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  1. No I don't either, but I'd consider trying other DHT inhibitors if there is a chance of getting some improvements. I forget who was cycling saw palmetto, but interested to hear if he got any gains.
  2. Have you tried the Dr Pezzi method of cycling another DHT inhibitor like finasteride to re-sensitise receptors? http://www.propeciahelp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=3310 http://www.erbook.net/accutane.htm Someone was trying this with Saw Palmetto? Any improvements?
  3. Found it - it was Dr Pezzi (doctor who cured his tane sides with Finasteride. Worth a re-read with a number of members having quite a good understanding now of potentially why this may have worked; http://www.allthingsmale.com/community/threads/official-accutane-thread.20097/page-30 @MTS & @HideAndSeek - I'd definitely focus on diets, minimal sugar and processed foods, lots of leafy greens, lean meats and oily fish like salmon etc. Dry/stiff joints sounds like low e.
  4. This was pretty much the method used by Dr Pressi? Prezi? (any old school members remember the name of this guy? Believe he wrote a book on recovering from his sides, but I can't remember the correct spelling of his name). He took a very small amount of finasteride over a course of months and made a full (albeit slow) recovery. I was trying to find info on the guy and his protocol (which I've read before). Anyone have the links? I feel sorry about you , kinda dark story. But what you mean by saying hopped on HGH ? im still 18 so i have my last chance to grow my height , do you mean is there any pills which boost growing ? do you mean growing hormone supplements ? also one last question ; is there any possibility that accutane caused me a low growing with only 4 days of usage ?? i still have low semen volume because of 4 days of usage. So , is it also could affect my height ? I read that Accutane kills the pituatry grand cells so the body can not send growing message , to the bones.. is it possible for me ? Interval training in a fasted state increased HGH by 2000% in men in one study. Might be worth at least doing intermittent fasting, or a series of short term water fasts if you want to increase HGH https://draxe.com/intermittent-fasting-benefits/
  5. @TrueJustice The test I took is this one from Genova Diagnostics. https://www.gdx.net/product/comprehensive-digestive-stool-analysis-with-parasitology-cdsap A lot of the PFS guys have taken the same one, and everyones has come back with indicators of poor gut health. One consistent thing is everyone tested (15+ results that I’ve seen, mainly from a thread on SolvePFS) has ‘No Growth’ for the Lactobacillus species of good bacteria. Here are part of my results Also it’s worth noting that for 8 months prior to that test I was taking a daily probiotic with that strain, but clearly it’s not helped. Since getting the results I really hit the gut health thing hard with various probiotics such as Prescript Assist, and for my lack of beneficial e-coli used Mutaflor (which has to be transported in a refrigerated container), along with L-glutamine powder, kefir milk, kefir water, coconut water kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha, green banana flour (source of resistant starch), gluten free, digestive enzymes and a couple of other things, but besides the kefir milk seemingly improving mental clarity (maybe down to it being a good source of active folate), I can’t say I noticed anything ground breaking, however I’m trying to stick with a number of these things (along with a diet avoiding refined sugars, processed foods, omega 6 fats) My tests also show some other strange things like no detected triglycerides and cholesterol. @Weltschmerz47 I did 60 days of nofap last year but didn’t notice much from it to be honest, and my DHT is high (very high, 50% over the top of the range), although it’s some time since i was last tested. Someone said they got a benefit from 90 days of nofap taking l-tyrosine and dl-phenylalanine, so I'm going try that as I've not used dl-phenylalanine before. (see post from iamme below); http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/295030-repairing-the-long-term-damage-from-accutane/?page=408 Just checked my 23andMe and for both those SNP’s I’m T and +/- for both Yeah Allthingsmale is dead, and the mods tend to be a bit heavy handed. I just look on this and swolesource which is excellent for info and CD is an active poster there, but I think it'll turn into propeciahelp before long as a lot of PFS posters on there now and they've now created a PFS subforum.
  6. https://uk.yahoo.com/news/news/appendix-may-not-useless-145752941.html Anyone else had their appendix out?!.. Had mine removed when I was 7! Maybe a factor why my gut bacteria isn't in great shape (as confirmed by gastrointestinal tests), and could be a reason why I was susceptible to suffering persistent sides from tane. Gut health, hormone balance, methylation - all interlinked.
