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  1. Do you recall anyone getting b12 shots that's posted on this thread? No pretty sure I've not read anyone whose tried that. Could be worth a try as part of B12 therapy including the other B vits. I've been taking a B12 both as part of a multi active B-vit daily for about a year, and some additional MB12. AB12 makes me fatigued. 23andme is a cut-down DNA profile, it's not the complete map. I believe that is possible, but I would imagine it would be at a high cost, and I'm not really sure how useful the additional data would be. Really I'm surprised that study above regarding specifically talking about "SAM supplementation may be an effective therapy for both the mitigation of retinoic acid-related side effects" surely everyone should be all over that?!!
  2. The above is the pre-text to this study which was conduced the following year (2013); http://lib.dr.iastate.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=4063&context=etd It's been posted a couple of times, and is what led me to try SAMe initially, although I wasn't taking any of the required co-factors needed to maintain an effective methyl group metabolism so it was obviously a waste of time, but I've recently got SAMe again, and will be taking it alongside the suggested co-factors this time. One massive issue with this thread is people will take a supplement with no co-factors, and not in the required dose (Im as guilty as anyone in this respect), and then post on here to proclaim that 'supplement x doesnt work' etc. However I really think one of the best hopes is a methylation protocol including all the sups such as active B-vits, folate, SAMe - it's just very difficult to get methylation protocols right as it requires so much trial and error. http://howirecovered.com/active-b12-therapy-faq/
  3. That's good to hear you've experienced some positive effects from it! The fact pregnenolone is made from cholesterol is also what caught my attention initially when reading into it, as my cholesterol was found to be extremely low when I had gastrointestinal testing done (probably down to issues with bile acid metabolism). The second thing that really interested me is when @hatetane posted a link to a study showing that THC in cannabis 'significantly increases pregnenolone synthesis in the brain'. From personal experiences trying RSO and vaping weed I found when stoned I also noticed increased sensitivity, libido and orgasm (often to a significant degree). Bearing in mind the only full recoveries on this thread (besides one from fin microdosing) are from using RSO. Maybe the weed induced increase in pregnenolone is the reason for this. I had assumed it was because weed is an AR5 inhibitor (which I understand preg,is, and the increased sythenesis of preg in the brain from the THC could account for this). I've no idea how much dosage of preg as a supplement would be equivalent to a high dose of RSO, but I'd guess quite a lot over a fairly long period. Looking at the RSO recoveries; - accutaneispoison - fully recovered over 3 months, taking about 50g+ in total. Improvements after 1 month - taneabomination - fully recovered over 5 months taking a similar amount. Improvements noticed after 3 months - otto - recovered sexual sides using RSO over I believe around 6 months From what I've read it's important to get good quality pregnenolone otherwise it's ineffective, but I'm definitely going to give this a go at 150mg/daily or more (studies showing safe up to higher doses, 500mg/daily)
  4. Are you taking pregnenolone in addition? Been reading some really good things about it in higher doses (50-150mg daily), someone here using it alongside TRT and getting some good benefits. Someone else on the same thread saying it's improved sensitivity https://www.excelmale.com/showthread.php?7484-Pregnenolone-and-Libido
  5. High dose pregnenolone should result in an increase in testosterone without aromasing into estrogen, one of the PFS guys who seems to really know his stuff (and seems to be managing his sides quite well, essentially through research and supplementation) states the following to someone asking why everyone isn't doing 150mg/pregnenonlone daily; http://www.swolesource.com/forum/post-finasteride-syndrome/3190-gonadin-2.html This could be well worth a look, especially for people who are specifically attempting to boost T
  6. Anyone tried a high dose of pregnanolone before, i.e. 50-150mg daily?? Someone else was on about this recently, and I’ve just been reading some more on swole source (PFS guys). Suggested dosage to get benefits is like 150mg/day, whereas I’ve just dug out the bottle of this stuff from when I was taking it and it’s 10mg caps, so probably nowhere near enough. http://anabolicapex.com/2017/02/04/pregnenolone Studies have show this is depleted by taking finasteride, so chances are it is also depleted in our cases. It higher doses (50mg+) it lowers cortisol and estrogen, and is essentially a building block for other hormones including testosterone. Also not sure if anyone has seen this Feb 2017 Finasteride study on the long term effects. Pretty interesting read, and it’s good to see more in depth studies like this, specifically on the persistent sexual sides; Safety Profile of Finasteride: Distribution of Adverse Effects According to Structural and Informational Dichotomies of the Mind/Brain http://sci-hub.ac/10.1007/s40261-017-0501-8
  7. This is probably the best info I've seen on methylation protocols, it's a long doc but its worth a few reads to get your head around it. http://howirecovered.com/active-b12-therapy-faq/ See what Mario comes back with - I'm not sure of all the defective genes that seem to be in the trend for sufferers, but it'll be interesting to know if you also 'fit the profile', so let us know!
