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  1. Hey I'm still here! To be honest in my case, I had so many factors contributing to my acne. High cortisol levels (stress levels, got rid of this with 3 tulsi tea and the ashwaghandha herb). Candida and parasites were a definite issue for me, whenever I did cleanses for either I'd get extremely constipated, killing off all the dead shitt! (Literally haha). I actually had to do colonics to sort this issue (had one yesterday, therapist was delighted because she said there was finally no candida showing up!) Then leaky gut, I've been consuming bone broths and probiotic supplements, fermented foods for ages now. Since I took tetralysal when I was 18 I've never been the same. Almost intolerant to almost all foods( most foods would break me out), ibs-c, worse acne, bad scarring after every cyst or whatever. I was recently told to take Starflower oil, lemon juice in water and high doses of vitamin c, back in the beginning of may. Over the last month my food reactions stopped greatly! So my skin is getting better, but I still have awful scarring and pih. Hoping the stuff I'm currently taking helps with those also, scars are the worst Hope this helps Sorry forgot to answer your actual question! Tests were a joke, paid around 1000 euro for them. Everything came back negative, they were incorrect about my candida levels( they said it was low). They also told me I had no parasites (I did). My advice? Cancel the tests, save yourself the money.
  2. Starting taking lots of vitamin c and lemon water! Its working amazingly well for me these past few weeks, I've been eating stuff I shouldn't and I haven't been breaking out!!
  3. Hey congrats with the baby! If you ever need to chat to someone about your skin and the emotions it brings, please don't hesitate to message me, I'd be glad to help! I've been dealing with it for the last 10 years now
  4. I know it sounds like such a pain, but diet really is a key way of stopping breakouts. Take easy steps first, have eggs, bits of salad for breakfast, this helps with cutting out cereal (which is poison!). Then if fruit doesn't worsen her skin she can have one or 2 bits of fruit throughout the day. This goes for nuts/seeds too. For dinner always try include highest quality meat or fish you can afford, some healthy fats, veg, and a carb like sweet potato. The key is to eat real meals. Good Fats and good quality salt are healthy, dont take doctors dietary advice as gospel, do your own research. If shes big into baking steer her away from normal flour, theres a lot of healthy flour alternatives out there, coconut, rice, etc. Keep an eye on her skin after she binges on bad foods, if she can't resist eating them. You'll both figure it out, best of luck with the baby!
  5. Pact to myself

    Hey buddy, I'm sorry to hear your going through this, similar situation to myself. Before I say anything else, have you tried cleaning up your diet? (eating real foods rather than sugar/gluten/dairy) How's your digestion? Poor digestion can show up on your skin if its an issue. The main problem is doctors aren't trained in nutrition and how to actually look after your body, they're trained to fire pills at you rather than looking at the underlying cause. Poor gut health (have very bad food intolerances, so many), candida, sinus issues and elevated cortisol levels have been causing my acne. Dont give up man, a lot of people are here to help you, including myself. I can recommend a few things if you want to try them: - Look up how to make bone broth, getting a slow cooker really makes this easy - Fermented foods, & probiotic supplements (good bacteria- essential if you've ever been on antibiotics or accutane!!!) - Cut out Gluten/dairy/processed sugar for starters. Try eat as much green stuff as you possibly can, eat healthy starches (sweet potato, quinoa, buckwheat. limit most grains ( however I found I can tolerated brown rice ok). However if you are going on any candida cleansing, all starchy foods have to go for a while. - Consume healthy fats!! (nuts, see if you can tolerate them first, nuts always break me out :'() Coconut oil is one of the best things to be consuming and some ppl have success with applying it on their skin. - Antifungals like apple cider vinegar, coconut oil (start extremely slowly with these, taking these caused massive die off for me at first- skin got worse before improving) - make sure your bowels are regular! At least once per day, some day you should be going after every meal but that could be a bit extreme (probiotics and antifungals will help here) - since you will be killing off alot of bad bacteria and possibly excess candida, you may need to look into bowel cleanses (colonic irrigation). Again, this is kind of extreme but it does help many people, especially me as I was a severe case. - perhaps look into vitamins and minerals you may need, may be lacking in. - Best teas I recommend, Nettle tea, and 3 tulsi tea ( 3 tulsi tea and ashwaghandha herbs help stop acne caused by stress, weightlifting etc, I can now lift with now issues, I used to break out if I did pushups Before!!!) There's a lot there I know, but I've been suffering with shite skin for 10 years now, something's gotta give, yours WILL GO if you find your trigger! Best of luck