  7. Might be worth supplementing with the suggested things in the phase 2 section of this restart (seeing as you're basically finishing phase 1) when you come off the Anastrozole http://increasemyt.com/hpta-restart/ Active B vit complex, active B12, D3, vit E, DHEA, pregnenolone etc
  8. I'm the same, my DHT is high. How do you respond to DHT inhibitors like zinc? I'm better for eating loads of pumpkin seeds which are a natural DHT inhibitor. I've recently tried to lower E2 by using sustain alpha, but it doesn't help me at all. I just got progressively weaker morning glory, and started to feel low e2 sides like increasing anxiety, I was getting bad fatigue and was generally starting to feel pretty shit. I've stopped using it, and now those things are improving again. Others however are seeing good benefits from this stuff. What were your other results from your hormone panel?
  9. Good spot, that threads worth keeping an eye on, some interesting points made on there!
  10. Seems some have high DHT and respond well to zinc, and things that are a good source of zinc (i.e. pumpkin seeds). I'm in this group. Others have low DHT and respond well to things that raise it, namely creatine. Not sure if you've had bloods done, but presumably you'd have low DHT. I've just got some sustain alpha so I'm going to see if that helps. It should raise LH and FSH (as it blocks E2), and I'm low with those and in turn lower SHBG (mine is high-ish), and that will increase free testosterone.
  11. @MrErdemDid you also get DHT by any chance? You'd almost certainly see benefits from Anastrozole or one of these pro hormone formulas thats got loads of reservatrol in like AndroHard or Sustain Alpha, these bring down E2 a lot, but you don't want to crush it or you'll end up with achy joints etc and have to wait for it to rise up, so I'd go slow with whatever you try.
  12. @Weltschmerz47 My bloods show low LH and FSH too, which seems to be a common thing, along with low T. SA should increase LH and FSH, so I've got some on order to try. Things that raise T seem to help me, but the issue I alway run into is E becomes too high. I felt fantastic for 4-5 weeks taking 3 heaped teaspoons of pine pollen per day - really confident, rock hard morning glory etc, then started to get high e symptoms like very sensitive nipples, so had to stop. Interesting to see how SA goes as the reservatrol should prevent e spiking (I expect low e sides will be more likely on this stuff) - FSH = 2.1 iu/L (1.0 - 9.0) - LH = 2.6 iu/L (1.0 - 9.0)- Prolactin = 147mu/L ( < 550)- Testosterone = 13.1 nmol/L (8.0 - 30.0)- SHBG = 36 nmol/L (13.0 - 71.0)- Cortisol = 563 nmol/L (150-600)- DHT = 4.1 nmol/L (0.9 - 2.90)
  13. Great to hear about the positive results! How many pumps are you using? Do you apply this daily and have you experienced any low-e sides and had to adjust your dosage at all? Any other notable sups you're taking, just the SA and MJ?
  14. Bet you've got low DHT (compared to high for me). I virtually don't sweat at all since getting tane sides. Things that make me feel a bit better, i.e. DHT inhibitors, and also TUDCA, make me sweat again and I again start to get sweat patches under my arms again when doing something physical. Also regards the dryness, I'm again the exact opposite - my skin is incredibly oily all the time and some days I'll wash my face a couple of times as it looks shiny with all the oil. Try things that boost DHT - take creatine, lift weights Give kefir milk a go for gut issues - some people have healed chrones using that. You can get the grains off eBay and use organic whole milk, or 'raw' milk. Bet you'll feel better a month of that. I think shilajit helps the gut too as it's a good source of fulvic acid. Get a decent brand as the cheap stuff can be high in heavy metals.
  15. I've read that Res-100 is extremely effective, and if you look at products like Sustain Alpha and Androhard etc, they all contain reservatrol as an AI, just like res-100 does. DIM did nothing for me either actually, Erase Pro is a fairly effective herb AI which I got some benefits for taking it for a few months, but nothing lasting. Something stronger is clearly required.
