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    I'm 33yo and have been taking supplements for a year or so started with multi vits and fish oil mainly cause my grandmother used to talk about how her mother would force her to take cod liver oil to prevent sickness especially in winter and she didn't ever really get sick . well I started taking supplements to help the quality of my life , I was tired all the time and seemed to catch any bug that was around . well since I've been researching vits & mins & came across this site . ever since puberty I've had mild to severe acne worse in winter so I would go to tanning salons to help . since I've read this I added d3 to my regiment its been about 2 weeks & my acne is clearing up , no new inflammations . I take about 4000iu a day . wish I found out sooner wouldn't have so many scars , but I'm definitely happy with my results . thanks to everybody who posted . Fyi I take lysine , co-q10 , zinc , vit e , centrum & omega 3-6-9(all sundown) , q10 & zinc 4 times a week everything else daily , & feel & heal much better & don't get sick as much
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