  6. Unbelievable man congrats to ye both!!!!!
  7. I'm doing it since last night, I'll keep you posted!! does it work for red marks left over? Really dark red ones?
  8. Hey man, sorry to hear you're going through all that with your wife. In relationships in the past, I was always terrified of my skin, how it would affect my day to day living. Being honest, no woman has said anything to me about my skin, despite it being awful some days. Likewise, you still love her to bits, she needs to understand that what ye both have for each other is not determined by looks. Its not like she isn't looking after herself ,ie just eating junk, not exercising and gaining weigh, which is something that can be fixed. Acne is something we all strive to get rid of, she can't be harsh on herself as she's trying to do the best for her body in getting rid of it. Has she tried cutting out gluten/dairy/sugar etc? Thats helped my skin more than any topical or antibiotic. Is her digestion OK? Maybe look into leaky gut, a diet like the GAPS Diet could really help her. She needs to eat healthy fats (coconut oil, avocados etc) rather than too much grains and starches. I second showing her this page, it will really show her how devasted you are over this, especially with a little kiddo on the way. She might even create an account if she isn't already and find this site useful. Feel free to pm me anytime, you and or girl, I've been through so much emotional shite over my skin too, coming out the other side now Best wishes for you, your partner and incoming Baby! (god I'm 23 this June I'm getting old haha)
  9. Hey! Yeah the sun usually helps! haven't tried the aspirin in a while, what's the best way to use it?? Thanks for the reply!
  10. Thanks for the reply! The main problem will probably be me lacking in confidence, especially seeing some many superficial people with perfect skin, it will probably drive me bananas but at least I'll be out of Ireland!
  11. I had no idea where to post this so I thought I'd just leave it here. I'm going to be working & traveling in California for the summer! Only problem is i have terrible skin (even when not broken out) due to red marks and bad scarring. Only time I break out is when I eat fried foods, gluten, dairy, sugar, etc, which could prove challenging in America of all places! So I was wondering if anyone has any tips for me, how I look after my skin when I'm away, how to overcome food challenges. Appreciate any help in advance!
  12. Sorry to hear ye are all going through this shite. I could write a huge long rant (had acne since 13, now 23) but I thought I would say something positive instead. Avoiding certain foods (sugar, gluten, dairy, most grains, fried foods) helps keep me clear of cysts. Probiotics, fermented foods, bone broth also helped me and my gut alot! I use to break out due to high cortisol levels (used to be extremely stressed, would always break out from working out, thats no longer the case!!) Ive been working out since January 2016, its a great way of helping you forget about your skin, your focusing on sculpting and improving something you can change! I still deal with hideous red marks and scarring (have to use tinted moisturizer and concealer to hide them, I'm a dude!). Everyday I a f**king battle. Nobody understands how much severe acne can cripple your soul, how it can kill your enjoyment for life, can send you into a deep bout of depression every time you catch a glimpse of your skin. Often less is better, in regards to cleansing etc. Dont over wash, use natural soaps if you need them. Dont drink tap water, its poison and it messes up my skin! I always used to use my skin as an excuse for missing everything, nights out, parties, chilling with friends, meeting girls. Now i just try not give a fuckk. You all must learn to too, its YOUR life, seriously, fucck what everyone else thinks about your skin! I ended up just thinking about improving myself, surrounding myself with people I care about, applying for jobs, and began thinking less and less about my skin every day. I ended up getting a decent job in a financial advisory firm, I work with incredibly nice people and lucky to have a perfect boss. None of them give a shite about my skin, only about how fun you are to have around, and how hard you work. Dont let your skin determine your livelihood! This year i have refused to let my skin determine who I am, Im going over California for the summer, i find that the sun helps my skin, the weather here in Ireland most certainly doesn't anyways! I think some of the main underlying causes of acne are: - Poor gut health (caused by antibiotics,meds, improper dietary choices) - Unhealthy Liver/colon ( look into liver/colon cleanses, everyone could benefits from these) - Lack of certain vitamins/minerals - Hormones -Candida/parasites -food allergies/intolerances -sinus issues (this is a recent one I've been looking into, gonna see if clearing my sinuses affect my skin) So that's a list from an acne sufferer of 10 years, which should could be causing your skin issues. Everyone is different, the most frustrating thing is there's no one size fits all! But keep plugging away, your skin will improve some day if you make attempts to correct it rather than sit at home and give up. Lol suppose this did turn into a long rant ! peace out, love ye all fellow sufferers