  16. What sort of benefits are you seeing from the sustain alpha, improved libido, less ED? I see a lot of the PFS guys have gone down the pro-hormones route with Andro Hard etc, and some have got good results. I think for me this will probably be the next thing to try, unless I can get hold of Anastrozole. i took it only before bed, and did this for almost 6 months, but I still found I would often wake in the middle of the night with a pounding heart beat, or wake up for work the net morning stoned. This was on a fraction of the recommended dose - I think I got through 5-10g in 6 months, when the recommendation is building up to 1g per day or more. I researched this quite heavily beforehand and chose a strain with high THC and high CBD, as apparently the CBD actually counteracts the effects of the THC, but it still got me too smashed, so gave up in the end. Did experience some benefits, but nothing lasting unfortunately. I'm pleased to hear your son has seen some benefits though, and it may be worth checking out the strain to find out what the THC/CBD ratio is and see if he can tolerate a different strain with higher CBD. I think the likely benefit of it is down to it being a DHT inhibitor though (also increases dopamine, but likely this is temporary). Worth mentioning though around the time I went down this route I was conversing with a couple of others on this forum who also tried it, and none of us got lasting results from it, but there are at least 3 who have recovered via this route (the only 3 convincing recoveries from tane sides on this thread as it happens)
  17. It's because it's a DHT inhibitor. I get the same thing. Improved libido, less ED and better orgasm. There are 3 people on this thread who've made full recoveries using cannabis oil (RSO), although I have tried that and found I could get nowhere near the recommended dosage as I was absolutely smashed on a fraction of it. THC is the component which inhibits DHT, but unfortunately is also the component responsible for the 'stoned effect'. Seems like people with tane sides/PFS etc do fall into two categories - those who respond well to things that RAISE DHT like creatine, and those that respond well to things that LOWER DHT. I'm in the latter group, and sounds like you are too. I have very oily skin which is a symptom of high DHT, bloods confirm very high DHT (despite low T..), and I do well with eating lots of pumpkin seeds which also inhibit DHT. Some people do well taking 50mg/day zinc. I seem to get a headache doing this, but may look to try another brand. On this note, who was taking Saw Palmetto, and how are you getting on?
  18. If I'm not mistaken, this is different from changing your genes themselves. Your genome itself is still going to be the same before and after Accutane. It's almost certain the drug has induced epigenetic changes, so it's switched certain genes on/off. This would also explain why the dosage is irrelevant, just like with finasteride, saw palmetto etc. Some people seem to be susceptible to the changes, and sometimes people can take these drugs for years on end, then suddenly 'crash', or crash when they stop taking them, or crash after a single pill in some cases. I only took 10mg for 30 days, and 6.5 years later still have the persistent side effects. Epigenetic changes can be induced by diet, exercise etc, but also environmental conditions, exercise, toxins etc. Unfortunately for us the changes seem to have affected many different systems - hormones out of balance, methylation compromised, poor gut health, all things which are interlinked. I'm currently taking adaptogen herbs which are supposed to balance hormones, along with some supplements to improve methylation. Have had some benefits with both. Up until recently I was eating pumpkin seeds daily which helped mental clarity etc. These are a DHT inhibitor, which could explain why they help. My DHT is actually very high (very oily skin), despite low T. Some people seem to have low T and very low DHT. Since stopping the pumpkin seeds my DHT seems to have spiked resulting in prostate pain, so it's making me consider some stronger DHT inhibitors (altough not accutane obviously!)
  19. It'll be a series of fecal transplants from a healthy 'doner', not just one. Some of the PFS lot have tried this and apparently got some improvements from doing them. It's possible to get a gastrointestinal test done to see what species of good bacteria you have (I've done this myself), and pretty much everyone whose been tested (15-20 people that I've seen results for) is lacking in the 'beneficial e.coli' strain. I tried taking the probiotic 'mutaflor' to try and replenish this, although it seemed to just make me constipated, so didn't get too far with that. May try again as I've still got loads in the fridge. There are likely other strains lacking too - the test only looks at the main known strains. Milk kefir is pretty easy to make and I drank that daily for months. Water kefir isn't worth bothering with IMO - tried that for a time also. Sauerkraut is also pretty easy to make and again I ate that daily for some months, and have also tried drinking kombucha on a regular basis. Gut health is clearly a factor in our issues, but it's difficult to know if that is the root cause, or if it's due to hormonal imbalance or methylation issues. They're all interlinked and they're all out of balance. Definitely worth trying to ensure your gut health is good though, try and avoid processed foods, fizzy drinks, too much alcohol etc. I've just recently gone gluten free as my 23andme test says I'm 'likely intolerant'. Supermarkets are starting to offer more and more 'free from' ranges which helps
  20. @Kynarr I'd get homocysteine tested too Expect most if not all of those will come back in range though, which is half the issue here. Expect FSH, LH, free and total T to be on the low-side, cortisol to be high. Keep us posted when you get the results though!
  21. Yeah I tend to agree on the AR theory, and I'm also one of those with high DHT (I'm 40% above the top of the normal range [DHT = 4.1 nmol/L (range 0.9 - 2.90)]), however both free and total testosterone are fairly low, but within range. I think this just adds weight to the theory, and it's interesting that someone recently posted up about 2 subsets of PFS; PFS type 1: 5AR/DHT levels are impaired but androgen receptors are still somewhat functional. (They are still abnormal though) People with PFS type 1 respond best to things like creatine, sorghum, weightlifting, etc. Basically anything that boosts 5AR/DHT.PFS type 2: 5AR/DHT levels are too high relative to the sensitivity levels of the androgen receptors. People with PFS type 2 respond best to things that lower 5AR/DHT levels, such as zinc, marijuana or even things like saw palmetto and microdoses of propecia. (wouldnt recommend the last one though) http://www.allthingsmale.com/community/threads/a-new-protocol-i-have-been-experimenting-with-it-can-be-used-for-both-accutane-and-pfs-sufferers.27030/ Oily skin is generally associated with high DHT and my face is always very oily, whereas when taking tane it was totally dry. Obviously some people are left with persistently dry skin. This also ties in with the Dr Prezzi (sp?) method - he cured his accutane sides by taking a small amount of finasteride over a course of some months, so presumably he was left with persistently high DHT post-tane. The fact there are likely 2 types of PFS just confuses the whole thing even more as people tend to all follow the same protocols.
