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  1. Whatdoesthefoxsay added a post in a topic Rachel's Accutane Log   

    Thank you, I never thought You would type such a long answer. I am now taking tetracycline so I hope it prevents my IB like your pre-Tane treatment did. I'm scared because my father and older brother have had acne and I'm not sure if Accutane (Roacutan here in Venezuela) would work for this type of Acne, but since my brother used it and now he's clear I still have some hope. I've been on Epiduo, Benzac, Tatracyclines, erytrhomycin, Herbalife treatments (I was desperately looking for cures), and nothing has worked, just the epiduo that helped a little, but I'm still getting blemishes every other day. Now that I will hopefully start on Accutane I'm feeling optimistic and expecting the best of it. As soon as I start my treatment(If I do), I will start a Log here to help other people like you did. I have already taken "before" pictures but I will post them as soon as I start my treatment, once again, Thanks a lot, You can't imagine how helpful people like you could be.
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  2. Whatdoesthefoxsay added a post in a topic Rachel's Accutane Log   

    Thanks for that information, first of all, sorry about my English since I'm venezuelan and my main language is Spanish, well, I'm right now taking tetracycline pills and aplying topical erythromicin in my skin while I wait for the accutane(Roacutan here in my country) because my derm told me to do so, I hope that it helps in my Initial Breakout (in case I start on accutane) However, I still wonder how bad and when was your IB, did it make you feel bad? It was worse than your Initial acne? I'm so afraid of the treatment, If it doesn't work I will be so sad...
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  3. Whatdoesthefoxsay added a post in a topic 15 Year Old Female- Roaccutane Uk- Let's Do This! (Pictures Included)   

    Hi, I'm so happy for you and your skin, I've read so many accutane (isotretinoin) logs so I'm feeling optimistic about the treatment. I've had acne since I was 15, eventually I started developing papules, pustules and some cysts, that I (stupid) decided to pick, NOW, I'm 17 and I have, papules, pustules, comedones, RED AND BROWN MARKS, and some cysts every now or then, all over my face and back. My dad and my older brother suffered of acne, My brother is now clear with some brown marks left but nothing so bad. I've been put on so many pills and creams and different treatments that I was giving up on this. Last month, I went to an appointment with my derm and She told me that I needed Roacutan (the name for accutane here in Venezuela) I had my bloodwork done last week and I will be showing it to her on Tuesday. As I said, I've read A LOT of logs so I'm feeling good about it(if my bloodwork doesn't make me able to the treatment it will be the biggest dissapointment of my life) However, if its good, I'm scared that it doesnt work because my acne is so bad and also have some genetics againts so, its sad. Anyway, I have some questions for you:

    Would you see Accutane as a cure for acne? For cure I mean a long lasting effective treatment...

    Could you rate your side effects (1-10)?

    Did you experience an initial breakout? How bad and when it was?

    That's all for now, sorry if this is long and annoying, but since I have nobody to talk to about my acne without feeling embarrased, I think this website is the best... I will be waiting for the answers.... Thanks for your time and for giving me some hope!!!
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  4. Whatdoesthefoxsay added a post in a topic Rachel's Accutane Log   

    I'm happy your skin is doing so good, but i have a few questions...(Anyone who has been on isotretinoin could help)

    I had my bloodwork done and I'm waiting for my derm to prescribe me the medicine, what should I expect the first 4 weeks in treatment?

    If its possible, could you rate (1-10) your side effects?

    Do the red and brown marks fade after you stop getting active acne?

    Did you experience an initial breakout? How was it like?

    Do you think Accutane (Isotretinoin) is a "cure" for acne? and for cure I Mean a Long lasting efective treatment...

    Thank you for your time, hope you could respond this, since I'm new to Acne.org I finally admitted that I'm a acne person and I should speak to the experts, haha, greetings.

    "I have had acne since I was 15 and it has been getting worse since then, now I am 17 and have pustules, papules, red marks, comedones and some cysts now and then, I have been put on everything, creams, gel, pills. I'm about to see if i can start on accutane and I hope it works"
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