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  1. So I got the job! Gonna be in California this July and August, it will be a nice change from Ireland!
  2. Have been using it ages, I can use it as a spot treatment only, if I take it internally it breaks me out. Basically I'm screwed
  3. Have been taking it for the last year dude,thanks though
  4. Acne has been awful this week. I only leave the house for work now, and Im even terrified walking to and from work every day, being out in public with dreadful skin is surely the most depressing thing ever, especially when every one else seems to have perfect skin. I honestly feel like throwing myself into the river sometimes on the way home..
  5. Hey bro, in the same boat here. Had acne since 13, now 22.... Can eat about 3 different foods that don't break me out, and I have to wear some sort of makeup to mask my horrific skin. Hang in there The worst part is not being able to feel normal regardless of what you are doing
  6. Read through a decent amount of this topic, sorry to hear most of ye are going through hell. Going through similar stuff myself. Didn't take accutane, it was tetralysal that caused me so much pain. food intolerances to almost every kind of food, used to have IBS-C (cleared that with probiotics) and it worsened my acne!!! It also yellowed my teeth a bit. Currently working on getting my gut healthy again, also thinking I have some sort of histamine intolerance. Sucks when everyone you know when you were growing up seemed to take pills and their acne cleared, no issues with side-effects. Now they probably forget they had acne. Im still struggling on aged 22 fml
  7. I have acne since I was 13, now 22. Have a lot of scarring and hyper pigmentation as a result. Planning on using milk kefir masks topically starting today, was wondering if anyone else has tried this?
  8. Miss you sugar bro I'm gonna do a bone broth/ kefir fast over the weekend and then kick into the gaps intro diet again
  9. Sorry to hear about the torment you guys have been through. My food sensitivities came about from tetralysal I used when I was 18, I'm 22 now ffs. Have been so tempted to try a low dose of accutane lately but I guess my body would flip since I reacted badly to lighter drugs
  10. Anyone know why this is? I Have other food intolerances too (gluten/dairy/most grains). Ive been working on my digestion, bone broths fermented foods etc. Will this intolerance to sugar/fruit sugar go once my gut flora has balanced out? Even a small bit of dark chocolate or fruit shows up on my skin
  11. Hey thanks for the reply. At first probiotics broke me out, introduced them ages ago, they don't anymore. Drinking bone broth for ages now also. I was thinking that I never really consumed something that actually colonizes the gut (kefir), just sauerkraut mainly. Got labs tests done a year ago that confirmed I didn't have sibo. The milk kefir isn't breaking me out, guess that's a good sign! Have tried antifungals countless times before (oil of oregano, acv etc). So I'm hoping the kefir is the last piece of the puzzle! If that doesn't work I honestly give up
  12. Probiotics

