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  1. Hi. So everyone seems to use the word "cure" and "accutane" together.  They also say that if worked normally, the drug will "cure" the acne, and the side effects will go away.  Lets discuss the word "cure". When taking a cure for something, there's something you want to defeat / get rid of.  If you take a cure for paracites, which would be an antiparasistic drug, you hope that the medicine will get rid of the worms forever.  For paracites, there are multiple different drugs that are highly effective . The reason is that it's very easy to attack the worm / eggs,  without affecting the human body.  In other words, it's very easy to have a cure for paracites.  Now let's talk about accutane and acne. You need to understand that this is a complete different scenario. Yes, in our minds , acne is bad. It's bad looking, it makes the skin itch and so on.  The problem is, our body produces it naturaly.  Imagine if the body produced the paracites naturally, then you would have to take the drug forever, because the body would just keep reproducing them. Then it wouldn't be a cure anymore.  This is pretty similar to treating acne with antibiotics, which is indeed no cure.  So how come a lot of people that take accutane, do actually get "cured" for acne.  In order for that to happen, the accutane MUST have had a permanent impact on the body.  In other word's every single person that do get cured for acne with the help of accutane, also did get a permanent effect on their body. This is the truth wether you want to call this an effect or a side effect.   Doesn't this seem scary? To me it does.  A permanent non reversing side effect that we are not 100% sure of what was. We could cross our fingers and hope that it was just a permanent reduction of seebum production, and that our body just magicly now got a balanced one, like most people.  Or.. there is more that we don't know.   Let me make an easy example just incase you still think that you can get cured for acne , using accutane and stop taking the drug at one point, with no side effects afterwards.  Body A and body B has both the exact same bodys. They both also have acne problems.  Body A takes accutane for half a year, body B does not.  5 years later, body A has no acne, body B still has acne.  There is now obviously a difference in their body since body A doesn't have acne and B does.  This my friend's is the trace of the accutane. A permanent side effect.  Tell me your thoughts.