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  1. searching vegan foundation for severe acne

    I've had good luck with Tarte full coverage foundation, doesn't seem to make my acne any better or worse, long lasting, build able coverage
  2. Makeup, how to remove it?

    I just started using Burt's Bees cleansing oil to remove my makeup prior to the regimen and so far it's working pretty well with no adverse results. It washes away leaving very little residue, and it even gets a lot of my waterproof mascara off. I tried using several other products for this, including the simple miscellar water. It not only made my acne worse, but it also did a poor job at removing a lot of my makeup and I had to scrub and cause more irritation to my skin to get any off with it. Everyone's different, but that was my experience. The burts bees is a bit pricier for a drugstore product, but still less than other high end brands and just as effective. There may be some lower cost options out there that also function well, but I can't speak for any of those. The only downside to it is that it contains fragrance which can be irritating for some, but I find even with my extremely sensitive skin as long as I try not to get any actually in my eyes than I have no issues with it So far in my gentle and non irritating makeup removal search, cleansing oil is definitely the way to go. When you put it on it forms a smooth barrier while you gently move in circles, which really prevents the irritation you typically get with anything that involves a cotton ball, pad, or wipe. The oil still freaks me out a bit so as mentioned, I follow as I normally would with my regular cleanser. Once I get comfortable enough I may try without two cleansing steps to see what happens Just my two cents, Good luck!