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  1. Why sugar causes breakouts? (Even fruit)

    That's good, at least you can have fruit, even if I could have that I'd be happy for the time being
  2. Strange the way a red marks and scars on your skin can play such a huge part in your life. I don't think I'll be able to properly live life again until I end my active acne and clear up my scarring to some degree. I took this year off college, for one reason only: to get a job and clear my skin, naturally. A month to go until college: still have shit skin
  3. Anyone know why? Avoiding sugar plays a big part in the condition of my skin, but when can I go back eating it again?
  4. Hey, glad it worked for you. I'm gonna stick with the things I'm currently on,traditional Chinese medicine pills. And I'm starting micro needling tomorrow, the woman there suggested some natural tablets she has so I'm trying them too. I'm going on accutane at the end of September if these don't work.
  5. Hey thanks for the reply. Didn't try any other antibiotics after those, I don't know how my body would react to accutane if I got effects from the tetra. Can't remember all of the topicals, there's been so many. The last time I was at the doctor he was asking if I wanted to go on accutane, so the options there. I dunno, dealing with all this shit sucks, since I was 13, so all the risks of accutane seem worth it
  6. Okay so I'm a 22 year old guy, in college. Have had bad acne since 13, got worse after a short round of tetraysal at 18 (gave me side effects- IBS, food intolerances, worsened my acne!!). IBS healed but food intolerances and acne still remain. I have it on my face back and chest, sometimes scalp. I keep it at bay by what I eat (no sugar/dairy/gluten/nuts/fruit/alcohol). They all break me out. So I've tried everything -tried healing my gut( fermented foods, bone broth) -liver cleanses and flushes -parasite cleanses -bowel cleanses -probiotics -zinc, vitamin a, and all other vitamins and minerals -vegetable juicing Thats not even all of it. I have many scars (mainly ice-pick,pockmark, and red marks) covering my face back and chest. Every cyst I get usually scars. I wear concealer and tinted moisturiser, I'm a dude. Topical shit never works. I don't know anyone who has bad skin anymore, I'm going crazy. crazy I know accutane would only be like a band aid in a way, but if its a bandaid that gives me a few years or months of not thinking about my skin I'll do it. So I'm wondering, what do you guys think? Should I try it?