  22. Just saw this over on the ATM forum, some guy doing pretty well taking zinc supplements, and putting forward a very interesting theory which I can relate to regards taking certain sups which result in no morning glory for a while, then you stop and it slowly comes back after a time. Also very interesting to read the theory of the type 1 and type 2 PFS. Personally based on these categorisations I would be a type 2, as sorghum for example seems to have no real impact, but I get benefits from weed (would rather not touch the stuff, but have tried it and it does result in improvements for a period), and zinc (I eat pumpkin seeds every day and have for a couple of years as I notice if I don't - great source of zinc). My bloods also show my DHT is high (DHT = 4.1 nmol/L (range 0.9 - 2.90) http://www.allthingsmale.com/community/threads/a-new-protocol-i-have-been-experimenting-with-it-can-be-used-for-both-accutane-and-pfs-sufferers.27030/
  23. Well Calcium D Glucarate is an aromatase inhibitor so it'll be lowering your estradiol levels (like Arimidex would, which I posted about on the previous page). http://www.peaktestosterone.com/Natural_Estrogen_Blockers.aspx I've taken this a couple of times, but only for a month or so. Recently took a higher dose (1.5g per day - 6 x Source Naturals capsules). What brand have you been using? It's interesting that that was mentioned in that '8 tips for recovering from accutnae sides' video on youtube too. Got nothing from iodine, and that's been discussed many times on this thread, however if you feel it may be helping I'd stick with it.
  24. If blood tests could identify the issues we're suffering from, we'd have been out of this mess long ago. At best they give an indication of issues (testosterone is usually low-isa, but in range, mine is - free and total). I'm not necessarily saying to follow this method, I'm just pointing out that there are multiple recoveries following a similar protocols (raising testosterone, and taking an aromatase inhibitor to stop testosterone being converted into oestrogen)- the one using Arimidex is worth noting due to the very fast recovery time. The others have been more like months/years.
  25. Looks like yet another guy suffering from AR5 inhibitor side effects is almost recovered now over on the Swole Source forum. I've been following the forum for a couple of years, and a number of guys have recovered following pretty much the same method which is; Cycling testosterone boosting herbs like tribulus, maca etc (cycling so you don't build up tolerance Clean diet and exercise Taking an aromatase inhibitor (I think this is key) This guys recovered his finasteride side effects (all the usual - brain fog, sexual dysfunction, dry skin etc) using a low dose (0.5mg/day) of the aromatase inhibitor Anastrozole (Arimidex), and within weeks his brain fog had cleared and all sides were reduced. Over only something like 6 weeks he's also recovered from his sexual sides, got oily skin back, and went on to make complete recovery http://www.swolesource.com/forum/general-discussion/2529-shbg-questions.html His recovery is one of the quickest I've seen, and probably down to using Anastrozole (Arimidex). This guy has now pretty much fully recovered from Saw Palmetto sides (again its the usual AR5 inhibitor sides you get from finasteride, accutane, propecia, saw palmetto etc). He has used a DHT pro hormone (for body builders) which boosts DHT and is also a powerful aromatase inhibitor) http://www.swolesource.com/forum/post-finasteride-syndrome/2996-my-journey-promised-land-19.html I'm pretty tempted to try a low dose of Anastrozole (Arimidex), but it's just getting hold of it. I've tried many testosterone boosting herbs and have had decent benefits, but only up to a point. Tribulus resulted in an almost complete recovery mentally and sexually for me, but only for a couple of days, and I couldn't repeat it. Pine pollen powder made me feel great for 4-5 weeks, much better sexual and mental sides, felt really confident and alpha-male like, but started to get high estrogen sides (very sensitive nipples etc), so stopped - clearly the testosterone was being aromatased into estrogen. I've also tried Erase Plus (a natural aromatase inhibitor) and this also worked quite well, but no lasting benefit after stopping. Anyone happen to have tried Anastrozole (Arimidex)?! I'm pretty impressed at just how quick this guy recovered on a low dose.