  8. @Kynarr I'd get the raw data over to Mario, just the text file you download from 23andme. It's anonymous. I don't know exactly all the defective genes in the 'profile' of sufferers, but the more data he has the better! It's so much more than taking just methylofolate though isn't it, that's like saying you just need petrol to make a car engine run, but there are many other co-factors that need to be in place, in the correct quantities, and in the right order. Methylation protocols are difficult to follow - I've had some success with lessening brain fog, but I always hit issues with some of the required co-factors, e.g. adb12 gives me really bad fatigue (I mean really bad, like I'm exhausted when I wake up, and have to have naps all the time), and methylfolate gives me chest pains after a while), but these are probably things that could be overcome by adding the correct amounts of the required co-factors, it's experimentation. Have a read through this (a few times..) it explains things well, but it's not easy and just taking a random handful of some of the required supplements won't get you anywhere; http://howirecovered.com/active-b12-therapy-faq/
  9. There is absolutely no doubt that the liver and bile flow are factors in all this, and this ties in with gut health and so on - it’s all related, it’s just as yet unclear as to exactly what the root cause is. DNA profiling probably offers one of the best chances to try and find a trend amongst people who are suffering from accutane sides, PFS, and other related conditions. Mario Vitalli has been collecting 23andme data from sufferers, including myself, and has been using software to look for trends. So far he has established that there is a trend amongst sufferers which appears to be with the sulfation pathway. This is not only a major detox pathway, but is also needed for proper bile acid metabolism. Information on one of the defective genes I have is below, and no surprise to see associations wth cholostasis - this could also tie in with that ‘8 tips for accutane’ recovery video on youtube which specifically mentions treating colostatis using TUDCA and chinese bitters for bile flow. http://www.malacards.org/search/results/ATP8B1 Everyone should get a 23andme DNA test done, and provide the data to @mariovitali. It's cheap test and it's worth it. Anyone who has the data already, please provide this to Mario. This PDF explains Liver Detox pathways extremely well, and includes suggested supplements, but specifically looking at sulfation; http://balancedconcepts.net/liver_phases_detox_paths.pdf Also the above possibly goes some way to explaining why cortisol is usually so high post-tane. My cortisol was right at the top of the range, so if the pathway that neutralises this hormone is compromised then that could be a factor.
  10. @mariovitali Good to see you on here! I followed your thread on Phoenixrising for some time - are you still able to mitigate your PFS sides with your supplement stack? I started on B12 therapy/methylation protocols following that thread, but always hit issues with some of the supplements, i.e. adb12 gives me really bad fatigue and methylfolate gives me chest pains. I'll dig out my 23andme and get the data over to you. Do you want the raw data, or pre-processed by Genetic Gene etc?
  11. This sounds quite promising, and if it's helping with digestive issues I'm wondering if it would help normalise gut flora, and I'm assuming the absorption of nutrients would be improved. Anyone with sexual sides tried LDN? According to some studies it can be beneficial; http://www.peaktestosterone.com/Testosterone_Naltrexone_Erectile_Dysfunction.aspx
  12. Yeah I know what you're saying, and I'm aware it's a risk, but looking at it purely from the perspective of documented recoveries, there are at least 3 who have recovered via this method. Second to that would be RSO, which I've tried and was unsuccessful with (I couldn't get anywhere near the recommended dose), although this did show some glimpses of normality, but nothing lasting. The next things I'm going to try anyway are another go at methylation as I think I've increased my tolerance to methylfolate a fair bit now, and also trying to balance serotonin and dopamine through diet and supplements; http://www.withoutagym.net/dopamine-and-serotonin/
  13. This is great to hear, and really good that he's willing to offer up some advice, so I'll be really interested to see what he says! IMO the micro-dose finasteride route to re-sensitise receptors looks increasingly like the only way to really get out of this mess, but obviously if there are any alternatives that might have the same effect but are safer then these are going to be preferable of course.
  14. It's a shame the whole text isn't visible - it would be interesting to know specifically what RAR antagonists are being referred to here.
  15. Wow great to get a response from him - he doesn't elaborate on what these alternative methods might be though, did you respond to him and ask?
  16. But this sort of thinking is exactly the reason that people are still in this mess. Let's be brutally honest here - the side effects from accutane are basically permanent. There are people who've been in this mess 30+ years - I can think of a few on this thread who are around the 20 year mark. Coming up to 7 years for me. It's pretty clear that if your body was going to revert back to normal it would've done so by now. It's going to take more than a green leaf smoothie and crossed fingers to get out of this mess unfortunately. Maybe you are happy to live the rest of your life impotent, feeling brain dead, or with chronically dry skin, but even if you are we've got all the markers for being massively more susceptible to chronic diseases. It's absolutely not healthy for our bodies to be in this state. Ironically the micro-dose finasteride route comes from probably the only actual Doctor to have looked into this is depth (due to him himself being affected, so it was in his interest). And oh, he cured himself. Then so did at least 2 others using this method, so it should not be discounted. I'm not taking this option off the table, and if I try it it will be at my own risk.
