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  1. The Untouched Side Of Accutane?

    And how exactly does it shrink the oil glands? Nobody seems to know the exact answer to this. You say that the gland will "SLOWLY" return, yes and if it does, so will the acne, and then it's not permanent. If the oil gland doesn't come back, then i'm sure we can agree that we can use the term "destroyed, right?
  2. The Untouched Side Of Accutane?

    It's funny how 50% of the people here didn't even understand the meaninig of this post. Let me try to explain this. When we are talking about a medicine and a cure to a disease, you want that medicine to get rid of it forever. Or else, it wouldn't be called "cure". You take antibiotics to get rid of bacteria. In most cases, this bacteria is something that your body doesn't naturally produce. After the treatment of antibiotics, this bacteria wont return to your body, That is the purpose of a cure. Now lets talk about acne and accutane. Accutane also gets rid of something we call a disease, acne. However.. there's a big difference from getting a paracite out of your body and acne "cured". "Disesase" is just a word. We can go with that, it doesn't matter. I just want people with acne to realise that your body produces it naturally. Maybe you can increase/decrease it with diet, but it's still a natural process for your body as of now. Now to the point: Accutane must therefore make a cut in the bodys process in order to stop the acne. This process is natural for the body like i mentioned, therefore "curing" the acne, may aswell be called a "sideffect". If accutane works as it should, the acne will not return, in other words, this is a permanent side effect. For me, it doesn't make much sense that this side effect would be the only permanent one after taking accutane. There's just no way , especially when this wasn't even made to get rid of acne in the first place. Unlike a cure to get rid of a paracite, this cure is more like an operation in the body where you destroy something. We just don't know exactly what it is. THIS ladies and gentlemen, is what makes me so afraid of taking accutane.
  3. The Untouched Side Of Accutane?

    Freckles would fit perfectly in the definitions you gave me. If acne isn't a condition that prevents the body or mind from working normally, then what is there to cure? Acne is only a cosmetic issue.
  4. The Untouched Side Of Accutane?

    "Science: "(..)the Kitavan Islanders of Papua New Guinea and the Aché hunter-gatherers of Paraguay. Additionally, we analyze how elements in nonwesternized environments may influence the development of acne.(..)Of 1200 Kitavan subjects examined (including 300 aged 15-25 years), no case of acne (grade 1 with multiple comedones or grades 2-4) was observed. Of 115 Aché subjects examined (including 15 aged 15-25 years) over 843 days, no case of active acne (grades 1-4) was observed." (1) " Is this supposed to prove me wrong? Some study of an Island of Papa New Guenia? Is this proving that acne is caused by western diet? " No? Do you think the World Health Organisation works that way? WHO has a clear definition of what acne is. They don't say a word about pretty and ugly. So reality is you made that up." Here's their definition of the "disasease ": Acne is a common skin disease characterized by pimples on the face, chest, and back. It occurs when the pores of the skin become clogged with oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria. " Compare that to the definition of freckles: Any of the small brownish spots on the skin that turn darker or increase in number upon exposure to the sun. If freckles were considered "ugly", trust me, they would put the word "disease" in that sentence too. Now let's look at the definition of the word "disease": : an illness that affects a person, animal, or plant : a condition that prevents the body or mind from working normally It ONLY affect humans because of the way it looks, because of the way we're raised. Link acne to any condition that prevents the body or mind from working normally and you prove that part of my post wrong. If not, then i don't see why you're still responding.
  5. The Untouched Side Of Accutane?

    I'm not interested in your emotions, so don't worry. "The ICD-10 code for acne is L70 and yes it is a disease, regardless of what you feel or what color you think it has." It's considered a disease because it looks ugly, nothing else. If not? then show me some of that science you talk so much about. You want to believe that acne is caused by diet so much. You want it to be that simple. There's a reason most doctors says acne has no / or just some relation to diet, because there's no evidence that acne is caused by diet. Prove me wrong, with science if you will. Thats the point of this.
  6. The Untouched Side Of Accutane?

