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  1. BiggP1017 added a post in a topic Lemon Detox!   

    Ima try this. I used to have at least one cup of tea with a slice of lemon or some lemon juice (squeezed) last year and I had spotless skin but I stopped doing that after summer

    I'll be back in a weeks time. Its my third day on drinking lemon juice
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  2. BiggP1017 added a post in a topic Lymecycline / Tetralysal 300   

    I've used lymecycline (x1 a day)and zineryt for a few months last year. They worked really well and my skin was spotless (see what I did there? )

    I was on differin 0.1% for two months after I stopped using Tetralysal and Zineryt which really has F**KED UP my skin (I have scars that weren't visible before). This is my first month on Zineryt and my second month on Tetralysal and my skin looks better than it did when I was on Differin. Going to stay on these antibiotics for two more months (maximum)
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  3. BiggP1017 added a post in a topic Meanest thing that someone has said about your acne   

    The rudest thing someone ever said was "I can play dot to dot on your face" but I didn't get offended, I just laughed coz it wasn't funny (lol how's it funny if it wasn't funny
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