to avoid spam.
  6. Swollen skin

    You might be mildly allergic. Support should get back to you on this.
  7. Neck acne

    Did you use BP long enough for it to be effective? I'd say at least a month. has a neck regimen that you may want to check out.
  8. Used AHA+ on my face by mistake

    You can use AHA on the face, no problem. If you mix 1/2 pump of it with 1/2 pump of moisturizer, you can apply to the face every night. Wait until your skin becomes accustomed to the BP before using it, otherwise it may sting badly.
  9. Is this true??

    I've never seen skin aging due to benzoyl peroxide. Just the opposite, it makes the skin look healthy. BP makes the skin sun-sensitive though, and the sun ages the skin. That's the only connection. So yeah, sunscreen is a good idea.
  10. Don't touch them. The products will do all the work for you, and popping them would make them worse.
  11. Safety of PEG-80

    The reason people are concerned about this ingredient is that the molecule contains ethylene glycol, which isn't the safest ingredient for the skin. However, it's in the cleanser, which gets rinsed off after a few seconds. Many people have been using the Regimen for years, some even for a couple of decades. I regularly am in contact with one of them, and no damage to the skin has been reported. He even said his skin looked healthier on the portion of his face that he applied the BP to. The closest thing to this that I can think of is the skin developing an allergy to it after many years, which has rarely happened. Even still, there is no skin damage that I recall from those cases. BP works by oxidizing the skin, so it probably would be best not to load up your skin with antioxidants since they undo that effect. This is assuming BP oxidizes the skin for hours. If the oxidizing effect lasts for only a few minutes, applying antioxidant-rich moisturizer shouldn't be a problem. I'd recommend using an amount of BP that you know can keep you clear. Some people require only one pump once per day. It may be worth experimenting. The only one of those sunscreen ingredients that people really don't like is oxybenzone. EWG considers it to be pretty toxic. But the FDA agrees that people should favor using sunscreen, which is only potentially toxic, over not using it since the sun's rays cause known damage (sunburn, skin cancer, and premature skin-aging). You can check out my reviews on drugstore sunscreens. Good luck
  12. You don't have to do it all over your face. I do because I'm acne prone on all areas of the face. You can do it as a preventative measure on other parts, just to be sure you won't break out on them. It's up to you though.
  13. Yes, you're supposed to do the Regimen before going to bed, which includes washing your face.
  14. Alternative (drugstore) products
  15. Do you mean washing them off directly after you apply them? Or washing them off from the morning application?
  16. Chest Acne

    I don't think the medication causes scars, no matter how long you use it. Scarring is a natural process that can be avoided only by preventing acne. It's looking better, good luck
  17. How long did it take for YOU to see your results

    It was a few years ago for me, but I think 1–2 months. Don't get discouraged if your skin becomes worse even though it seems to be getting better.
  18. I don't think the article mentions it in particular, but it's implied when they talk about Asian skin. I skimmed the article and found specifically that East Asian skin had the weakest skin barrier, when compared to other ethnicities. Not sure if Pakistan is in East Asia.
  19. Don't know what to do anymore

    Hi. What about the Regimen here?
  20. Had enough

    Good luck

    How long should you wait before doing the Regimen again? Twelve hours is ideal. Also, I wouldn't use oil to cleanse the face since it's not soluble in water and won't be rinsed off. That prevents the treatment from absorbing as well as it could. It's best to use a cleanser, which is a detergent. Detergents by nature are soluble in both water and oil, so they're able to remove oil from your face and be rinsed off.