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  1. DanTheNewWorld added a post in a topic Acne Is Ruining My Life.   

    for me brevoxyl (bp) does the trick.
    it may also help taking zinc,vit.C,vit.A,magnesium, and especially staying in light(lighted rooms) during the (whole) day, preferably doing easy physical activity. also staying away from heavy lifting.
    for cysts faster. but in my case whiteheads are the problem.
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  2. DanTheNewWorld added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    today i feel like doing a vasectomy. if we were humans we would reseach, but without a spirit we are just apes who put their base on genes. and from this perspective, indeed not everyone should have children..
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  3. DanTheNewWorld added a post in a topic Got My Food Sensitivity Test Results   

    soy is a good example of making a plant resist pesticides, so that farmers can exterminate everything living (except soy of course) with a lot of "rounds" of pesticides. so in the end we say soy breaks us out when it's probably the pesticides. and another problem with gmo is you can't have a plant grow twice as fast as another and expect it to have the same nutrients. i should probably stop here and not comment on the limits or incompatibilities of capitalism. stuff like this or like making a business out of medicine ..is just ..not in the nature of humans..
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  4. DanTheNewWorld added a post in a topic Buying Antibiotics   

    don't know how a doctor would suggest antibiotics and not give you a prescription, but that's your bussiness.
    there are some cathegories of antibiotics.
    my derm prescribed me doxycycline internally (1-2moths i think), and zynerit externally 3moths (erhythromycin antibiotic). like i mentioned this works great, it cleared me within 1 week(but i did continued the treatment). my derm almost didn't care how my back acne was before this prescription so it seems it's a usual combo for acne sufferers.
    again, after one year and a half, it slowly came back, but this time my immune was so low my nose got stuck all the time, and even one of my ears was so intrenally infected the doctors though it was a wax plug initially. also urinary infections.
    anyway that's it.
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  5. DanTheNewWorld added a post in a topic Buying Antibiotics   

    benzoyl peroxide, i use 4% > brevoxyl. also depending on severity u can try from diet(lo gi foods, less stuff in the evening, etc) to even accutane (although ..). along diet there are some benefits of vit A, etc, DIM, and other stuff. the thing indeed they are weak, and an easily available doxy + a topicall antibiotic would erase all acne in a week (like brevoxyl did- but bp stuff u have to take forever), but in an year or so it will come back with vengeance and u lower ur general health.
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  6. DanTheNewWorld added a post in a topic Buying Antibiotics   

    never use antibiotics unless it's a life threatening situation. that's my motto.
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  7. DanTheNewWorld added a post in a topic Diet And Supplements Log   

    i'd be careful with the sun, or anything that dries your skin (like salty waters), doctors say any drying comes with the revenge of oily>acne. but yes the sun clears a lot of my acne too, especially on my back. but i think doctors may have a point here.
    seems i'm killing acne solutions by the post, lol i'd better shut up.

    i discovered it 3-4 years ago (at age ~26), it does only good things, but only after i realised that it must stay almost a minute on the skin to do it's job.
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  8. DanTheNewWorld added a post in a topic Diet And Supplements Log   

    ha, back acne is acne, there is a difference in that it's mostly reddish pimples or more cysts and a bit less whiteheads(as opossed to my face, which is the other way around), but the difference is only in percentages and rates. i only wash with sulfur soap, so no shampoo or anything and i knew about fabric softeners/perfumes etc a long time ago.
    my back acne really devoloped to it's fullest during my 16-17y when i was a little *loco* on lifting weights at the gym. this is the only thing that i liked about alternativista's latest vit. B2(+vit A) theory link. that hormones need those vitamins as a teenager and the physical effort further needs these.
    but logic ends here.

    male hormones testing and cataloguing that i googled this evening make me lose any respect for these so called "specialists"
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  9. DanTheNewWorld added a post in a topic Diet And Supplements Log   

    if you checked acne sites and forums, there are women past 60y with acne, the only thing that keeps it in check for them is antibiotics.
    i hope you didn't try bp yet, because this could be your answer. it seems to be mine. using brevoxyl almost completely blocked my whiteheads with no redness, no burn, no flacky - dryness (but i use a moisturiser), and it's only been 4 days of use. price: 4euro, lasts for 1/2months i think. i'm getting a spf cream and that's it.

    the back acne.. i'm still trying all sorts of nonsense.. i'm taking vit A, and B complex. again lol. give the carbs-few-as-possible another week/weeks to see if they have any impact, but.. there are guys here a bit older than me who tryied all of this and ..no
    ultimately i put my trust in medicine and real scientists, and check from time to time.
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  10. DanTheNewWorld added a post in a topic Diet And Supplements Log   

    started eating garlic 3-4 years ago almost daily, and many periods (many weeks) almost every meal (circumstances), and i can tell you garlic means almost nothing to acne.
    also if ur looking for a natural antibiotic, since this is how i started my diet-treatment, you can forget propolis also. i took raw propolis daily (rather nightly) with no exception (3-4y ago). there's no replacement for antibiotics. (but i still don't recommend them since bp is invented, like "brevoxyl", etc)

    and eating healthy.. our medicine understanding is very limited, so doctors have no clue what healthy diet is imo. i guess i'm exaggerating a bit, but you get the idea, an as healthy diet as i possibly could, didn't do much to my acne. it can slow the rate of cysts but nothing for whiteheads.

    there should be a topic for each of these elements, so we can benefit from a real forum.
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  11. DanTheNewWorld added a post in a topic Vitamin A Deficiency As The Cause Of Acne (Hypothesis)   

    i took vit A for a couple of weeks and i saw no improvement. maybe it was required more time, like at least a month.

    these are good for brainstorming if there's a scientist spirit between members, but what i would like is to aim more at the hormonal balancing hypothesis rather than lack of vit A, B, C, D, Calcium + Magnesium, Zinc, all of which make some sense but had no results (at least on me), even if the treatment of such a hormonal imbalance rests upon these ingredients also (but arranged in the right order probably, and together with other types like exercises/sleep/reflexotherapy/acupuncture idk etc).
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  12. DanTheNewWorld added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    i was googling to see what "snarling" means and hit the images button. it's mainly wolves and their eyes are not closed.
    also was curious at seing "fear" and it's eyes wide open (looking for a solution), or kids with eyes closed (fear) but no teeth, or curved lip (no agression/ fight back), but rather open mouth (shock/surprise). it deosn't matter if teeth are showing, the involuntary act of muscles raising the lip targets the showing of eventual teeth.. if one still has teeth ha

    i've searched for snarling herbivores to see if there's a canine or predator type instinct, and it seems to be. so i'm not that offtopic, it proves that we are not herbivores. lol
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  13. DanTheNewWorld added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    you cannot put confidence and smiles toghether. smiles are sign of lack of confidence, mainly work in 2 ways/components:
    1 closing the eyes, not necessarily all the way, indicates pure fear. like children do so that the threat/animal/person suddenly dissapears. this is the sign of a true smile. fake smiles can't usually emulate this part.
    i would not smile around agressive people..
    2 showing the teeth which is saying "keep out", usually a thought that leads to a dead end regarding our part
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  14. DanTheNewWorld added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    imo you should integrate into a social group, like having some friends to meet.
    that will take care of both getting a gf AND making the relationship work (what will you do with ur eventual gf? rhetorical q)
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  15. DanTheNewWorld added a post in a topic Does Acne Go After Facial Hair Growth?   

    so where does your acne show up? does it find it's way in the middle of your full beard? or just outside the full-grown-hair areas? (like forehead, high on cheeks, between eyebrows)
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