    Look up supplements to keep your gut in check, probiotic foods are best, ones you make yourself are more potent than pasteurized grocery store versions. Consume bone broths, fermented foods, look up about how to make sauerkraut and milk kefir. Avoid consuming vitamin A high foods as Accutane is already a mega dose of it, so be very wary of multivitamins also. Be careful with accutane though, haven't touched the stuff personally. Look into the gaps diet, ready up about milk thistle for liver health (not sure if its suitable during a course of accutane though). Cranberry juice should be OK as long as fruit doesn't break you out, try get ones with no added sugar or make your own hope this helps!
  13. OK so I've a chance to go America this summer! Have a job offer for summer soccer camp coaching, unsure what to do. On one hand, I'd love to go, see the country, travel all around and see the place. Sadly that options not as simple as it seems, as I still have acne and food intolerances, which im currently working on to try and heal with probiotics and the GAPS diet. So I'm hoping to be able to eat more food by the time the summer comes around, but the american food supply as we all know is...you know, predominantly crap. Every time I eat the intolerances (dairy/gluten/sugar/additives) I break out. Is it possible for me to do this??
  14. http://bodyecology.com/articles/4-steps-to-say-goodbye-to-acne This should be a decent article for anyone suffering from acne and food intolerances, gut problems. Started making milk kefir recently myself. Im on a GAPS-like diet, starting to eat more sweet potato lately though. Drink lots of bone broth as well as eating and drinking fermented foods, this has helped my clear their skin. Any questions I'd be happy to try answer!
  15. Yeah it has dude, avoiding all food allergies I had stop me breaking out. Look up Dr Axe, and what he says about leaky gut/ candida/ skin disorders
  16. Your gut is home to endless strains of bacteria. Good bacteria gets wiped out by antibiotic(antibiotics translate to anti-life!!), chlorinated water, vaccines, poor dietary choices among other factors. fermenting food was always done years ago by our ancestors, as a way of preserving foods, they didn't have fridges back then but by preserving foods this way certain strains of bacteria would grow on the foods/beverage, GOOD bacteria - probiotics. This tradition has been forgotten about over the last few years, but they are becoming popular again over the lads few years, probiotic food and supplements. Good bacteria keeps everything in check, so when its knocked off of balance, this leads the overgrowth of yeast(Candida's), bacteria, parasites etc. People end up experiencing skin issues, food intolerances, autoimmune diseases. You can make fermented foods at home, they are inexpensive. -Slowly start adding probiotic foods into your diet (not the sugary stuff you find in supermarkets). -Start drinking a tea spoon of Organic Apple Cider vinegar every day. - Look into buying a slow cooker and making bone broth, drinking a cup or two a day. -Remove foods that could be triggering your skin issues (gluten,most grains,dairy, sugar) (however, fermented dairy like homemade kefir/ yogurt made with raw milk could help you, pasteurized and homogenized dairy products are bad) - try add healthy fats to your diet (organic extra virgin coconut/olive oil) That's all I can think of for now! I eat healthy animal produce, fatty meats, veg, green smoothies, eggs, avocados, winter/butternut squash. Keep a food diary to help narrow down your trigger foods Try get the GAPS book, by Dr Natasha Campbell
  17. 23, still have acne

    Have you tried bone broth? Helps seal the gut lining. I had those tests done before too, said I have zero gut inflammation which is clearly wrong with the amount of problems I have with food and acne! You could have: -Gut permeability -Candida/ parasites overgrowth -Or liver issues like you said
  18. Should I stop eating dairy products?

    Fermented/ raw dairy is always better. Pasteurised/homogenized/ low fat dairy in any form is poison
  19. Yeah even a few squares of dark chocolate breaks me out, it sucks.. Everyone is different though, you might be able to eat it

    Hey dude forgot to say it, look up gut health and acne. I'm in the same boat as you man
  21. Op, sounds like you have the same issues as me. I used to eat tonnes of sweet potato and brown rice, but my gut hasn't been in good shape the last few years, and I developed food intolerances after antibiotics. You need to look into fermented foods and bone broth to heal the food issues, I find the GAPS diet extremely helpful. It focuses on fats rather than grains and startches. For the poster that said weightlifting breaks them out, you may have high cortisol levels like I did. Look into getting: Ashwaghandha 3 tulsi tea I would break out horrendously before, even if I did pushups. Now I lift whenever I want
  22. So I've been on the gaps diet, more or less for the last few months. I've acne that's triggered by food intolerances. Have been on probiotics the last few years, eating sauerkraut etc, but still think I'm lacking fermented dairy products. I'm gonna get raw milk and kefir grains this week and see if they help, so I was wondering if fermented dairy had helped many people on this site? A main reason being that I read that kefir actually colonises the gut, unlike most probiotic foods and supplements
  23. Dark marks and Red marks

    Keep us posted! I've been looking at essential oils online lately, gonna get some today after work to see if they help
  24. Whyyyy?

    I did the banana thing before..broke me out in red little dots rather than helping..believe me I've tried everything. My friends and family have no idea how much this affects me, they always just brush it off. The thought of living the rest of my life with shite awful skin terrifies me
  25. Whyyyy?

    Messed up because of food allergies caused by antibiotics man. Even tiny amounts of sugar/dairy/gluten break me out. I hate everyday, having acne aged 22 sucks balls. I doubt I could ever touch accutane after antibiotics destroyed my body. hey I tried lemon juice before, it kind of worked, drinking it the last few days again. Still it doesn't stop my problems with food though . Appreciate the post