    I see you answer my questions pretty short with no explanation. You say acne is a sign of something bad? elaborate about that please. I believe if acne was conisdered "pretty", nobody would say acne was a sign of something bad. The body doesn't care if your nose is big, if you lack of hair, or if you have acne. You answer "no" when i say acne isn't toxins from the liver, then you tell me there are studies about it? Elaborate once again please. For the last part you wouldn't have lost me if you were open minded and accepted that i said "we" and not "you".
  7. Hi everyone. As most of you here know, accutane is in most cases taken to cure acne. Accutane was not made to cure acne, it just happened to be good for it. I don't think the medicine was ever adjusted after the chemo drug was out - leaving it to be a mysterious and much speculated drug for acne. Personally, ive been debating on taking accutane for years. I first got the offer from my doctor years ago, but i never returned to accept it. Reason? horror stories from the internet, mostly. I am not concerned about temporary side effects at all. What bothers me, is the risk of permanent side effects, which the doctors never tend to warn you about. In this post, i want to discuss one topic that has especially bothered me, and always tilts me to the choice of not taking it. People tend to look at acne as something "bad". Sure.. the way we look at eachother, the way we're "supposed" to be, acne is bad. But think about it, does the body think the same? Is there ANY relation to acne and illness? Do people with acne die at a younger age? Is acne really a sign of somehting bad? Is acne actually "toxins from the liver "? There's NO evidence of this. This is the way humans tend to think. It's a very simple and naive way of thinking that has existed for thousands of years. We experience somehting bad, there must be a reason for it? It hasn't rained for days, it must be the gods punishing us, we must sacrifice something. We're getting acne, we must be doing somehting bad, we must be eating wrong. I don't buy it. So now, that we established that acne might not be somehting bad that we have to cure to survive. Maybe we can take away the word "cure". Now lets make a new sentence. "One of the side effects from accutane is that it may permanently destroy the cause of acne". There's no reason that removing acne can't be looked at as a side effect instead of cure. Now , let me challenge you.. Why would the removal of acne after taking accutane, be the only permanent side effect? For this to be permanent, there HAS to be more side effects in your body that is permanent.
  8. i was on 600 mg and im like 200 pounds. How long are you supposed to be in this dosage?
  9. Hey, i haven't taken accutane myself, but i've read quite a bit about it and some of the questions are kind of obvious (in my opinion) . 1. You're afraid to do workout because you're afraid that your testosterone level will raise and affect your acne? Accutane does not affect your testosterone level, so why would the training now affect it? If accutane did work for you, then training should not be a problem. 2. It's suggested that you wait 2 weeks after using antibiotics, so i assume it's not far from the same with accutane.. Though this is probably individual and you must know yourself how sore your skin is. 3. If you want to be on the sure side, i would say waiting 2 weeks on this matter also is ideal. 4. I know nothing about stretch marks. 5. A big rumour. Nothng has been proved. I sure as hell wouldn't stop after taking accutane, instead i would do it a lot to make sure accutane didnt affect that part. 6. 30%. Then take another course of accutane. My tip: Think positive. Don't think about what may cause acne now that you have taken accutane. Just relax and see what happens
  10. 1000 mg? wth dude. i was on 600 mg a day and that was considered "high dosage". What makes you think you need that much?
  11. Epiduo + Doxycycline

    Hey again. The first thing you will notice is that you will get less and less acne. Keep track on those you have at the moment, and notice in 1-3 weeks that you wont get any new ones. Epiduo shouldn't be used more than once a day, at least not at the beginning. Your skin will eventually tolerate it better, so it wont feel that bad later on. Dirt brought to the surface? uhh , maybe you're talking about blackhead?
  12. Rosacea? Acne? What Is This?

  13. Epiduo + Doxycycline

    Hi, i've been on tetracycline and epiduo for 3 courses in total. The first 2 coures showed great effect, the last one, not so good but still satisfying. The antibiotics is the treatment, the epiduo and the soap only speeds up the process a bit. I was slacking with the epiduo and the soap on the first course, but i still got 100% clear. I experienced no side effects. But my acne did come back everytime i stopped It's important that you don't stop taking the pills until the course is over.