  17. Did you see no benefits from the colostrum? What sort of amounts were you taking, over what period? I'm sure you're already eating a clean diet with little/no processed foods/fast food/sugar etc and plenty of steamed/raw vegetables plus healthy fats like salmon, mackerel, avocado, butter from grass fed cattle which your body will use to make hormones, but it might be worth adding in an active b-complex (I take 1/3 of a Jarrow B-right per day). If I was giving the dr Pezzi method a go I'd probably start on a really small amount of fin for a couple of weeks, then stop and gauge the benefits for a couple of weeks, then repeat. It might even be worth contacting Dr Pezzi himself - he was encouraging people with tane sides to contact him so he could record cases, but this goes back some years. Some of the links aren't working, but the contact him part appears to; http://www.erbook.net/accutane.htm
  18. Colostrum should contain Lactoferrin, which I posted was wiped out by isotretinoin. Does it say the amount? Lactoferrin is much more expensive then colostrum so it must not contain alot. But a therapeutic dose of Lactoferrin might be as little as 250mg. It's involved in a lot of sections throughout the body. Helps growth and establish the beneficial gut flora from birth. Also wipes bad bacteria and biofilms. Still curious about this one. Yeah Lactoferrin is something I've looked at in the past, and did order some although it never arrived and I didnt ever re-order. My gastrointestinal tests showed "no lactoferrin detected", but the result said this indicated "no active intestinal inflammation". I was a bit surprised at that, but even so plan to give colostrum a go at 20g/day for a couple of weeks, unless it causes me issues.
  19. That's interesting actually, as I've just got a load of Colostrum which I plan to work up to 20g/day on (starting from next week some time), basically to try and reduce gut inflammation (i've read some impressive stuff about people seeing huge improvements in gut issues from taking a high dose of high quality colostrum over periods even as short as a week or two). Colostrum has been noted to result in significant increases in IGF-1 in trials; https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12133885 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18443138 The Dr Pezzi method has had me thinking too, and it also made me remember there was someone on this thread who recovered their Accutane sides from a low dose of propecia; http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/295030-repairing-the-long-term-damage-from-accutane/?page=198 There is also another guy on propeciahelp (GoldenW) who had success with this method. So that makes 3 people in total including Dr Pezzi. The only other convincing Accutane recoveries I know of are from taking RSO (cannabis oil), but also a few others (including myself) who haven't had success with that. It's just having the bottle to actually take a low dose of finasteride/propecia really, but I'm not discounting it (coming up to 7 years of being fcked over by tane)
  20. Anyone ever had their neurotransmitters tested?! I've had loads of blood tests like a lot of people here, but clearly the issues go beyond getting a perfect hormone panel, and it would appear neurotransmitters are out of whack too, but you can get these tested and work with a doctor to correct imbalances, depending on what those are. Obviously imbalances can lead to issues everyone is familiar with: http://www.heartspring.net/brain_improving_happy_balance.html Anyone had one of these tests? Anyone know if you can get them on the NHS without too much trouble? Not surprisingly the link above advises that good diet and exercise are important, but you can take supplements to boost certain neurotransmitters (obviously), however despite many of the supplements mentioned in the above link being familiar to people who follow this thread (I've tried most them in the article on and off), has anyone actually taken them in response to actually been tested and confirmed as having low GABA for example, rather than just the 'stab in the dark' approach?.. You could test, attempt to correct whatever is low by suggested sups, retest etc. The article also stresses that properly digested protein is critical to being able to create neurotransmitters properly, and with everyone clearly having gut issues to some degree it's not hard to see how this could be a problem. On that note I've actually only fairly recently started taking digestive enzymes with meals and have found this improves digestions significantly for me, so I'd highly recommend them (I used ones which contain Bromelain and papain). @MonsterDiesel - how much methylfolate are you able to take? I take an active B-complex (with some methylfolate included), and additional active B12 (Methylcobalamin), but I really can't tolerate much additional methylfolate - I get chest pains (seems to be a fairly common side effect). My 23andme does show I have 1/2 the MTHFR defect, but even so I'm surprised at how badly I tolerate it. Started this in response to this; http://howirecovered.com/active-b12-therapy-faq/ Rich Van K over on Phoenix Rising (chronic fatigue/ME forum) reckoned a high dose of methylfolate would make sense as a potential resolution to tane sides by down regulating GNMT, but I've not been able to get anywhere near the likely required dose to try this (I've tried various brands as well);. From Rich Van K: http://forums.phoenixrising.me/index.php?threads/roaccutane-caused-depression-isotretinoin.12117/#post-206039
  21. Just looking at that '8 tips for reversing accutane damage' video on youtube again, and there's loads of comments on it now, with quite a lot of information including some links to some recent studies, worth a look for anyone who hasn't seen it recently; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSwp10B44lg
  22. Read into GHK-Cu's action on retinoic acid receptors. GHK-cu could be really promising for our conditions if it's as effective at reducing inflammation as you feel it is. That guy who recovered from his PFS sides and put the PFSHealing site together reckons inflammation is the first thing to address before you can really start the healing process http://www.pfshealing.com/key-to-curing-post-finasteride-syndrome-inflammation/
  23. Anyone found LDN has had any positive effects on cognitive issues or libido??