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  1. Danim added a comment on a blog entry Claravis 20 Mg - Day 1   

    I've been using t-gel shampoo followed by aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner and nivea's body conditioner in the shower. Hope this helps
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  2. Danim added a post in a topic Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane   

    I'm on week 15 of 16 weeks on accutane 60mg per day. I'd noticed the side effects getting pretty bad- depression, joint pain and tiredness and scaling of my skin. A friend who has recently finished treatment recommended Maca powder. Been taking 1500mg of that per day along with milk thistle supplement and it seems to be really working for me. Don't know if it'll work for everyone but you can get it at any health shop and it's fairly cheap. Might be worth a shot for some of you.
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