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  1. Thirdly, I want to say thank you to everyone who loves me.  Since being reborn, I've learned most people tend to hate me.  Well, I always knew that, but I never knew why until recently.  Anyways, fuck everybody who doesn't.  I love you all.  Especially one person.  No offense to the rest of you.  

  2. Second:  Fuck you Bumpynose, for thinking I had a mental breakdown over a stupid nose scar.  You think I'm that weak?  I'm real offended.  Of all the shit I've been through, I'm not gonna breakdown over some shit like that.  I'm sure half of you would kill yourselves if you had to experience my worse day.

  3. First:  Fuck you Temperatecent/Lucas89.  Instead of attempting to disprove everyone's success stories with your theories and findings on the internet, why won't you just ask these people any questions you may have on how they've accomplished that feat?   you've been on this site for a long time, and you go to war with anyone out of fustration.  And you've still not cured your condition.

  4. Nose Bump Scar Cures & Treatments

      OMG!  So you saying I can skip the Cortisone shit and go straight for the dermaroller???  Thanks for your updates!  We all love you for them!